Adventure Island Des Moines Iowa

Adventure Island Des Moines Iowa

Adventure Island Des Moines Iowa – Pack your towels and sunscreen, then plan to relax and splash out on those hot Iowa summer days at Adventureland’s flagship water park, Adventure Bay. There’s something for everyone, including a wave pool, a lazy river, water slides and more. Kids will love hanging out on the shores of the shipwrecks and hanging out at Heron Harbor, while older kids and adults can go through the various wild water slides. Plus, a special treat for those 21 and over… the pool bar is a place for cocktails and socializing!

We spent days splashing around at the park this summer and had a blast! Today we are sharing some tips to help you get the most out of your Adventureland Water Park visit and Adventureland experience.

Adventure Island Des Moines Iowa

Adventureland Water Park is included in the price of admission to Adventureland. However, keep in mind that the water park is not always open at the same time as the theme park. Be sure to check their website for operating dates and times.

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You will want to visit the water park first thing in the morning. As the day gets longer and warmer, more and more people settle down at the bottom of the park. If you visit the water park first, you’ll avoid the crowds and keep all your pool gear on the trip.

Adventure Bay is at the end of Adventureland. It’s a nice walk, so it’s best to go early while your family’s legs are still fresh.

Be sure to change clothes to wear over your bathing suit. Clothing is required to enter Adventureland.

You may also want to consider bringing a travel towel that is small so you don’t have to carry it around – wet towels get bulky! We spent time drying off in the sun, enjoying an ice cream so we wouldn’t get too wet when we were ready to go out and enjoy the park’s usual rides.

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Having a home base at Adventure Bay Water Park is essential for hanging a lounger. The sooner you get there, the more likely you are to find a good spot.

I managed to score some sunbeds in the shade under the big water slides, but some shade is hard to come by.

There was always at least one person watching our seat (we were there with my parents and sister, so there were plenty of adults), but I felt safe leaving my personal belongings on the chair.

My three-year-old and I get anxious around big, busy pools and it makes us feel better if he’s wearing a life jacket. Almost all the young children were also wearing life jackets.

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I keep my phone in a waterproof bag that hangs around my neck in the cold, but you can also rent a locker for $10. If you don’t want to worry about finding a chair or a place to store your belongings, you can rent a gazebo for $55-$200 for a day, depending on the season and location of the gazebo.

Admission to Adventure Bay Family Water Park is included with your Adventureland park ticket, but you’ll need to pay to rent an inner tube for the lazy river or wave pool. Tubes are not required to enjoy these activities, but we enjoyed using them. You can use sliders that require free tubes, but you can’t use them anywhere else.

Note that the water park feels very safe as there are many lifeguards patrolling each slide and water area. There is no standing water in the children’s area, just lots of sprinklers, fountains and water slides.

My final tip for parents is to join the fun! I enjoyed the water park, probably as much as my son and him! Don’t be afraid to embarrass yourself going down the water slide or surfing the waves on a tube, you’ll have a ball and make some great family memories.

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We had a great time at Adventure Bay in Iowa and hope to see you soon! If you’ve been recently, do you have any suggestions to add to the list? I would love to hear them!

Yes! Buying a gift card is a great gift. These can be used to purchase single tickets or season passes.

Yes! Check out the full list of festivals and carnivals happening in central Iowa this summer, and even save the date for the annual Iowa State Fair!

Erin is a trusted resource and foundation for women and families to find support and network in our community. She wants families to feel safe and reach out, asking for help and advice to steer them in the right direction. She loves to travel and explore with her two children! Unfinished business really does eat away at the soul, and our only logical course of action at this point was to drop a much-needed lie-in and visit Little America to solve it. The problem is that the “amazing distance” I mentioned in my calculations on that monstrous Adventureland bench was only a 5 1/2 hour drive that morning because we wanted to run the monster as advertised.

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Luckily there were no wind-related mishaps and we headed off to monster #1 above. 1 and sure enough it was open and the line was full which only took about 20 minutes. Being able to wear glasses in Garstlauer was a bit of a novelty, they usually seem to be very strict in their rules, I wonder why.

On an infinite scale, it wasn’t exactly surprising. A joy to watch, it seems long and has a lot of interesting elements, which is great, even though none of them are particularly difficult. Unlike something like a mystic or junker, they’re not as crazy as they seem.

Hangtime (the feel, not the ride) is the dominant force, and it works well on very loose seats, but it would be nice to be able to cut the flow a bit when you’re aiming for ethereal moments. I was also delighted by the ending near the end, which makes the last two elements particularly “addictive”. But +1.

An unexpected +1 bonus was that #2 Dragon Slayer was fixed and working again. I won’t honor it with another photo because it was the worst ride of the trip. They point out that the two different sides have different intensities and perhaps foolishly we chose the lighter side to pass the test.

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Somewhere in the first turn, I took the most brutal headbutt I’ve ever had on a coaster (taking the crown from the King of the Jungle fight) thanks to a terrible, hollow roll halfway through and a hard seat. I immediately went into super-protective survival mode, but the worst part was that I couldn’t even find a way to prevent it from happening again, just using my arm as a cushion between them. Luckily it didn’t, but it was so persistent and made me nauseous for the rest of the day, so a minor head injury, that’s great.

, but as a script, of course, no one cares enough to print the details. Better to point to a comment I heard a few minutes ago on Monster Q – “That’s why they got rid of the dragon?” Since this is now my second worst roller coaster, I’m willing to think so. To agree

I think success has its price. It was time to go and never looked back as we had an appointment with Sally a few hours away.

The main reason we stayed and went back to Iowa was the “grand” opening of this place, which became famous mostly in the corner of Internet Park because Kanonen ended up there. Of course, I don’t need the Canon, and even at this stage of my adventure, taking SLC and Wacky Worm on an epic US tour seems a bit outrageous. I was very interested in their dark ride Volcano, which had some great early trailers at the show and fell off the radar pretty quickly.

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I’ve been following the park website for a while now and trying to fit it into this trip somehow. According to their original plan, we would have been able to make it as late as a weekend, a few days later. Things got complicated, they faced more problems and quietly offered refunds to those who had booked in advance, removed some dates from the calendar, reduced opening hours and sold more online tickets. stopped the Not the best sign.

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