Honda Motorcycles For Sale By Owner Used

Honda Motorcycles For Sale By Owner Used

Honda Motorcycles For Sale By Owner Used – Remember when you bought a bike and used it for everything? Many machines these days are built for a specific niche or carefully defined purpose, but the 2014-2021 Honda NC750X Convertible Adventure Bike is a fun old-school all-around bike.

The flexible chassis can swallow up any road surface and handle with ease. The ergonomics are great, and the NC does that tricky Honda thing of being comfortable no matter your size. The twin-cylinder engine is nimble and very efficient, and comes with an optional DCT (dual-clutch transmission), making it a great bike. And built-in storage for bikes isn’t very practical.

Honda Motorcycles For Sale By Owner Used

Obviously, the 2014-2021 NC750X won’t be your first choice for summer training days. Its engine didn’t rev high, it wasn’t very powerful, it had disc brakes, and its ground clearance wasn’t exactly measured in fathoms. When the bike was launched in 2012 as the Honda NC700X, these sentiments prompted some grumbles from narrow-minded professional sports journalists; but the NC’s affordability (on sale at £5,950), sheer practicality and the promise of being a painless commuter , a powerful long-distance tool or a happy sunny night sportsmanship that outshines the British evergreen Fireblade. In fact, it caused a huge stir throughout Europe. In 2014, it replaced the humble Honda with the larger, better-sprung and more refined NC750X, putting it back on the best-seller list.

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The versatility and value of NC makes a lot of sense once you realize that no matter the size or power of the bike you’re riding, your speed is the same. The enjoyment of ownership easily makes up for the lack of excitement.

For 2016, this version of the NC750X has been completely revamped. Significant changes to the suspension, dual-clutch transmission (TCD), front brakes, internal exhaust and muffler, and styling have resulted in a completely improved bike that’s easier to ride and still a lot of fun to ride. It looks great and fits in well with the rest of Honda’s adventure bike range.

The NC750X received a slight facelift for 2019, adding Honda’s latest Adaptive Traction Control (HSTC) system and some minor tweaks, such as a raised 900rpm rev limit, and slightly revised styling.

In late 2016 and early 2017 we rode the NC750X as a long-term test bike and rode it across Europe. We think it’s practical, cute, fun, but a little mature in some ways. We also don’t like the new screen on the facelifted model.

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After reading this review and the reviews from our owners, please join the community at the NC Owners Club or the Honda NC Forum.

This isn’t a shiny chassis lineup. You won’t find a front fork with an adjuster, a remote-controlled rear shock from some Swedish gear-loving guy, or a giant caliper with an impressive but meaningless model code. Despite being part of Honda’s Adventure Series, the NC lacks the wheel travel or ground clearance for true dirt-based shenanigans.

That doesn’t mean the 2014-2021 NC750X is the base model. Don’t be fooled by the lazy “budget” label – with the spring rates and damping of a Showa “twin bend valve” fork and a preload-adjustable rear shock suitable for all-around use, the Honda is happy to absorb the bag. – Lane marked as smooth dual carriageway. For seven bikes, ride comfort and handling control are both key.

The driving experience of the 750 is excellent. It swings with a light rolling balance that only a Honda can achieve, hiding most of its 214kg of weight between the ankles. The chassis of one of these stylish Dyson ball vacuum cleaners swings beneath you. The NC can cut through city traffic with ease or cruise A-roads with grace, always sure-footed thanks to its retained geometry and ample wheelbase.

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All are ergonomically designed to provide clear control and driver confidence. Honda’s modest 800mm seat height also helps.

There’s only one rotor at each end (both are cut from the same material to save costs, so the shape is wobbly), but the front two-pot sliding calipers have good pressure and a firm enough grip on the 320mm rotors. .

The 745cc parallel twin-cylinder engine was developed with the help of Honda Autobot and is essentially half of the Jazz auto unit. This is not an adrenaline-pumping knife; There’s 51lb ft of power at 4500rpm and just 58bhp at 6000rpm. A2 also has a license-friendly version.

The Redline revs to 7000rpm, but pull disappears around 5000rpm, and it’s an engine that’s more than happy to deliver pulsating thrust in the mid-range. You can’t drive out of slow corners in top gear, and that’s obvious when you’re crushed by a mighty billion packed with extra undercut and baggage. But the NC is really nimble and surprisingly agile.

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It’s milder on dual-present strains, but that doesn’t mean it lacks personality. The parallel twin’s crank has a 270° firing range, giving it the feel and sound of a 90° V-twin, and each cylinder has slightly different timing to enhance its tactile qualities.

The NC750’s real trump card is performance. It’s economical, and many owners get 80 mpg or more. The same goes for normal riding, don’t worry. The low power and relatively modest displacement means you need to use the throttle a lot on the 750, but that does help with economy. Throttle loss is a major factor in four-stroke fuel consumption because the engine has to work harder to pump fuel through a partially closed throttle (one of the reasons small-capacity bikes are so efficient, as they’re usually open all the way.) With a single 36mm A small capacity NC commuter with a throttle. Contains fuel statistics.

The six-speed gearbox is memorable for its simple operation. Honda offers a DCT (dual-clutch transmission) for an extra £700, with either fully automatic or push-button manual shifting. When driven in D mode, it’s a bit keen to shift briefly into top gear, but the three S modes are sportier, with the ECU primed to hold the revs and then downshift. On tight B-roads, it chooses gears just like you do. This smart setup makes the NC570 a great dual-purpose vehicle and reduces fatigue on long rides.

This is really a good thing. Build quality is excellent, with a high-quality finish, and the service schedule at 8,000 miles for the minor and 16,000 miles for the valve control major is more than acceptable.

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Reliability is excellent – there are many well-used NC workhorse machines that have made it to Jupiter and remote areas with no issues, and this model has a great reputation for reliability. Fasteners, brake banjos, and other small parts that get hairy in the winter require a quick spray of rust-resistant gloves, but it works on almost any bike. Our Honda NC750X owner reviews show great satisfaction.

Pricing for the Honda NC750X doesn’t show the same value as when the original 700 model launched, but it’s still very competitive. Especially considering the quality you get for the money: the Honda is more elegant and better built than Suzuki’s less refined V-Strom 650, which has a smaller engine and no automatic transmission, and is more efficient than Yamaha’s Tracer The 700 is smoother and more economical. It’s great to ride, but not very attractive to use due to Honda’s reliability record.

Group 11 insurance puts the Honda in the same group as the racy Tracer and two more than the racy V-Strom, although total running costs (fuel, tyres, chain and sprockets, service, wear and tear) make the NC cheaper to run and better value higher.

The bike has good specs for this price and segment. The NC has four driving modes, ABS, adjustable traction control, LED lights, a dashboard with enough data for most of its compatriots, an “emergency stop signal” that activates the rear hazard lights during hard braking, and an optional DCT. Of course, you also get Honda quality.

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The screen isn’t adjustable, but it’s certainly useful for its size, and the grip is perfect. But what separates the Honda from its rivals is the fuel tank, or rather its location. Tucked under the seat is a 14.1-litre storage box that fills under the folding uprights, leaving storage space above the deployed engine. The lockable 23-litre ‘virtual tank’ is big enough to hold a peaked adventure helmet or a fish and chip dinner for a family of eight.

Honda has a wide range of accessories, from fog lights and heated grips to complete kits designed for specific uses – touring, adventure and urban.

Personalization options include a top box, trunk, engine rails, leg or foot deflectors, center stand, high-travel windscreen, heated grips and front LED fog lights.

90 owners have reviewed and rated their HONDA NC750X (2014 – 2021) and more.

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