Cars Or Trucks For Sale By Owner

Cars Or Trucks For Sale By Owner

Cars Or Trucks For Sale By Owner – Lloyd Craig began collecting road art for his garden more than 25 years ago. He eventually added muscle cars and trucks to the mix, and his son Cory and son-in-law Ted joined him in his quest for low-mileage cars. After hunting, purchasing and restoring dozens of cars, the Craig family decided to release some of them back into the wild through the Mecum Auction to be held January 6-15, 2022 in Kissimmee, Florida.

When they started collecting, Corey and Ted weren’t keen on the muscle cars Lloyd longed for; Corey’s first car was a Dodge Dually. As a team, the three men focused on finding original, low-mileage trucks for one owner and scoured the Internet for examples. After a while, the news started to spread. And now, owners regularly turn to Craigslist to list their own low-mileage trucks for sale, knowing their affordable vehicles will go to a good home.

Cars Or Trucks For Sale By Owner

Up for auction in January is an unrestored 1970 Dodge Super Bee with 21,058 miles. Finished in Plum Crazy, this ’70s car has a 383 cubic-inch Magnum V8 under the hood and Goodyear Polyglas tires with white lettering. As far as a classic truck goes, this immaculate 1953 Willys Jeep pickup has 29,261 miles and was featured in a 2015 movie.

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Starring Patrick Wilson, Jenna Elfman and Ashley Judd. Mecum said that the first owner had it for 23 years, the second owner had it for 2 years, the third owner had it for 35 years, and the fourth owner had it since 2013.

For me, the crown jewel of this collection is the stunning 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Cabriolet, finished in its original Harbor Blue paint. It was rebuilt in a frame-off restoration in 2011 and has covered just 1,200 miles since then with the 283-cubic-inch V8. With colour-matched steelies wrapped in Goodrich rubber, this is my dream car and will be sold without reserve.

Some of these trucks have less than 100 kilometers of actual mileage and even come with original factory tires. This is a truly rare collection.

“We take them to training two or three times a year, groom them and run them for a mile or two and then put them back in,” Lloyd told Mecum. “You can’t get another breakdown or knock. It’s all original and you can’t fix it or repair it. Once the job is done, the truck will never be original again.”

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The auction house has spent the last few years strengthening its online system, which has helped it survive and grow over the past year. They’re back to in-person events, and I expect this party to make Craiger and Mecum a lot of money. |: Classic and powerful Diesel pickup trucks |: Dump trucks |: Commercial duty trucks |: Tow trucks |: Cars and SUVs | Toys |:

1997 Ford F250

2004 Gmc 2500hd Slt 4×4 6.6l Duramax Diesel 77K MILES CUSTOM GRILL TINT CLEAN CUSTOM LIGHTS AMP POWER STEG Rear Airbags $34,900

2020 Chevrolet 4500hd Lt 4×4 Duramax Diesel 19K MILES LIFT POWER STEPS TINT 24″ JTX FORGED WHEELS 40″ FURY TIRES TESLA DISPLAY $159,900

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2002 Dodge Ram 2500



1997 Ford F250

Used Cars Trucks & Suvs For Sale In Harrisonburg, Va At Swartz Auto Sales


King of Cars, LLC is a well-established used car dealer that has been in business for over 40 years. More than 50,000 cars were sold. We specialize in unique cars and classics and we also have many quality second-hand cars. We buy, sell, trade and ship worldwide. Stop by, take a look and test drive one of our amazing cars. Oh what fun we had last week! Speaking of the internet’s smallest baptism, we bring up our April Fool’s Day events. But this week we’re back in shape to find the best, weirdest and craziest cars available online.

But that holiday week also had a bonus: a full week of cars to analyze before today’s slideshow. That’s why we have truly cutting-edge options, from imported turbo hatchbacks to long-distance motorcycles. These are all, of course, some of the dirtiest machines on the internet.

. Since this is a European import, it even gets a little bonus that our regular JDM fare doesn’t; It is left-hand drive.

Used Cars Trucks & Suvs For Sale In Waukegan, Il

These are cars that are too good for Ford to give us. We may be the home of the Blue Oval, but we don’t deserve its hottest models. Ford has no say after that, at least for the first 25 years.

Towing vehicles. Big hood scoop, wide tires, V8 up front – the classic American muscle formula. Now imagine that he could actually carry something on his back. This, my friend, is a professional pickup on the street.

And if this sounds like something you want, I know how I can help. There’s one waiting for you in Florida for only ten dollars. In fact, the commercial has full volume so you know it’s a really fast car.

In ADV construction. A middle ground where he can do enough but not everything. It’s a motorcycle, there’s no doubt about it.

Used Cars, Trucks, Suvs For Sale In Gurnee, Il

Still, it’s one of the most popular entry-level ADV bikes you’ll see offered online. It’s a way to dip your toes into the world of two-wheeled adventure, get a taste of it.

Or you can just go out in a blaze of glory. There are some bikes that I would classify as “irresponsibly cheap” where performance improves slightly.

For $3,500 you can beat all but the fastest cars. You can get a motorcycle license and ride this R6 and go about a million miles per hour. I say we live in an absurd world.

Come to the US, which means you can get your hands on a slightly newer version than the ’87 Guide. Airbags. Comfortable seats? What a concept.

Used Cars For Sale Scranton Pa 18508 Keyser Avenue Auto Sales

This Focus ST is a great daily driver, but it’s still good when needed. Don’t worry about torque. It’s fun in its own way. At least that’s what you might be telling yourself.

I confess that I have never seen any of these. Definitely not in person and I don’t remember seeing anything like it online. That’s a shame, because this is the most American Mitsubishi ever made.

This is a royal farm long before it was a royal farm. Of course, it may not have all the luxury equipment, but it is a four-door pickup with a diesel engine. What more could you want?

As I get older I think Saab got this right. Look at this car, this side profile. This is how cars should be.

Used Cars, Trucks, Suvs In Stock In Cary

Is there a nicer car out there? Of course the 240Z or FD RX7 might have more character, but that’s just the way it looks

Consider the Jeep Wrangler. Chances are, as a living human being, you’ve probably contributed a brain cell or two to this machine at some point in your life. Now consider: Jeep Wrangler

The skirt on that side sends me away. Wranglers all have large springs, of course, but putting them together gives this Renegade a tuner that I absolutely love. I want to turn this into an autocross, slap on the coils and RPF1s. I shouldn’t but I want to.

I had to hold back this week. There were too many good C10s on Craigslist and I couldn’t make another Oops All X part so soon after purple week. Maybe one day, but for now you can just have this.

Wild American Muscle Cars & Trucks

But what should you buy? The white body with perfect patina makes the red wheels really pop. In true work truck style, it’s a long-bed model and even has a bench in the front. Perfect.

I often wonder what my life would have been like if I had one of these when I was 16. I thought they were on the shortlist for my first car. It hasn’t spread, but what if it does? Who would I be today?

Would I be an unbearable straight-sided bridge blowing smoke out the window of the same Mazda? Would I have destroyed it in the six months since I rekindled my interest in the painting that made me a famous artist? Would I be exactly the same?

Civilian. I’ve always loved these early seventies cars with their wide, open front ends and barely rounded bodies, but this adds something even better to the car.

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