Personal Injury Attorneys Oklahoma City

Personal Injury Attorneys Oklahoma City

Personal Injury Attorneys Oklahoma City – About Laird Hammons Laird Personal Injury Lawyers – Top Personal Injury Laws in Oklahoma City, OK

Being injured in an accident or other injury incident is hard enough on yourself. However, when the damage was the result of someone else’s negligence or mistakes, the situation can be even worse.

Personal Injury Attorneys Oklahoma City

Fortunately, you don’t have to do it alone. At Laird Hammons Laird Personal Injury Lawyers, we treat our clients like family. We will make your case a high priority and fight for you every step of the way.

Oklahoma City Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Contact us at (405) 497-0480 in Oklahoma City, OK after an accident to schedule a free consultation about your case. Our office is located at 1332 Southwest 89th Street, near Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City, OK.

When an accident victim comes to us in need, we fully understand the seriousness of the situation. State law allows you to recover significant compensation after suffering a personal injury, but that doesn’t mean the other party will willingly offer you the amount you want.

This is why we are fully prepared to take any case to court. The opposing parties know our reputation for this and know that we will not care who is on the other side of the negotiating table.

If we cannot offer you a settlement that restores you to full health and is consistent with your goals, we will use the full force of our legal resources to work for you. We are a law firm specializing in personal injury compensation that puts the needs of our clients first. When you hire us, we will defeat the wronged party and do everything possible to help you achieve a favorable outcome.

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We understand personal injury law like no other, which has allowed us to help our clients obtain significant compensation that will allow them to thrive at their best. Since we opened our doors, we have recovered more than $100 million in settlements and jury verdicts for accident victims.

In addition, our lawyers have a combined experience of 95 years. This means that we are ready to help you with virtually any type of case in this area of ​​law. These include car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, wrongful death, catastrophic injuries, brain injuries, dog bites, and more.

In short, if you have been harmed by the actions of another person, we are qualified to help you through the process. When you hire us, you can spend your time focusing on your recovery. During this time, we will work tirelessly to hold the guilty party accountable for what they have done.

Our office is located 5 miles from Westmore High School and 16 minutes from downtown Oklahoma City. If you or a loved one has been injured due to another person’s negligence, you deserve medical and financial compensation. The experienced legal team members at Homsey Law Center are dedicated to every client and every case. Make the right choice when it matters most. At Holmes Law Center we work tirelessly to pursue justice. Contact OCC personal injury attorney Gary Homsey for a consultation today.

Meet Founding Attorney In Bryce B. Johnson

Homsey Law Center experts provide legal services in a variety of practice areas, including personal injury, motor vehicle accidents and insurance disputes. Our attorneys’ areas of specialization are complemented by team communication, resulting in high-quality, integrated legal services. We provide practical and thoughtful solutions, focusing on the safety of our customers. We have a long history of success and will always be with you.

At Homsey Law Center we welcome the opportunity to meet with each client to discuss their legal matters. Our trained team members evaluate and follow up each case based on its merits and claim value. We have successfully obtained out-of-court verdicts and jury verdicts in personal injury cases including 18 wheeler accidents, oil rig accidents, property damage, and more. Contact OKC personal injury attorney Gary Holmes to schedule a free case evaluation.

Gary B. Homsey is the founder of Homsey Law Center, an Oklahoma City law firm dedicated to providing strong and effective representation to individuals who have suffered serious personal injuries and to the families of wrongful death victims. With more than 47 years as an attorney, Mr. Holmes has achieved outstanding results in personal injury cases involving a wide range of issues and causes, including car and truck accidents, workers’ compensation, medical malpractice, landlord Negligence, bad products and insurance bad faith. .

Mr. Holmes received his law degree from Oklahoma City University in 1974 and is admitted to practice in Oklahoma before the state and federal appellate and trial courts and the United States Supreme Court. His professional honors include AV Preeminent* by peer review by Martindale-Hubbell and recognition as one of “America’s Leading Lawyers” by Lawdragon 3000 Magazine. Mr. Holmes is also a member of several professional organizations, including the American Justice Association and the Oklahoma Association for Justice.

Best Oklahoma City Personal Injury Lawyers

At Homsey Law Center we want to help you understand and resolve the circumstances of your injury. Below are short answers to frequently asked questions. Please remember that everyone’s situation is different. For more detailed and specific information, schedule a consultation below.

In most cases, if a person was negligent in certain circumstances, the injury was caused. The outcome of your situation will vary, depending on the facts surrounding the accident and the laws in your state. We offer a free consultation to discuss your case in detail, including what steps are being taken and what recovery you can expect.

In Oklahoma, the statute of limitations for personal injury is two years. There are some exceptions to the statute of limitations, but they are very limited, so you should not assume that an exception applies. We recommend filing your claim as soon as possible while the facts of the case are fresh – this will help prove liability and damages.

Our company will not receive payment until we reach an agreement. We make money when a customer does; There are no commissions or initial costs.

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Attorneys are trained legal professionals who can explain legal terms you don’t understand, review your options, help negotiate or mediate disputes with others, prepare letters, court forms, or other legal documents. , and represent you in court.

Determining the cost of an injury claim depends on the severity of the injury, the details of the case, the extent of the insurance, and the identity of the defendant. The cost of a case is based on five areas, assuming that the liability issue is simple. These areas include past and future medical expenses, lost wages, loss of ability to work, and pain and suffering.

These cases are more complicated, but you can still get compensation from someone else as long as they were at fault for the accident. The compensation amount may be reduced for your pre-existing condition, but you can still hold another person or entity responsible for making the condition worse.

The time it takes to resolve a claim is variable and unpredictable. However, as a general rule, most claims involving significant damages and a significant amount will take longer to settle because the insurer will fight harder. Generally, few personal injury cases go to trial because most end up in a settlement with the defendant or the insurance company.

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You will likely need an attorney if the facts of the accident are complex, if your injuries are significant, or if the at-fault party disputes liability. If a large part of your livelihood is at stake, we highly recommend scheduling a consultation.

We are delighted with the way Gary Holmes and Jane handled our case. We had a big problem with Medicare. Jane worked hard to solve the problem. We were pleased with the results of our transaction. Welcome to the Step and Belt Law Firm. We’re here to make sure your rights are protected and you get the compensation you deserve.

With more than 50 years of combined experience, the dynamic law firm of Stepp & Belt has obtained multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts for injured parties in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas.

You can count on our firm’s personal injury attorney to do everything in his power to protect your interests and your right to compensation. We want to help you rebuild your life and move forward.

Bethany Personal Injury Attorney

You can count on a personal injury attorney at our firm to do everything possible to protect your interests and your right to compensation. We want to help you rebuild your life and move forward. Whether it’s personal injury or workers’ compensation, our experience

Gain the knowledge and commitment you need to successfully defend your case. We understand that every case is different and tailor each case to an individualized strategy to maximize your chances of success.

Attorney Jack Stipe graduated from the University of Oklahoma Law School in 1999 and immediately began practicing at Stipe & Belt, a law firm representing injury victims in Oklahoma City. Mr. Stipe is an experienced and versatile attorney with the necessary skills

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