Tavern Pizza West Des Moines

Tavern Pizza West Des Moines

Tavern Pizza West Des Moines – Noah.altemeier 12/21/19, 00:54 6.8pizza was not up to par tonight. This is usually pretty good, but my initial score of 8.9 was too high. When it’s good, maybe, and no more than 8.3. Tonight there was flour residue in the crust and it was overcooked. It wasn’t much for the pizza either. 0 likes

Peterslusinski 11.07.21, 02:54 7.1. I started looking at my score, 7.1. That’s all I have to say thin but soft good sauce and cheese nothing crazy but like 7.1 over 6.91

Tavern Pizza West Des Moines

Gfiihr 25/04/21, 19:36 6.8 Good thin crust, but everything flops. The edge was just crisp. The sauce and crust tasted good, but the green peppers, onions and sausage were just fine…the mushrooms were disappointing. 0 likes

Tavern Grill In West Des Moines, Ia

Ryan.smith32 30.06.2020, 23:37 7.7 is a fat and surprisingly amazing disc because it’s a thin pizza, but good pizza regardless. The sauce was not too strong but had a nice aftertaste. The classic “bar” pizza you should expect at this place is called Tavern Pizza. The perfect amount of cheese.. a little extra dough on the chassis which added surprisingly little to the flavor and enjoyment of the pizza. If I’m in the area I’ll be back. 0 likes

Jake.lamberti 13.04.2020, 23:45. 7.9 Classic barbecue. Too many flops and too fat and not too crisp which doesn’t bother me too much. They cut it into triangles instead of squares so that’s good. There was plenty of sauce, which I like, and the sauce was perfectly blended with the ends of the crust, making it taste good. The cheese had a pleasant taste, otherwise I probably would have got it right with this one, but I’m going with a solid 7.9, which is review1 like

Dj_arsonist 16.01.2020, 02:32 7.6 Big drop, but very good sauce and cheese. Soft crust, no crunch. Solid Pi0 likes it

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