Police Academy West Palm Beach

Police Academy West Palm Beach

Police Academy West Palm Beach – West Palm Beach, Florida () – “Inappropriate. Totally out.” That’s how West Palm Beach’s police chief describes the behavior of one of his officers.

An internal affairs report concluded that Lemuro violated policy when he told a female police cadet she would never attend the police academy and criticized her boyfriend.

Police Academy West Palm Beach

In a text message, Limuro wrote to him: “You will never make it to WPB. Mark my words. I hope it’s worth it. Watch and see. You didn’t even make it to the police academy.

West Palm Beach Pal Center Works To Help Children During Coronavirus Pandemic

In another text message addressed to a 19-year-old Spanish cadet, Officer Limuro wrote: “You should be cleaning houses. I swear.”

“I think what he said is completely inappropriate and we will not tolerate it here at the West Palm Beach Police Department. My point is that he has no right or authority to say this to anyone. He does not determine who goes to the police academy. He does not determine who gets hired. Frank Adderley West Palm The Beach police chief said that I am the only person who makes the decision.

The police chief says the current harassment policy says police staff are “encouraged” to report incidents of harassment. It says the policy change will require employees to be notified “immediately.”

The head of the police union, the Palm Beach County Police Benevolent Association, declined to comment on camera. He said the punishment imposed on Limur was fair. The police department’s Junior Police Academy is open to residents between the ages of 9 and 12. Members of the police department will allow students to learn more about the police department and understand the basic functions of the police, explore law enforcement careers and participate in hands-on activities. Some will involve physical activity and discipline.

Marine Crime Prevention

The academy is specially designed for children between the ages of 9 and 12 and provides an interactive look at police work. Students will have the unique opportunity to learn about various roles, including:

Print, fill out and sign the Junior Police Academy application. The class is limited to the first 20 accepted students. Applications can be sent to the Police Registration Department (TRL Militar 196), Monday to Friday, 08:00 to 17:00. Participation in this program is free and participating students will receive 2 t-shirts to wear and a certificate of completion. Students must arrange their own transportation and attend all classes. If you cannot participate after 5 days, do not register.

Note: Students will handle simulated firearms and weapons for simulation training. Please register if you support your child.

A criminal background check will be conducted prior to registration for classes. People who have been convicted of a misdemeanor or a felony will not be accepted into the program.

Palm Beach Crime Watch

Please note that students should not be on the first day of class until they receive their acceptance letter or phone call. The Police Department reserves the right to reject any applicant it deems detrimental to the Department and/or the program.

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