Cheap Flights To Fort Walton Beach Fl

Cheap Flights To Fort Walton Beach Fl

Cheap Flights To Fort Walton Beach Fl – Direct flights to Destin Fort Walton Beach Airport are more accessible than ever, thanks in large part to Allegiant Air. Over the past few years, we have seen an increase in the number of different airlines offering VPS in-flight and out-of-flight, as a result of increased demand, which means cheaper prices and more options.

Some of the most popular airports that fly directly to VPS year-round are Dallas, Atlanta, Charlotte and other major hubs for airlines such as American Airlines and Delta. These options usually mean you have to connect through these hubs if you’re lucky enough to live near one of these airports. You should also check the Allegiant Air website to find all the routes they fly to Dustin Fort Walton Beach.

Cheap Flights To Fort Walton Beach Fl

Allegiant Airlines flights do not normally operate year-round. For example, Asheville, North Carolina offers a direct flight that is seasonal only. But for those who live in the Carolinas or Tennessee, it’s a very attractive way to get to the beach with a short flight that’s usually less than 60 minutes, compared to an 8-hour drive.

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Other direct flights to Destin are available from major airports such as Boston (BOS), New York (EWR), and Las Vegas (LAS).

Another great advantage of having Allegiant Airlines at a VPS airport is the connection to smaller airports around the country that are open and travelers like you to the beach for a weekend getaway or when time is limited that you can’t. otherwise. .

Some of the smaller destinations currently connected to VPS with direct flights are Indianapolis (IND), Knoxville National Park/Great Smoky Mountains (TYS), and Bentonville (XNA).

Perhaps somewhat confusingly, Destin has an airport, but it is a purely private airport. Unless you’re one of the lucky few with a private jet, you’ll land at an airport called Destin Fort Walton Beach, and its airport code is VPS.

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This airport is not technically located in Dustin or Fort Walton Beach, but it serves all of Okaloosa County and surrounding areas.

This airport is expanding rapidly due to increased demand and investment from Allegiant Air, so being a little further from your major cities of interest is not a bad thing.

An interesting fact is that VPS is one of the few airports that shares a runway with a military base in the United States, since the airport is technically on the property of Eglin Air Force Base. When your plane is moving before take off or after landing, you can often see military aircraft parked near the window under their hangars.

Since VPS Airport is 25 minutes (~16 miles) from Destin, depending on traffic, you should know your options for getting to the airport.

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Although the airport is relatively small, there are many options in terms of car rental. Uber and Lyft operate with good frequency, as flights in and out of the airport usually do not operate at night.

For those with early morning flights, it’s wise to schedule an Uber or Lyft in advance, but you shouldn’t have a problem as these car services are very popular in the area.

It’s not unusual to see higher fares on Uber and Lyft due to a shortage of drivers, so you may have higher fares and longer wait times, but at least you get a ride. .

The only exception to this would be during off-season periods like fall and winter, you might have a little trouble with ride sharing programs. It’s not impossible, but you may still end up with a higher price and a longer wait time.

Flying To The Destin Airport (vps)

Alternatively, there are several airport companies that operate year-round and offer private transportation. As you can imagine, these services are usually more expensive, but they are very reliable and you have peace of mind knowing that you will not miss your flight.

The market for flights at Destin Fort Walton Beach Airport is completely dominated by Allegiant Air. Their frequency and value are still unmatched by major airlines like Delta and American Airlines.

As you may have already read in this guide, Allegiant Air’s routes are often seasonal, connecting to destinations not fully served by major airlines.

With that in mind, finding cheap flights to and from Destin is pretty easy, especially with Allegiant Air or Southwest’s latest VPS deals.

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If you book your trips on Google Flights (which we recommend), you’ll see Allegiant Air, but not Southwest. To find the prices for these flights, you must go to the original Southwest website.

From a cost perspective, Allegiant Air is often the best. However, as with any budget airline, you should make sure you are comfortable as they charge you more for checked baggage and seat selection.

If your goal is to get to the beach as quickly and at the lowest cost, Allegiant Air can’t be beat.

Not to mention, the Dustin area is hard to navigate without a car, although it’s a little more adventurous for them.

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With that in mind, there are many national brands available when it comes to car rental services at the Destin Fort Walton Beach Airport.

It’s very common for these companies to sell out their VPS airport access in the summer, so if you’re booking a trip, you should make sure to book your car as soon as possible.

After picking up your rental, you will arrive at your destination via Fort Walton Beach or Nashville, depending on where your final destination is.

Over the years, VPS has made airport check-in very easy with very little down time. Unlike other major airports where you have to arrive a few hours early, VPS often has a reputation for showing up, less time and security, and being right on the plane.

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Now with the increase in the number of flights and operators outside the airport, this is not always true. The thing to do is to check other flights around the time of departure.

If you find out that there are 2 or 3 flights, it is realistic that you can arrive 30-35 minutes early.

If you see that there are more than 3-5 flights, you should consider arriving at least an hour early and there are at least some walking options.

Allegiant Air built a brand new terminal at VPS Airport, but the airport as a whole is small and was never intended to serve the amount of people it does now. Allegiant Air and the management team behind the VPS airport are working to fix some of these issues, but that doesn’t change the ease and flexibility of flying in and out of VPS.

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So with that in mind, it’s not uncommon for locals to show up at the airport just 30 minutes to an hour early, depending on the flight date and time. Early morning is much busier than 10 o’clock or early morning flights.

If you’re struggling to find a viable VPS flight option, there are two other airports you can consider when flying to your destination. Both of these airports are 40 to 50 miles from Destin, so you’ll need to rent a car or hire a shuttle service.

The first option is Pensacola International Airport (PNS) in Pensacola, Florida. This airport is much larger than VPS, but despite the name, it is not an international airport.

The Pensacola airport has other routes not offered at the Destin FWB airport, such as direct flights to Denver on Frontier Airlines or direct flights to Philadelphia on American Airlines.

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One thing to note about the Pensacola airport is that you don’t have to go all the way to Destin, as beautiful beaches are also located south of Pensacola. You could technically fly into Pensacola and fly into Pensacola Beach or Newark, which would be a shorter trip to your destination. (Although we still recommend Destin!).

Another airport worth considering is located just north of Panama City, Florida, known as Northwest Florida Beach International Airport (ECP).

Like Pensacola Airport, ECP is about 50 miles from Destin, so getting to and from it can be difficult. Southwest has more availability on ECP than VPS, but this is likely to change in the near future.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, there’s absolutely nothing you can do when flying into Panama City airport.

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