Free Consultation Lawyers In Tucson Az

Free Consultation Lawyers In Tucson Az

Free Consultation Lawyers In Tucson Az – Arizona If you are looking for a family law attorney in Tucson; You have come to the right place. Attorney Candice E. Cullen and the family law attorneys at My Arizona Lawyers are here to help. Our practice focuses primarily on family law and has dedicated attorneys with years of experience and extensive knowledge of the family courts in Tucson and Pima County. Whether you are filing for divorce or Do you have a domestic violence problem? Or whether you are a grandparent trying to reunite with your grandchildren, our Tucson family law firm can help.

The outcome of your family law lawsuit can often have a direct and profound impact on the rest of your life, so seek the help of an experienced Tucson family law attorney. Our Tucson family law attorneys and staff understand the importance of family litigation and resolution and provide our clients with reliable, quality -We are committed to providing our clients with Divorce and Family Law when needed.

Free Consultation Lawyers In Tucson Az

Our Tucson divorce attorneys look at how adultery can affect a Tucson divorce. In addition, We examine how infidelity affects the emotional state of each couple. Adultery divorce cases in Tucson are generally more contested than non-adultery divorces.

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One of the most common grounds for divorce in Tucson, Arizona is adultery. Has your spouse cheated on you? If so, you are not alone. Many people in Tucson and Pima County have ended their marriages because of adultery. However, Although this is not true, Adultery does not have much to do with Tucson divorce.

Adultery in Tucson. Because Arizona is a no-fault divorce state, Courts do not consider cases when making important divorce decisions. child support; Spousal support (maintenance) and child custody were not affected by delinquent behavior. This adultery can affect the distribution of assets. for example, If a cheater spends a lot of money on his girlfriend. This can reduce the family share.

Tucson courts often award spousal support when a low-income couple divorces without the financial resources to support themselves. This could be due to unemployment or underemployment of the spouse. This often happens when one spouse gives up their education or career and becomes a stay-at-home parent. Long breaks from the workforce make it difficult to find well-paying jobs.

In general, if the spouses have a large income difference and the marriage is long-term, courts often order the higher-earning spouse to support the lower-income spouse. It is the key.

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It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been married. To be safe, anything over 10 years is generally considered a long-term marriage. A marriage of at least 10 years is eligible for spousal support, but only for a short period of time.

See some of the most frequently asked questions about family law matters in Tucson from our Tucson divorce attorneys. Our experienced Tucson family lawyers have helped hundreds of people in Pima County with family law issues such as divorce, childcare, child support; spousal support (maintenance); modifications; Protection maternity

Answer: If you and your child’s parents are divorced. You will need to draw up a custody plan that includes how you want your parents to be co-parents. Custody in Arizona is divided into two categories: legal custody, also known as legal custody, and physical custody, also known as parenting time. When parents share custody of their children, even if it’s not 50/50, this is called joint custody. In addition, When one parent has the right to make all legal decisions, it is called sole legal custody. Therefore, when one parent has full time to raise the child, it is called sole physical custody. So if someone claims to have sole custody of their child. It may mean there is time for legal decision-making and sole parenting. EXPERIENCED TUCSON; SCHEDULE A FREE CONSULTATION WITH AN ARIZONA FAMILY LAWYER.

All or nothing retention. In other words, does the parent with sole physical custody automatically get sole legal custody?

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Answer: The definitions of physical and legal custody generally overlap – the parent with physical custody usually has legal custody, and vice versa. However, it is not uncommon for courts to issue joint custody orders. Here, A parent may not have legal decision-making rights, but still has parenting time with the child. In some cases, When a parent is in the military; A parent may not have physical custody, but may have legal decision-making rights. EXPERIENCED TUCSON; SCHEDULE A FREE CONSULTATION WITH AN ARIZONA FAMILY LAWYER.

Answer: Although sole custody is allowed, you may want your child to have a relationship with the other parent. Your child can still visit the other parent or stay together without the child going to the other parent’s home or spending the night. In some cases, It may also be appropriate to oversee that trip. When the court orders supervised visits; This could be a family friend or relative appointed to oversee the visits, or a neutral third-party agency. It does not give the custodial parent the right to make legal decisions. EXPERIENCED TUCSON; SCHEDULE A FREE CONSULTATION WITH AN ARIZONA FAMILY LAWYER.

Answer: If paternity is not established. Your child’s father does not have legal or physical custody of your child. This can be done in Arizona in a number of ways. First, Listing the father on the birth certificate is a method of establishing paternity and is certainly revocable. If a mother marries after giving birth, she considers her husband as her father. The same applies if the parents were married ten months before the birth of the mother. Parents can sign an affidavit stating that the child is the child’s father. If none of the above is possible, the identity of the father must be verified by DNA testing. Any parent can apply to the court for a DNA test of the child and the father. If the results are 95% or more. Establishes the father. If the father is not established for sole custody. Remember that you are not entitled to child support from your father. EXPERIENCED TUCSON; SCHEDULE A FREE CONSULTATION WITH AN ARIZONA FAMILY LAWYER.

Answer: Arizona family court judges have certain preferences when issuing family law orders. Sometimes called assumptions. In Arizona, There is a presumption that it is in the child’s best interest to have a relationship with both parents. In fact, There is an assumption that the child should spend the same amount of time with each parent, or as much as possible. Therefore, do not assume that you have sole custody because you have the primary responsibility for taking care of your children. If there is good reason, the judge will grant sole custody to one parent. EXPERIENCED TUCSON; SCHEDULE A FREE CONSULTATION WITH AN ARIZONA FAMILY LAWYER.

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Answer: In most cases, without intervention; A child custody order lasts until the child turns 18. However, when circumstances change, a change in childcare may be necessary. Arizona family law judges allow modifications in child custody if there is a “substantial and continuing change in circumstances.” In addition, You must wait at least 12 months since the previous retention orders were issued before seeking a change. However, the other parent can file for emergency custody if the current custody order puts the child at risk. Contact our Tucson family law attorneys for more assistance. EXPERIENCED TUCSON; SCHEDULE A FREE CONSULTATION WITH AN ARIZONA FAMILY LAWYER.

Answer: Child custody and child support are related but separate issues. The fact that one parent has custody of a child does not mean that the other parent has a financial obligation to support that child. This only occurs when the parental rights of the non-custodial parent are terminated. Parents lose all opportunities to communicate and build relationships with their children. Voluntary or involuntary termination of parental rights is a separate process from child custody and child support. Check out our other articles or if you would like more information on this topic, contact our Tucson family law firm for a free consultation. EXPERIENCED TUCSON; SCHEDULE A FREE CONSULTATION WITH AN ARIZONA FAMILY LAWYER.

Should I hire an experienced Tucson family law attorney if I seek sole custody of my children?

Answer: If you want sole custody of your children, there may be good reasons for doing so. But if you can’t prove that you have sole custody, why not?

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