Best Employment Lawyer Los Angeles

Best Employment Lawyer Los Angeles

Best Employment Lawyer Los Angeles – Your work is an important part of your life. When faced with harassment or illegal activities in the workplace, it’s easy to feel powerless. At Feldman Browne, APC, we’re on your side.

With over 50 years of combined experience, our employment law team knows state and federal laws and how they apply to you. We have helped our clients recover more than $400 million in damages by taking the time to understand their situation and apply the law in their favor.

Best Employment Lawyer Los Angeles

If your employer is harassing you, you don’t have to fight them alone. Take advantage of our experienced Los Angeles attorneys, call our firm today for a free consultation. Call (310) 984-1415 now or contact us online.

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Attorney Lee Feldman has been named a Super Lawyers® every year since 2007. For the past ten years, US News & World Report has named Feldman Browne, APC, one of the top employment law firms. Our ability to represent our clients’ best interests is unmatched. You can count on us to protect your life when you sue your employer for unfair treatment.

Whether you’re facing unfair pay discrimination or retaliation for filing a complaint, or as a whistleblower, our team is here to make sure you’re treated fairly. The sooner you call our employment law office, the greater the chance that we will reach a favorable decision in your case.

No matter how serious your case may seem, you can count on us to give you the attention and care you deserve. We keep things small and keep each client fully informed. Put more than half a century of experience on your side. Get started today by contacting Feldman Brown.

Let our competent team help you in your business. Start a free consultation with a Los Angeles employment attorney. Call Feldman Browne, APC at (310) 984-1415 or fill out our online contact form. At V. James DeSimone Law, we make helping clients with comprehensive employment law a top priority. We understand how difficult it can be to deal with a legal situation on your own, and we want to help you get through it as positively as possible. Any employment law issue can be stressful because it involves your ability to make a living and take care of your family. The Los Angeles employment attorney at V. James DeSimone Law has over three decades of experience to help you find the right solution to your problem.

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Whether you are dealing with discrimination, harassment, wage and hour, or other employment law issues, you can be sure that our team is here for you. We research this to identify the real problem and develop a solid case strategy based on your individual needs and goals. You will have direct access to your lawyer during the proceedings, so you can be sure that your best interests are on our priority list.

Los Angeles-based employment attorney V. James DeSimone has won multimillion-dollar settlements and judgments for California employees with 35+ years of experience. As an employee, you have rights. It’s our job to protect those rights and make sure you’re treated fairly in the workplace. If your rights have been violated, it is important that you take legal action to right the wrong that has been done against you. Our company has helped countless customers in the past and our goal is to help you move forward as well. Our founder has been selected to be added to the list

When it comes to choosing an employment lawyer, there are a few things to keep in mind. In addition to the lawyer’s experience, make sure that the lawyer you are looking for has specific experience related to the type of case you are dealing with. Most employment lawyers deal with a wide range of issues, but very few have the comprehensive knowledge that V. James DeSimone has accumulated over three decades. You’ll also want to review your attorney’s reviews and recommendations.

Whatever a law firm’s website says, what their former clients say is what really matters. Does the attorney you are considering working with have issues that have made local or national news? Or not? Our firm has handled some difficult cases and has received many referrals from attorneys and other judges. These cases are often reported in the news.

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According to the EEOC, workplace retaliation is an employer’s punishment of an employee that is the direct result of an employee reporting discrimination, harassment, or other unfair or illegal workplace practices. Reporting certain activities (such as illegal labor practices) to an employer is considered “protected activity,” meaning that it is illegal for employers to retaliate against employees for these types of activities.

AB-5: On September 18, 2019, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed AB-5 into law. The Gig Worker Bill, as it’s called, reclassifies millions of California independent contractors as employees. This reassignment changes the entire landscape of work in California. While much of the discussion has revolved around how Uber & Lyft will handle the new classification of their employees, the fact is that the law goes beyond the two companies. AB-5 has the potential to harm California companies and some non-California companies that use independent contractors in the state.

The bill was signed into law by Governor Newsom of California on September 27, 2022. It requires private employers with 100+ employees to report wage data to the California Department of Civil Rights each year by the second Wednesday of May 10, 2023.

AB-749: Until recently, employers could legally bar anyone who filed a discrimination or harassment complaint against them from ever working for the company again. Employers are allowed to include specific “no-hire” provisions in the payment agreement to ensure that certain employees are no longer allowed to work for the company. However, with the new rules AB-749, everything changed.

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If you are an employee who has accepted a workplace harassment settlement offer, make sure your legal rights are protected in relation to future employment with the company. The law specifically aims to protect workplace victims and allow injured people to re-enter the company in the future.

The California employment attorneys at V. James DeSimone Law can help you apply for any job from our Los Angeles office.

If you need to speak with a Los Angeles employment attorney about your specific situation, I encourage you to call V. James DeSimone Law today to set up a free consultation. Our intake team will meet with you in person to discuss the specific circumstances of your case and how we can help. We spend the necessary time with each new prospect to determine how we can help you.

The information provided on this site is not legal advice and there is no client-client or confidential relationship created by using the website or submitting contact forms.

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Nothing contained on this site constitutes a guarantee or prediction of the outcome of any legal matter. Since 2007, it has recognized the country’s best labor advisers. Their most pressing problem. This 500-year-old symbol represents the commitment companies have embraced while reflecting their customers. They specialize in defending corporations in everything from wage and overtime claims to trade secret disputes, while helping companies maintain a global workforce during a pandemic. As you can easily see with our “sort” feature, 100 of them are recognized for their expertise in executive compensation and benefits, which are key areas for high-end carriers that need to retain their growing mobile talent. Another 65 specialize in corporate immigration. (Our method can be found here.)

At the top of the list are Morgan Lewis & Bockius and Jones Day, two global service leaders whose talent is unmatched. They are joined by workforce-focused companies such as Seyfarth and Proskauer, as well as Fisher Phillips and Ogletree Deakins. We also note the impressive emergence of King & Spalding into Greenberg Traurig’s increasingly influential global workforce. A premium offering from Gibson Danni as well.

This year, the managements are 38 percent female and 19 percent inclusive. It includes 68 Hall of Famers marked with an asterisk.

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