Personal Injury Attorneys Woodbridge Virginia

Personal Injury Attorneys Woodbridge Virginia

Personal Injury Attorneys Woodbridge Virginia – For more than 30 years, we have helped families and individuals like yours who have been injured by the negligent actions of others. Desperate. Families fear for the future. A person with little motivation to smile or laugh.

Whether you’ve suffered serious injuries from an accident or catastrophic medical error, we know your worries are mounting: How will you afford the medical costs? Will you work again? Can You Pay for College Tuition?

Personal Injury Attorneys Woodbridge Virginia

Learn more by looking at our team’s experience. You will find that we are leading litigators, teachers and leaders in the field of personal injury law. Find out why so many clients think of our paralegals as part of the family. Scroll through our selected case results. You will notice that some are multi-million dollar verdicts and others are small settlements. We carefully analyze each potential case on its merits and the likelihood of a meaningful outcome. We get involved in causes that make sense to you and to us.

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Finally, read stories of hope and thank you notes from past customers. Find out how we helped them. Then, contact us by calling 703-492-4200 or email us for a free consultation. Towards the light at the end of the tunnel, we are here to help you and your family during this difficult time.

Our accomplished team Shri Charles J. Based in Washington, DC, Jaussig excelled under his leadership. Lawyer Five times the region’s Best Lawyer of the Year for the region, including personal injury lawyer 2019. Read more about his experience below Mr. Click on Jouzig’s name. Also check the qualifications of the rest of the team. In response to recent concerns regarding COVID-19, we are writing to reassure our customers that we are taking the recommended precautions.

An experienced attorney, Brandon M. Gladstone is a personal injury attorney in the personal injury department of Baker, Kellogg & Berry, PC and has twenty-five years of experience representing individuals and insurance companies. Since 2003, Mr. He focuses his practice on plaintiffs’ personal injury cases such as auto accidents, property liability, wrongful death, animal bites, and slip and falls. In addition, he focuses on representing clients in medical malpractice cases and other civil cases such as contract law, construction and commercial litigation. Before his plaintiff started a personal injury practice, Mr. Gladstone has seven years of experience as an insurance defense consultant for Allstate, State Farm, CNA, Progressive and Fireman’s Fund insurance companies in Virginia, Maryland and DC.

Mr. Gladstone majored in commerce and graduated from the University of Virginia in 1990. He received his Juris Doctor from Indiana University Bloomington School of Law in 1993. He was recognized as a finalist in the 1994 Sherman Minton Moot Court Competition.

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Mr. was accepted. Gladstone to the Virginia Bar in 1993 and to other bars in subsequent years, Maryland Bar in 1994, District of Columbia Bar in 1995, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia. District Court and U.S. 2000 with the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. He began his legal career in the Office of the Public Defender as an Assistant Public Defender for Halifax and Fauquier Counties from 1994 to 1996.

Baker, Kellogg & Berry, P.C. Located in Springfield, VA and serving customers in and around Annandale, Springfield, West McLean, Merrifield, Falls Church, Fairfax, Fairfax Station, Dun Loring, Fort Belvoir, Vienna, Alexandria, Lorton, Arlington, Occoquan, Oakton , Ft. , Clifton , Alexandria City County, Arlington County, Fairfax City County and Falls Church City County.

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Blaszkow Legal is prepared to fight hard to get the compensation you deserve against the at-fault party and their insurance company.

A car accident sets off multiple timelines, most of which you are unaware of. In addition to trying to meet legal deadlines, you’ll be stressed and overwhelmed as you juggle phone calls to insurance adjusters, trying to get a rental car, and trying to get medical help to get you on the road to recovery . .

A good lawyer’s job is to fight for you from day one. This is the opposite of insurance companies that fight for their shareholders! Our team at Blaszkow Legal is dedicated to defending you against anyone who misrepresents your case. We treat every case as if it were going to trial, so we’re ready to fight any argument that insurance companies want to throw at our clients. We start protecting you from the moment you call us, so that towing storage fees aren’t too high, that insurance statements aren’t used against you, and that medical bills get record them correctly and send them to the correct health insurance carrier.

After a collision, you may feel panicked, shaken, and not really thinking things through. Accidents range from minor collisions to serious and worse accidents, and we’ve seen them all

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By calling Blaskov Legal at 703-879-5910 and following these simple steps (right) – it is important to do everything you can from that first moment to easily prosecute your case against the wrongdoer. .

Keep the orange triangle or flare (any spilled fluid, if any!) away from other vehicles. After you’ve taken some photos (see #3), move your cars safely out of the travel lane.

Even if you think they won’t come out, call the police. This call is recorded and helps to identify the time and date of the collision, if there is a dispute later.

Car Make sure you get a picture of the other car (or cars!), location, traffic lights and then anything else that’s important. Take a photo of the other party’s driving licence.

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Sometimes, people only exchange insurance information, but knowing who insures the car is not enough, especially if the case needs to be addressed. Get a photo of the other person’s driver’s license or state ID. Also take pictures of the driver and any passengers.

Someone says ‘I’ve seen the whole thing!’ If you are stopped to tell, make sure you get the person’s name, phone number and address. This may include pedestrians. Witnesses help defend against the “word-for-word” arguments that insurance companies use to torpedo plaintiffs’ cases.

If you think you are injured, go to the emergency room or urgent care clinic and tell them what happened and let a professional make sure you are okay. Get the treatment you need to make sure you are truly healthy!

Before you call the insurance company, call a lawyer. Just like in a criminal case, insurance companies can – and will – use anything you say against you later.

Virginia Hit And Run Laws And Penalties

Did you know that there will be 5600 traffic accidents in Prince William County alone in 2022? This doesn’t mean that Woodbridge is an unsafe place to drive – it just means that things beyond your control can happen, and if they do happen to you, you need to be prepared to react. This is doubly true on any part of I-95!

Drink and Drive – Drunk drivers cause a large number of incidents and include people impaired by drugs and alcohol/alcohol. Drugged drivers have a slower reaction time and cannot move as quickly as normal drivers. They also cannot see clearly and may not realize they have passed a stop light or crossed the center line.

Distracted Driving – Information systems, in-car televisions, GPS devices, cell phones and more are now standard in most cars. Carrying these devices and computers while driving takes the driver’s attention away from where they should be on the road.

Speed ​​- Some people need to know where they are going now. Some people drive fast, others drive aggressively, changing lanes quickly and often without signaling. Accidents due to these behaviors are often worse than normal due to increased speed inertia.

Meet Brandon M. Gladstone

Climate – Changes in the climate

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