Orlando Pet Boarding Near Disney

Orlando Pet Boarding Near Disney

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Inside Disney World’s pet hotel, where people can leave their dogs, cats, and other animals in luxury suites during their vacation

Orlando Pet Boarding Near Disney

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A Ruff Day Bark Club

Down Corner Icon A corner-shaped icon facing down. A view of the Best Friends Pet Hotel at Disney World. Best Friends Pet Care

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There are luxurious places like the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, budget hotels like All Star Resorts, and dozens more in between.

But did you know that there is also a hotel where you can leave your pets on your vacation?

Vacationing At Walt Disney World Resort With Your Dog

Disney World has always offered basic pet care. There was a jail at Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground when it opened in 1971, and Disney later added additional jails at each of the four theme parks.

But by the early 2000s, Disney was ready to outsource the work. Best Friends Pet Care purchased the Disney kennels in 2008 and later opened its own facility on Disney property in Lake Buena Vista, Florida in 2010.

Today, Best Friends Pet Hotel is a one-stop shop for boarding, grooming and other services on Disney property.

Insider spoke to Ray Clannell and Leo Rainso – co-managers of Best Friends Pet Hotel – about the hotel, the animals they care for and the services they offer.

Disney Springs Hotels

Clennell has worked for Best Friends Pet Care for ten years, while Reynoso has been with the company for sixteen years.

“It used to be that you would drop your dog off and we would give them walks, food and water, but no additional activities — nothing to enhance or enhance their stay,” Reynoso said of the former Disney kennels.

But in the current hotel, he said, there are many amenities and activities. You can send your puppy to Doggy Day Camp, plan to care for your cat, board your pet and more.

Every day, over 100 animals stay at the Best Friends Pet Hotel Disney location, mostly dogs and cats.

Top 10 Best Dog Daycare Near Disney World, Orlando, Fl

It was a “slow day” at the hotel when Insider caught up with Clannell and Reynoso. However, there are more than 100 animals in the facility.

“We’ll have 110 pets at the end of the day, and that’s considered very, very slow for us,” Clannell said.

About 20 of those concerns, Reynoso said, were made by people who evacuated Tampa, Florida, before Hurricane Idalia.

“We are also a hurricane shelter, so this time of year when we experience storm anxiety, we can accommodate that and double our occupancy,” she said.

Disney World Kennel Locations And Pet Services

Reynoso said these marsupials often include rabbits, sugar gliders, ferrets, “a lot of birds” and turtles. They were also held several times by the betta fish.

“We have a turtle that comes to us seven times a year named Mr. Bubbles,” Reynoso said. “He’s good.”

Pig roasts stay in the facility “all the time,” according to Reynoso, and ducks are another frequent visitor.

“We have a woman who brings her five ducks to us every year,” Clannell said. “They basically take over one of our club rooms and throw eggs everywhere.”

Orlando Dog Boarding: Love And Care For Your Furry Friend

Reynoso said hotel staff can handle any “non-venomous” animal, except primates. However, people ‘always’ want to bring exotic animals.

“We’ve had tarantulas and root cockroaches — crazy, crazy things,” he said. “And just now someone told us to evacuate during the storm and bring his zebra with us.”

“Sometimes people try to smuggle these pets into the parks,” Reynoso said. “So we got a call from Disney saying, ‘Hey, this lady just tried to take her baby kangaroo to Animal Kingdom. Can you take her now?’ And we are the same sometimes with them.”

As for accommodation, dogs can stay in one of five areas, the smallest and cheapest of which is the fully covered room.

Lake Buena Vista Pet Boarding And Camp

A view of the fully covered area where dogs can stay at Best Friends Pet Hotel. Best Friends Pet Care

This option is set up the same way as a fully covered room, but with more space, measuring 4 feet by 4 feet inside and 4 feet by 8 feet outside. It costs $56 per day or $65 per night.

In a villa suite that allows accommodation for dogs at Best Friends Pet Hotel. Best Friends Pet Care

For a $113 per day rate, your dog will enjoy a welcome drink, walks, playtime, luxury bedding and towels, private patio, flat screen TV and webcam for the owner to play with. check them out.

Can I Bring My Dog To Walt Disney World? Pet Friendly Hotels, Dogs At Disney

Inside the luxury suite where dogs can stay at the Best Friends Pet Hotel. Best Friends Pet Care

This booking offers the same benefits as the lower level room, but with double the walk and play time. The outside terrace adjacent to this room also has grass.

In a club suite that allows dogs to stay at the Best Friends Pet Hotel. Best Friends Pet Care

Services included with this $311 reservation include a bag of seasonal gifts, updates sent to pet owners throughout the day, a bedtime story, and a personal concierge for your dog

Tongue Shaped Fabric Walkway Canopy At Walt Disney World

“This is the pinnacle of what you can achieve,” Reynoso said. “But they all come with activities. It just depends on how involved you want your pet to be while on vacation with you.”

The bi-level option costs $34 per night, while the bi-level option costs $46 per night.

You can also add a $5 toy, an $8 luxury cat bed, or $12 playtime between your cat and the team.

“It just depends on what habitat the owners bring us,” Reynoso said. “We don’t have the details. We just need to know how big the accommodation will be.”

Walt Disney World

It costs $16 to board a small pet, $20 for a medium animal, $25 for a large animal and $28 for extra large animals.

Even though the center is located on the grounds of Disney World, you don’t have to visit the theme park to leave your pet there.

“The common misconception is that we’re exclusive to Disney,” Reynoso said. “But you don’t have to be on Disney property to use us for repairs or other services. We’re on Disney property and sponsored by Disney, so to speak, but we see people coming at Busch Gardens in Tampa or Universal in Orlando . .”

If you visit Disney World, you will find that the hotel opening hours are exactly the same as the theme park.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park

“We’re open according to park hours,” Clannell said. “So we open an hour before the opening of the first park and close an hour after the last park closes. There is also a 24/7 staff here.”

An employee reads a bedtime story to a dog at Best Friends Pet Hotel. Best Friends Pet Care

“Everyone in Florida is considered local here,” Reynoso said. “We have people from Miami and Jacksonville who bring their dogs. There’s also a Disney cruise line an hour and a half away. So people — who come not only on Disney cruises, but every cruise — brought down their livestock here.”

“We have people from Canada who are snowbirds,” he continued. “I mean, we actually bring people here from all over the world.”

Orlando Pet Friendly Hotels

But most importantly, according to Clannell and Reynoso, Best Friends Pet Hotel is flexible and willing to do whatever it takes to take care of your pet.

“If Fluffy needs to cut their food into small pieces, heat it up at 5 o’clock and spoon feed them, we can do that,” Clannell said.

They may also prescribe certain medications. Some must be managed by pet owners, but they can visit as often as they like.

“Everyone here is absolutely passionate about animals,” Clannell said. “The animals come first and we make sure that the people we bring on board to work for us put the animals first.” Our pet-friendly franchisees will tailor your pet’s stay to their needs and within your budget. We don’t have a one price, one size fits all facility, because just like people, dogs and their needs are different. They can be young, old, active, inactive, social or non-social. So why pay more for all-inclusive rates and still not get what your dog really needs? Of course, it will take more time to customize your dog’s stay, but we believe it’s worth it for you and your pets.

Pet Friendly Theme Parks

At Preppy Pet you can choose from our many accommodation options, starting with a right-sized private suite

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