Criminal Lawyers In Phoenix Az

Criminal Lawyers In Phoenix Az

Criminal Lawyers In Phoenix Az – The Ultimate Phoenix DUI Lawyer (2024) Facing a Arizona DUI Crime? Please call us immediately for help! The consultation is free of charge. 602-307-0808

DM Cantor Board Certified Criminal Law Counsel (left to right) Partners Christine Whalin; Associate Professor, David Cantor; Partner Joey Hamby Ranked No. 1 in Arizona for the past five years by Arizona Rankings DUI Law Firm magazine! (2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024)

Criminal Lawyers In Phoenix Az

134 Corrected DUI conviction and jury trial of vehicle conviction (ie not guilty of all charges). Most filled by one law firm in Arizona history!

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Incorrectly listing our Judicial Foundation Certificate or Board Certificate as yours. Additionally, many attorneys say they “specialize” in criminal defense, but according to the Arizona Board of Legal Practitioners, only “Board Certified Criminal Law Specialists” are allowed to use this title as theirs from the Arizona Bar.

How do you know who has the best Phoenix DUI defense agency in Arizona? The first is to look at experience. David Michael Cantor is a former Phoenix DUI prosecutor and defense attorney who was admitted to the Arizona Bar in 1989 and serves as an Assistant District Attorney and DUI attorney.Identity began his law practice in ‘Arizona, and deals with thousands of cases. city ​​of Phoenix. He was considered the best DUI defense attorney in Arizona and later founded his own criminal defense firm and Arizona DUI team, DM Cantor. David Cantor is an experienced Phoenix DUI attorney who is knowledgeable about Arizona DUI laws and will fight your Phoenix DUI prosecution aggressively. So whether you have been charged in Phoenix AZ, or multiple DUI charges, contact DM Cantor today!

In addition to Phoenix area experience, you next look specifically at the results and certifications of the Phoenix DUI defense attorney. In addition to David being a board certified criminal attorney, two of his partners (Christine Whalin and Joey Hamby) are also board certified criminal law experts. No other DUI defense firm has as many full background examination licenses as DM Cantor. Our DUI clients consistently rate us as the Best Criminal Defense Attorney in Phoenix and the Best DUI Law Firm in Arizona! When looking for the best Arizona DUI attorney or the best Phoenix DUI attorney practice, court experience is the first thing to consider. Click the link below for a list of DUI defense questions to ask when working with a Phoenix DUI attorney to represent you in your case.

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If you drive drunk in Phoenix, Arizona, you need to make sure that the legal representation you hire, an Arizona DUI attorney, is fully aware of the penalties you could face in a Phoenix jail. An experienced Phoenix DUI attorney, like the DUI defense attorneys at DM Cantor, not only understands Phoenix’s tough laws and courts regarding penalties for first-time DUI offenses, but also understands the penalties are even harsher for people with previous DUI offenses. Jurisdictions. The Phoenix Prosecutor’s Office follows the State of Arizona’s zero tolerance policy and has the strictest enforcement of drunk driving laws of any law enforcement agency. state law in Maricopa County, Arizona. The Law Offices of DM Cantor regularly engages with the Phoenix City Attorney’s Office and the Maricopa County Prosecutor regarding criminal DUI matters. Review your DUI charges and possible penalties below.

Definition: Regular DUI (A1) is defined as “operating or having actual control of a motor vehicle while impaired to some degree.” It does not matter what the blood or breath alcohol content was, or whether the police administered a blood or breath test.

Definition: The standard DUI (A2) definition with a BAC of 0.08 to 0.149 is “operating or having actual control of a motor vehicle with a blood or alcohol concentration of 0.08 to 0.149,” regardless of whether -driver was never impaired.

Definition: A drug-impaired DUI case is defined as “operating or having actual control of a motor vehicle while partially under the influence of a drug.” It has nothing to do with the quantity of the drug or whether the drug is legal, illegal or illegal.

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Mandatory Minimum Penalties for First Offense – Regular DUI (A1), (A2) or DUI (A3): The penalties for both charges are the same whether you are guilty of one or both charges. The penalties are as follows:

Second Offense – The minimum penalties for common drink driving (A1), common drink driving (A2) or drink driving (A3) are the same whether convicted of one or both of the following charges, as specified below:

Definition: Extreme DUI with a BAC of 0.150 to 0.199 is defined as “operating or having actual control of a motor vehicle with a blood or alcohol concentration of 0.150 to 0.199,” regardless of whether the driver has was not impaired in any way.

Definition: The definition of super extreme DUI with a BAC of 0.20 or greater is “operating or having actual physical control of a motor vehicle with a blood or breath alcohol concentration of 0.20 or more,” regardless of whether the driver was not disappointed at all.

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Possible Penalties for Felony Aggravated DUI with a Child 15 or Under in the Vehicle: This serious offense is a Class 6 felony and can be punished anywhere with a corresponding offense, depending on whether this is your first offense, and the blood If your blood alcohol concentration exceeds the legal limit, you can be incarcerated in the Department of Corrections for up to two years. If you have been charged with a child vehicular crime, you need to hire a top Phoenix DUI attorney today.

Possible penalties for any type of aggravated DUI are Class 4 felonies and include the following:

The penalties for a second or third aggravated DUI offense in Phoenix, Arizona are much more severe and include substantial prison time (up to 15 years in the Department of Corrections). DM Cantor is led by a former DUI attorney who understands how the criminal justice system works and how to best represent those with past DUI convictions on behalf of the Arizona DUI Defense Unit. If you find yourself in this situation, contact the attorneys at DM Cantor as soon as possible and meet with one of their Phoenix DUI attorneys today!

In Arizona, if you receive a Phoenix DUI charge, you will have to deal with MVD. This is true regardless of whether you are ultimately convicted, or whether the charges are dismissed. Once you are arrested for driving under the influence, the officer will usually request or attempt to test your blood, breath or urine. The request will involve a form known under Arizona law as an “Affidavit of Explanation/Administration.” At this point, certain time constraints come into effect. Most importantly, there is a 30 day period to request a hearing. Below you will find detailed information about the MVD process and how it may affect you,

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In Arizona, the courts allow Phoenix DUI police to impound your car if you are arrested for DUI. However, the courts impose limits on how much they can impound your car, depending on the nature of the charge and the expected results of your blood alcohol concentration. The specifics of this law are found in Arizona Revised Statutes 28-3511. Below you will find details on how to request a hearing, which we offer to all of our clients if the police pull over their vehicle after a DUI arrest in Phoenix.

At DM Cantor, we have had numerous successes in DUI defenses, obtaining not guilty verdicts or having Phoenix DUI charges completely dismissed for our clients using the following defenses. DM Cantor is staffed by experienced Phoenix, AZ DUI attorneys who can handle any type of serious DUI case or criminal defense. Veteran DUI attorney David Cantor has successfully used these defenses against the Phoenix Police Department for over 30 years, and all members of his law firm receive extensive training in these the defenses. The only DUI attorney you should contact is an experienced Phoenix DUI attorney, like the attorneys at DM Cantor, who can answer all of your Arizona DUI questions. Some of the Phoenix DUI defenses involve simple diagnostic techniques, while others involve the extensive science required with headspace gas chromatography and infrared mass spectrometry. Our legal team is comprised of the best DUI attorneys who are consistently rated five stars on attorney review websites. Please review these defenses to see if any apply to your specific DUI case or situation.

In Arizona, the term “without reasonable suspicion” means a police officer pulls someone over and conducts a traffic stop without “reasonable suspicion” that a crime has been committed. Read more

“No actual physical control” means the police cannot prove that someone was “in control” of the car at the time

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