Pain Clinic Des Moines Ia

Pain Clinic Des Moines Ia

Pain Clinic Des Moines Ia – Asson and Shelby Pudenz 715 n. Standing next to the Pudenz Family Chiropractic Clinic and Iowa Neuropathy & Pain Clinic signs on Clark St.

Asson and Shelby Pudenz 715 n. Standing next to the Pudenz Family Chiropractic Clinic and Iowa Neuropathy & Pain Clinic signs on Clark St. Sarah Storz The Times Herald

Pain Clinic Des Moines Ia

A new clinic opened this year, said Dr. Jason Pudenz works to introduce treatment options for Carol’s pain, neuropathy and weight loss.

Salary: Pain Management Np In Des Moines, Ia (feb, 2024)

In March, Pudenz opened the Iowa Neuropathy and Pain Clinic, a state-of-the-art laser clinic that also offers weight loss services.

Pudenz, who also operates the Pudenz Family Chiropractic Clinic, says it’s time to add new and innovative technology to his clinic that no one would find within hours of Carroll.

“We wanted to create a unique business model specific to neuropathy, chronic pain and weight loss,” says Pudenz.

Because the same clinic required them to drive to Des Moines or Omaha, Pudge said many patients asked him why those services weren’t available locally.

Dr. Karla Stapes, Pain Medicine

After conducting research, Pudenz has brought new technology to his clinic, with plans to add more in the coming months.

By bringing the devices to Carroll, Pudenz said he hopes to prevent unnecessary trips for those seeking the same service.

“​​​​I thought it would be easy to do and patients would get better results with it,” said Pudenz.

One of these supplements is the laser for weight loss, which is designed to break up fat cells and release fatty acids from the lymphatic system.

A Well Rounded Approach To Pain Management

“Our patients have told us how difficult it is to lose weight and that this laser has made them lose inches in the areas they were struggling with,” said Pudenz.

On Dec. 1, the Iowa Neuropathy and Pain Clinic will begin offering cryotherapy, a type of treatment in which a health care provider uses extreme cold to freeze and destroy abnormal tissue.

When he started his chiropractic clinic, Pudenz said his team realized that many people needed other types of care when they were suffering from neuropathy and pain.

As a way to introduce more options, Pudenz introduced robotic lasers. From talking to different surgeons and other doctors, Pudenz heard success stories about how they treated all kinds of medical problems.

Opioid Prescriptions Draw $5,000 Fine For Ex Broadlawns Pain Doctor

“We are very proud and excited to offer this to our current and future patients at our clinic,” said Pudenz.

His patients are not entirely from Carroll County, and Pudenz said they travel long distances to Exira, Manson and Schellig for these services.

In addition to the robotic laser, Pudenz decided to introduce a shock wave therapy device. The technology, said Pudenz, is used in other complex cases, to help muscles re-educate and heal.

Along with this expansion, Pudenz said they brought on Andrea Messinger, director of clinical health.

Your Pain Doctor

“Andrea is passionate about helping people achieve their weight loss goals and we are fortunate to have her on our health team,” said Pudenz.

Messenger does a lot of work with patients through telehealth, Pudenz said. But he said messengers will start entering the building several times a month.

“It takes a great team of staff to do what we do at our facility, and I am so proud of the entire staff to be a part of our success story with our patients, ” said Pudenz. “I really feel like I have the best office staff that anyone could ask for.”

Pudenz said he enjoys working in Carroll because of the small-town feel. Raised in a small town himself, Pudenz moved to Colorado before returning to his home state.

Tim J. Miller, Md

“I’m a small-town boy and always will be,” Pudenz said. “It made me get out of the area to see what I have here, and family means everything to me.”

He is survived by his wife, Shelby, who works as an office manager at Pudence Family Chiropractic Clinic, and their four children: Lexi, 10, McKenna, 8, Finley, 4, and Athena, 1.

“With the holidays right around the corner, a lot of people are looking to lose weight and we want to let those people know we’re here for them,” said Pudenz. At their two locations in West Des Moines and Des Moines. , Iowa, Metro Anesthesia & Pain Management provides effective solutions for a variety of musculoskeletal conditions to chronic pain patients in a convenient office setting. Client commitment to office treatment results in lower copays and – accessible to their patients.

A collaborative approach to pain management is a key component of the metro anesthesia and pain management approach. Board-certified anesthesiologists and pain management specialists offer many ways to relieve chronic pain, including neck, back and knee pain.

Ballenger Chiropractic & Acupuncture

People seeking treatment for arthritis, herniated discs, headaches and fibromyalgia can find relief from pain without surgical intervention or potentially addictive drugs. The practice offers several effective, less common pain treatments, including Botox® injections, IV ketamine therapy, radiofrequency ablation and spinal cord stimulation.

Innovative treatments, such as Hyalgan® viscosupplementation injections for knee arthritis and stem cell therapy to repair damage at the cellular level, can bring significant relief to patients.

Pain specialists at Metro Anesthesia and Pain Management typically see patients within 2-3 business days, ensuring they don’t have to wait to receive the care they deserve. Call a location near you or schedule an appointment online today to learn more.

✆ Phone (Location): 515-221-9222✆ Phone (General Inquiries): 515-221-9222 Address: 5901 Westtown Pkwy, Suite 210, West Des Moines, IA 50266

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