Toy Shih Tzu For Sale

Toy Shih Tzu For Sale

Toy Shih Tzu For Sale – Breeder of a healthy heritage Breeder dedicated to a healthy heritage Breeder dedicated to a healthy heritage Dedicated to a healthy heritage

As a breeder, I specialize in breeding Imperial Shih Tzu puppies and offering Teacup Shih Tzu puppies. fun personalities!Our Shih Tzus live in our house with us and are well socialized with our family.They are great companions and a great lap dog.

Toy Shih Tzu For Sale

Chinese Imperial Shih Tzu puppies have more hair than fur, so they don’t have hair problems because they don’t shed. Perfect for people with allergies!

Cartier (teacup Shih Tzu)

All of my Shih Tzus are AKC and APRI Registered. We breed for quality, control, organization and personality. We offer a variety of color options with the thick coats, short bodies and similar faces that Shih Tzu puppies are known for.

Browse our website to see our Imperial Shih Tzu puppies for sale, and our Teacup Shih Tzu puppies for sale. Sometimes they have adult Shih Tzu dogs for sale. We can’t wait to hear from you! When you decide you are ready for a beautiful Shih Tzu puppy, call me for information. I am happy to answer your questions. You can request an appointment to come and visit us.

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Shih Tzu Puppies

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Shih Tzu, a Tibetan dog descended from the Pekingese and Lhasa Apso. A group of toys set by the American Kennel Club, the Shih Tzu, which is called in Chinese

) is a long-haired dog, typically active and lively, about 25 cm tall at the nape of the neck (between the dog’s shoulders) and weighing between 4 and 7 kg. It is taller than it is tall, nervous and short-legged, with a short snout, drooping ears and a tail carried over its back. The thick skin, which can be of different colors, falls on the eyes, makes a beard and a beard on the face. The generation was developed in Tibet for over 1,000 years and was revealed to the outside world in the 1930s. The Shih Tzu was formally recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1969.

Robbins Nest Of Shih Tzus

The Shih Tzu has been domesticated in Tibet for over 1,000 years, but remained virtually unknown in other parts of the world until the 1930s. The breed was formally recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1969.

The Shih Tzu’s exercise needs can be met with a crate or even an apartment if it is supplemented with daily walks. Breeding prefers temperate climates. It cannot do well in hot conditions, because of its short muzzle, and the dog’s small size makes it vulnerable to cold weather and unwanted attention from older dogs, wild predators, and familiar things that fall on the dog. .

The Shih Tzu likes to play and will chase the balls but cannot return them. While most Shih Tzus live in their leisure time as pets, they also enjoy participating in dog sports such as obedience, agility, and gun dog training. The Shih Tzu is one of the few breeds that can fit in the bag of a vehicle and accompany a person around town; However, Shih Tzus have their limits regarding the amount of time they can tolerate in close quarters.

The Shih Tzu’s long coat is a challenge, requiring a combing every day or two. Just washing it and reducing tangled conditions and straws. Although the long coat of show dogs is carefully wrapped in tissue paper and tied with buttons, the coats of most pet Shih Tzu dogs are cut to a manageable length. Keep in mind that owners of this type of hair can grow so that it hangs in front of the eyes and impairs vision, and therefore must be clipped or tied into a knot.

Shih Tzu’s By Elaine

Like most small breeds, the Shih Tzu is prone to hip dislocation. The condition occurs when the knee moves out of alignment, causing the leg to “jump”. The Shih Tzu is a brachycephalic breed (meaning it has a very short muzzle), making it susceptible to brachycephalic airway obstruction syndrome (BAOS). BAOS can be caused by abnormal nasal openings, narrow artery, soft palate, because the head is too long. Most Shih Tzus have BAOS in some way, and those with severe cases are prone to heatstroke and difficulty breathing during heat or physical activity. Owners should have their dog examined by a veterinarian if BAOS could become a problem in their pet.

The Shih Tzu has earned its place as the most popular sport dog in the world. Generally outgoing and playful, he easily transitions from snuggle to bed buddy. Bold but polite, many Shih Tzus get along easily with unfamiliar people, dogs and other pets. Its sleek elegance and size make it the perfect companion for older children and older adults. The Shih Tzu is quite energetic and exuberant. Like most ancient Asian breeds, it is slow to obey, but can learn quickly once it decides to be cooperative. Members of this breed are alert and capable guard dogs, but are not intended to be used as protection dogs. (Generalities about dog breeds are well-established and widely accepted, but individual dog behaviors may differ from others of their breed.) Are you looking to brighten up your days with a frantic count? Your search for the perfect Shih Tzu puppy ends here! Welcome to Dav Pet Lovers, your ultimate destination to find adorable Shih Tzu puppies for sale, right in the heart of Delhi and NCR region.

Discover the joy of bringing home a Shih Tzu puppy and experience unconditional love like never before. Our pet specializes in connecting animal lovers like you with the most adorable Shih Tzu puppies, so you can easily find your new four-legged family member.

We at Dav Pet Lovers pride ourselves on ensuring that all of our Shih Tzu puppies are raised with love and care. Each group receives maximum attention, making it a well-socialized, pleasant care that will blend into your life.

Sapphire Shih Tzu

Finding a Shih Tzu puppy for sale near you has never been easier. With our extensive network and dedication to reuniting caregivers and their forever homes, you can be sure to find the perfect fit for your life.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the joy and happiness that a Shih Tzu puppy can bring into your life. Visit our website and explore our wide selection of Shih Tzu puppies for sale in Delhi and NCR. You will be amazed at the variety and insurmountable charm of adorable puppies.

So if you dream of having a Shih Tzu puppy to cuddle and play with, make your dream come true with Dav Pet Lovers. Take the first step in a life of companionship and laughter by bringing home your Shih Tzu puppy today!

Bringing a Shih Tzu puppy into your home is not simply adding a pet; adding a new member to your family. Their loving and faithful nature will make them an integral part of your life, filling it with joy and love. Here are the characteristics of Shih Tzu puppies:

Shih Tzu Puppies: The Ultimate Guide For New Dog Owners

Caring for your Shih Tzu puppy is a joy and a responsibility that fosters a strong bond. The following are essential tips for their happiness and well-being;

Although Shih Tzu puppies are generally healthy and robust, like all dog breeds, they can be prone to some health issues. Being aware of these common health issues will help you provide the best care for your furry partner. Here are some common health problems in Shih Tzu puppies:

Shih Tzus are known as toy dogs because of their charms, long luxurious fur and friendly nature. They make great companions and are often loving and loyal.

Shih Tzus are small breeds and their size can vary, but they typically reach a height of about 20 to 28 cm (8 to 11 inches) and weigh 4 to 7 kg (9 to 16 pounds) when they are fully grown.

Poodle/maltese/shihtzu Puppy For Sale

Average, Shih Tzu

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