Disability Attorney Kansas City Mo

Disability Attorney Kansas City Mo

Disability Attorney Kansas City Mo – Over the past two decades in Social Security Disability, I believe my primary responsibility as a disability attorney is not to make sure I win every case, but to make sure I always fight to win every case. I believe it can be done respectfully; however, my goal is to passionately and zealously advocate for every client that our company has the opportunity to represent.

Prior to his private practice as a disability attorney, Mr. Parmele worked as a senior attorney for the Social Security Administration. He worked directly with Administrative Law Judges (ALJs), helping them determine who would and would not receive benefits. Often he alone carried the burden of making decisions for candidates. Over the years, Mr. Parmele has witnessed the difficulties that deserving people face in trying to obtain Social Security Disability benefits for themselves and their affected families.

Disability Attorney Kansas City Mo

In 1995, Mr. Parmel began his private practice so that he could use his knowledge of the welfare system to help people with disabilities in America. Since then, he has worked as a disability attorney on behalf of Social Security claimants and their claims.

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Mr. Parmeleh has a strong faith in God that changed his life. He founded his company on the biblical principles of true faith in Christ, hope, care, mercy, righteousness, honesty, justice, and joining the fight for those in need. Long-term disability claims are different from most other insurance policies. Most lawyers, even social security and workers’ compensation lawyers, do not handle long-term disability claims. The reason is that most long-term disability insurance is regulated by a federal law called ERISA.

ERISA governs most group long-term disability policies available through your employer. Even federal judges agree that ERISA is literally a law rigged to benefit the insurance company.

The law is so complex and contains many strict rules and deadlines that we believe it is essential to have an attorney with experience and training in ERISA long-term disability law. The most important question to ask in these cases is “Do you have experience with ERISA?”

Our long-term disability attorneys help claimants get the long-term disability (LTD) benefits they deserve after an illness or injury. We have experience handling claims from both group (ERISA) and individual (non-ERISA) long-term disability policies. If you’re about to apply for long-term disability, or if you’ve recently been denied benefits or payments have stopped, we can help.

Should I Hire A Long Term Disability Lawyer For My Appeal?

A: No. If you’ve been denied disability benefits, we’ll review the denial letter free of charge and provide a next step for moving forward.

A: Our services are tailored to your specific situation. When you hire us to appeal a denied claim, we act on a contingency basis. This means we only get paid when we pay you. If you want to file a claim and have not been denied, we can help on a flat fee or hourly basis depending on the amount of work required. We are committed to working with you every step of the way to ensure you get the benefits you deserve.

A: Yes! Our attorney is one of the few nationally trained in ERISA long-term disability. He has extensive experience in appeals as well as litigation where necessary. Whether your long-term disability insurance is obtained through your employer’s group plan (most likely an ERISA plan) or on an individual basis, the Law Offices of Kevin McManus is ready to help you through the process.

A: No. The law that governs most long-term disability cases, ERISA, is a federal law that applies nationwide. We are based in Kansas City, MO and handle cases in Kansas and Missouri and can assist clients nationwide with a local attorney if needed.

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ERISA is a federal law that favors insurance companies. The law is complex and has specific rules and very short deadlines

If you do not do this, your request for assistance will be immediately rejected by the insurance company. With these LTD claims, it’s best not to wait!

ERISA is short for Retirement Income Security Act. Congress enacted ERISA to protect private health and retirement plans, and it also regulates many group long-term disability plans. ERISA defines how disability claims are handled and how appeals are handled.

If your long-term disability is governed by ERISA, you should have received a document stating that ERISA applies. If you are unsure, our experienced ERISA trained attorney can help. Our longtime disability attorney has handled ERISA claims and appeals nationwide and will review your denial for free and give you a next step and strategy for moving forward.

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Whether you obtained your long-term disability insurance through your employer’s group plan (likely an ERISA plan) or on an individual basis, our attorneys are experienced in handling long-term disability claims. If you have been refused help or have recently been refused help, we can help you. Call today at 816-203-0143.

Find out why … most LTD claims are denied, how to fight back and win. Download our free disability claims guide, Risk: at your own risk>

If you are denied long-term disability, the legal process is confusing and literally stacked against you. Fortunately, our disability advocate has written a free application guide that can help you now. You usually have 180 days to file a rejection, so act fast.

Insurance companies are in business to make money. Adjusters are trained to use tactics to maximize company profits and minimize claim payouts. These tactics include delaying coverage decisions, denying valid claims, and hiring attorneys to defend denials.

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Dealing with insurance denials is difficult and difficult, and insurance companies know that most people don’t know how to do it. They have been in business for years and have the resources, lawyers and even medical professionals to back up their act. They know that most people will not hire a lawyer to appeal their decision or even go to court. And they are right.

Most people don’t resist. But our law firm JAS. Call 816-203-0413 or contact us via email or live chat today.

The long-term disability market is crowded with companies offering both ERISA-regulated employer-sponsored plans and individual plans.

Many of these plans were sold to large employers and were likely seen as cash cows. However, with more and more claims, waivers have become the easiest way to cut costs. Whichever company you deal with, your policy promises to take care of you if you are unable to perform your job. Our law firm can help deliver on that promise.

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Long-term disability policies and ERISA are highly favored by insurance companies. These laws aren’t written for consumers, and it’s easy to make a mistake appealing a long-term disability waiver. You only have one attempt to apply. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you consult with our ERISA-trained disability attorney early in the process.

Our nationwide long-term disability attorney is prepared to work diligently to present a claim or appeal that is clear, concise and complete with all the information you need. Although we cannot guarantee the outcome, we are very successful in fighting such claims. Our goal is to get you to pay all the benefits you owe the insurance company and maximize recovery under your long-term disability policy.

Important: If you have already filed a denial, but it is still denied, we may review your application to see if we can help. However, we do not recommend that you wait to contact us or attempt to appeal your denial without an ERISA-trained attorney. Most LTD policies only allow one application. If your appeal is unsuccessful, please contact us immediately, as ERISA laws generally prohibit the submission of additional evidence at a later date. (This is another way ERISA benefits insurance companies.)

Contact us today at 816-203-0143 or via email or live chat. With tight deadlines, you don’t want to ruin your right to appeal. Our longtime disability attorney can help with the next steps. We’re on your side!” “I was a little nervous about taking on a Fortune 500 company, but you have the resources, talent and courage to take on any company, big or small. You are a great law firm, and I thank you for helping me win.”

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“I will always appreciate how I was treated with such respect and dignity. “I know I wasn’t the only customer, but I really felt that way.”

“I’ve dealt with lawyers all my life, but I’ve never seen anything like this. Passion, knowledge, dedication. Best employment company, period.’

When it comes to employment law, the issue of discrimination is very clear. Although there are many types of discrimination, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Washington Law Against Discrimination (WLAD) strictly prohibit employers from discriminating against individuals with disabilities.

So, if you are an employee, you should consult with a disability discrimination attorney

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