Casas Moviles En Venta Rosarito

Casas Moviles En Venta Rosarito

Casas Moviles En Venta Rosarito – Fishermen in ports between Rosarito and Ensenada say they are trying to ignore the smuggling of immigrants from Baja California to San Diego, which has increased by 92% in the past year.

Posted by Marinee Zavala and TELEMUNDO 20 on June 3, 2021 • Updated on July 6, 2022 at 2:30 p.m.

Casas Moviles En Venta Rosarito

PLAYAS DE ROSARITO, Mexico – According to the US government, illegal human crossings have increased by 92% in the past year, and you can see the traffic of boats trying to enter the sea from Popotla in the early hours of the morning. Calling the water human traffickers, the fishermen told TELEMUNDO 20 they tried to ignore it.

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Before going fishing, Rigoberto Vasquez said, “We are independent of the work of the chickens that they say are here, we catch fish, we put nets for a while, we take tourists for a walk, but that’s it.” Port of Popotla.

Human smuggling is an open secret at that port, but the people who work there prefer not to see it, they say.

Carlos Acosta, who has been a fisherman here for more than 50 years, says: “We expect it because we are dedicated to our work.” their cost to bring them to the United States.

“These people come, but they don’t know, they ask what is Tijuana, what is Tijuana, and someone tells them to go to Tijuana, not here,” Carlos Acosta said.

Casas Moviles Rosarito

Every morning the fishermen prepare their gear and boats, trying to be safe, knowing that the sea is rough and that many are drowning, as many emigrants have risked everything to come to San Diego and die there.

The Border Patrol says the presence of smugglers at this and other ports in Baja California is a serious problem.

“If people, migrants, don’t wear a life jacket and don’t know how to swim, a person can drown,” said Angel Moreno of the Border Patrol in San Diego.

In fiscal year 2019, Border Patrol apprehended 660 people trying to cross the sea; In 2020, this figure increased to 1,273 people, and in 2021, it reached 1,100 people who tried to cross the sea in 2021. In 2021, the number of deaths reached five.

Casas En Venta En Rosarito, Playas De Rosarito

“These are people who are not trained to operate these vessels, so it’s very dangerous,” warned a spokesman for the San Diego Border Patrol.

In the wake of the tragic spate of border deaths, federal and local authorities have issued a strong appeal to smugglers and migrants who dream of crossing the border into the United States.

“We do what’s called mirror operations with CBP, that is, we do a tour with CBP units, and on this side of the border our units are spreading out to mark any illegal crossing,” said Tijuana Public Security Secretary Pedro. Cruz Camarena.

“Boats leave not only from Playas de Tijuana, but as I said earlier, from Rosarito, Ensenada and even from Puerto Nuevo, we must understand that at a certain time they will leave the Sinaloa region,” he told Angel Moreno.

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TELEMUNDO 20 visited the ports between Rosarito and Ensenada and we spoke to one of the victims on these illegal boats, who claimed to have lived at sea for three days trying to reach the United States.

The man, who chose not to reveal his name and face, said: “We were completely exhausted, we couldn’t even stretch our legs, we were cross-legged there, in the water.”

According to him, this witness was promised a yacht, a bedroom, and all the comforts necessary to cross the border safely; Instead, he became hopeless and unable to go to the toilet.

“Yes, I’m a little sad and hopeless, because it’s a very difficult path for me… I’m 37 years old, another child who is 13 years old, we all suffered,” he said.

Cierran Las Playas De Rosarito Tras Derrame De Aguas Negras

And Blanca Quintero, the deputy attorney general of the United States, said that “there is nothing here in the United States worth sacrificing your life for.” Another year, a migrant drowned in the same area as in 2021.

The sea crossing costs about $16,000 and is done in small boats, fishermen say, with yachts costing up to $25,000 each and yachts up to $50,000, but the boats in Popotla say it’s dangerous to climb. more. from a quarter.

And although the eyes of these fishermen like the joy of seeing the lobster, whitefish, blue sea and other species that they catch, they believe that their work is still for brave people.

“A fisherman’s job is not a job: it’s a way of life, it’s something to enjoy,” said Miguel, who has been a fisherman in Popotla for 30 years.

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Every day they face the cold of the sea, the tides, the scarcity and above all they don’t know who will go on their boat or who they will meet in the middle of the ocean.

TELEMUNDO has requested 20 interviews with the Mexican Navy to learn more about the rescues and operations they are carrying out on these vessels from Baja California, but so far no response has been received.

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