Restaurants Near Des Moines Iowa

Restaurants Near Des Moines Iowa

Restaurants Near Des Moines Iowa – We simply couldn’t do a Des Moines series without including our selection of amazing restaurants. In fact, there is no way to include them all. So, Iowa, we hand-picked our personal list of must-visit restaurants in Des Moines. If you call and say you want to host an event in your city, I recommend it if you’re downtown for a girls’ night out or girl’s night out. Our city’s restaurant scene has grown and continues to grow at an impressive pace, and here are my favorites depending on why I’m going there.

As one of the first restaurants I fell in love with when I moved to Des Moines, Centro will always be a top contender. As the center of Des Moines, they offer their pizza/salad combos and homemade bread from the closed restaurant – Southern Union specializes in Italian cuisine. Modern finishes, The combination of vintage designs and original floor tiles welcomes you with the smell of garlic and red wine, traditional white shirts, voices from a waiter in black tie, waiter’s utensils and high ceilings. . It’s a great place to have lunch and chat with out-of-towners.

Restaurants Near Des Moines Iowa

Once upon a time, T and I were in the city every weekend, exile was part of our everyday life. Go there for beer and apps and then move on to the bars. This unique restored warehouse is now a brewery serving some of Des Moines’ most popular local beers. Don’t stop at the beer hall, head to the restaurant for an equally delicious meal – perfectly paired with wine. From burgers to delicious mac and cheese; There is something for everybody.

Oak Park, Des Moines’ Most Anticipated Restaurant Of The Year, Is Now Open

The High Life Lounge is great fun if you’re looking for simple bar food and an ice cold beer. This vintage shop feels like a time machine on purpose, and sipping on a $2 Miller’s High Life makes it all the better. Oh There’s nothing better than a $5 burger basket. Or just order some of their infamous bacon-wrapped rolls and you’re good to go. Anyway, shag rugs, you enjoy dining next to old Schlitz commercials and big companies. It’s a place for fun or a quiet evening before a sporting event, such as a pit stop on a bike path.

The perfect ambience with an extensive cocktail menu and selection of plates; What could be better for a date or girls’ night? I can’t. One of my favorite places to hang out when the weather gets cooler. The dimly lit and whimsical building is always fun. From their smoked specialty whiskeys to their cakes; You can order from the menu throughout the evening. Places are limited, so on weekends

Good guacamole and fish tacos are usually enough to win my heart, but Malo has them and some of them. One of the most unique menus I have seen in person. There are many things that are a must try; I can’t even start. And not only is the food out of this world, the atmosphere is also very special. With its location in the heart of the city and within a social club, it is a fun place to visit. I’m a frequent visitor for lunch and order from the taco a la carte menu with a side salad. My mouth is watering at the thought!

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