Dog Boarding In Phoenix Az

Dog Boarding In Phoenix Az

Dog Boarding In Phoenix Az – Finding the best place to board a dog in Phoenix can be a daunting task, especially if you may have a lot to do while you wait for your trip out of town.

When looking for the best dog food place for your furry friend, it is important to consider the following factors: Does the place have positive reviews? Do they have connections with local vets in Phoenix? Can they take care of your puppy if something happens? Do they need basic vaccinations to ensure your dog and other furry residents are protected?

Dog Boarding In Phoenix Az

Does your dog like to play in water? If so, a Second Home Pet Resort may be the right fit for your furry friend. This dog boarding facility in Phoenix features a Dog Splash & Play water park to keep your pup cool for an additional $15. The resort is also divided into separate dog kennels, with each dog having its own bed. Caregivers will also take your puppy to the bathroom four times a day, which is more than at most boarding facilities.

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Prices range from $50 for a suite without an outdoor patio to $90 for a spacious deck with an outdoor patio and TV where your pup can watch their favorite show.

D Pet Hotels offers dog boarding services with suites that rival any five-star hotel. All suites feature flat screen TVs and range in size from 4′ x 9′ to 14′ x 16′, with larger rooms featuring single and queen beds.

Our goal at D Pet Hotels is to create a place for your dog that feels more like home for them (and you). While prices reflect luxury accommodations — $74 for a standard suite and $94 and $104 for a superior suite — your dog is sure to feel right at home at this facility, which has 24-hour supervision and daycare services.

Browse vets in your area based on your pet’s needs and get the best veterinary care with Vet Finder.

Desert Cove K9

Dog Days is located in the Phoenix neighborhood of Tempe, but offers cage-free play for guests, which may be your best bet if your pup likes long trips to the dog park. During the dog days of summer, your furry friend will enjoy indoor and outdoor play, as well as swimming and digging activities. However, if you want your dog to be separated from other guests when you walk in, this is not your best option.

Dogtopia’s furry guests spend 5.5 hours a day enjoying the facility’s outdoor dog grooming services. Each playroom also has a webcam, so you can watch your pup no matter where you are as long as you have an internet connection.

Camp Bow Wow’s counselors are certified in animal first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and will care for your pup with safety in mind. They also have webcams during daycare hours so you can watch your dog play in the climate-controlled area, and require “free interviews” with all dog camps to ensure there are no behavioral problems.

Price ranges depend on whether you choose a regular private “cabin” or a deluxe cabin equipped with a TV and personal webcam. There is also no additional fee for medication administration, as other boarding facilities may charge.

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Jet Pet PHX is located near the Phoenix Airport, making it a convenient choice if you’re flying out of the city. The 13,000-square-foot facility features indoor and outdoor play areas, including an artificial pet lawn to keep your dog off the ground during your stay. There is also a $10 per night surcharge for peak season bookings.

Phoenix Dogs 24/7 is another homeless dog option. The facility is also staffed 24 hours a day and has outdoor and indoor playgrounds. Socialization visits are required before boarding, but considering all the puppies play together all the time, this should be reassuring.

At Boulder Falls, all rooms have blankets and bedding and offer supervised playtime throughout the day as part of their care. Their outdoor playground also includes some water activities.

If you want to bring your puppy here, the private facility requires a socialization visit first and has vaccination requirements. Prices vary depending on the suite size you choose, with the lowest price available for small dogs only.

The Best Dog Boarding In Phoenix, Az

The Danmar is not as luxurious as some of Phoenix’s luxury pet hotels, but it offers clean, safe facilities at an affordable price. Unlike some other facilities, Danma never charges a peak season surcharge and their care is included in the lodging price. Medication administration is also free, and you can add an exhaust bath at the end of your stay for an additional $17. Make sure your dog enjoys a high quality of life in Phoenix Pet Paradise. During your dog or cat’s stay, he or she will enjoy indoor suites and a climate-controlled kitty apartment, professional grooming services and plenty of indoor space to roam, explore and make new friends.

Savannah Solomon joined Pet Paradise in March 2015 in Phoenix, Arizona. He initially joined the team as a back office partner and worked his way up to the front office. She was promoted to New Manager in training in January 2017, then Assistant Manager in August 2017 and is now Resort Manager. In her spare time, Savannah enjoys spending time with her family, her dog Maki and her cat Matrix.

Olivia Austin joined Pet Paradise in June 2020 in Phoenix, Arizona. She initially joined the team as a senior partner and rose through the ranks to become a supervisor through hard work, dedication and love for animals. In May 2022 he became assistant manager. In her spare time, Olivia enjoys being surrounded by friends, furry and otherwise, especially her cat Winchester.

Samantha has been taking care of cats and dogs for three years. Her favorite part is taking care of the animals and building relationships with her clients.

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Samantha is an Arizona native with over 6 years of experience in the pet care industry. She has been caring for cats and dogs for 3 years. Her favorite part is taking care of the animals and building relationships with her clients. In addition to caregiving, Samantha enjoys outdoor activities such as boating on Lake Pleasant and hanging out with her pets Haru and Katie. She looks forward to meeting you and seeing to your grooming needs in Pet Heaven!

Let us help you choose the room that best suits your dog’s needs and personality. Pets get 50% off playtime per suite, with extra playtime per pet.

If your dog is over 6 months old and hasn’t been neutered or doesn’t get along well with other dogs, check out our one-to-one prices.

This option is required for dogs that have not yet been neutered, dogs that do not get along well with other dogs, or dogs that require individual care and attention from a Pet Haven team member.

Bruce Lincis Dog Training

Take your pooch for a day of fun at Paradise Park, which has shaded patios, trees and a manure station, as well as a bone-shaped pool and paddling pool. Second dog + 20% discount. If your dog is over 6 months old and hasn’t been neutered or doesn’t get along well with other dogs, check out our one-to-one prices.

Personalize your pet’s experience with convenient a la carte extras, including early and late check-in, grab-and-go baths, dog ice cream, homemade treats and more.

Phoenix Pet Haven works with local animal hospitals to provide only the best in veterinary medicine and wellness care.

It pays for pets and pet parents through its Furever loyalty rewards program. Pet Paradise Rewards members earn one point for every $1 spent. Use points to get discounts on things your dog will love, like day camps, grooming, veterinary services and overnight stays. Ask to register on your next visit to start earning points!

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My dog ​​loves this place. The staff take great care of the dogs and allow them to play while maintaining a safe environment.

We love Pet Paradise. Our little girl was excited to be there and it showed. Two years later, he still loves the place.

This place is amazing. They take great care of my puppies, especially my blind one, because she has all kinds of things going on. Honestly, this place is a dream.

The pet park is fantastic! The staff is professional, personable and great with the puppies! Our two shepherds came home fresh and fluffy! we will definitely use them

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