Tucson Real Estate Attorney Free Consultation

Tucson Real Estate Attorney Free Consultation

Tucson Real Estate Attorney Free Consultation – Although this website provides general information, it does not constitute legal advice. The best way to get help with your particular legal matter is to contact an attorney. To schedule an appointment with an attorney, please call or fill out the form below.

Paid consultations last one hour and, in addition to giving the client and firm an opportunity to evaluate a potential representation relationship, limited legal advice may be provided that addresses specific client questions and concerns. Please note that participating in a paid consultation does not mean that you are represented by the RPM Act in your case, as the legal advice provided is limited to consultations only.

Tucson Real Estate Attorney Free Consultation

Fee consultation rates are $325 per hour per discussion with an attorney and are payable in advance (at the time the appointment is scheduled). If necessary, additional time will be charged at the same rate, in increments of at least one hour. If you have documents that the attorney should pre-review and provide to the firm prior to your meeting (highly recommended), please note that the time required to review them will be deducted from the consultation meeting time.

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The more information you provide to the attorney, the more useful and productive your time will be. Simply sitting down and discussing your case with a lawyer without enough details and background information will not be effective. Our goal is to provide you with the information you need and want, but our ability to do so without knowing all the facts may be limited. It will help a lot if you come to the consultation with a list of specific questions.

A free consultation with the firm is designed to provide both the potential client and the firm with an opportunity to discuss potential representation in general terms. No legal advice is provided during the free consultation. Rather, the goal of the free consultation is to provide general information about the company, the litigation process, and the agency relationship.

Think of a free consultation as a two-way conversation; A potential client can get a feel for the firm and the attorney, and the firm can in turn evaluate whether the case team is a good fit for RPM’s practice.

Regardless of whether a potential client decides to hire a firm to do the work for them, our goal is always to ensure that you are well informed about what is going on. You can know what to expect when dealing with your legal matters, and you will be better informed and prepared to make important decisions. If you need a lawyer.

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While the company offers these free consultations free of charge, we require a $100 deposit when scheduling a consultation to hold a spot on our very busy calendar. If you show up for your consultation on time, your deposit will be returned to you later, regardless of whether you hire the company to do the work for you. If you do not show up or cancel less than 24 hours in advance, you will forfeit your deposit.

RPM Law offers potential clients two options for consultation on their legal matters. Free 30-minute discussion or one-hour legal consultation. Both options involve an individual discussion with a lawyer.

While in-person consultations are preferred, the company offers remote consultations through video conferencing applications (such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams) when a client cannot make an in-office meeting. These apps require a computer, laptop or smartphone, but are free.

These two options—free or paid consulting—serve very different purposes and are discussed in more detail below. Whichever option you choose, it’s helpful to have the following information handy (if available):

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Regardless of the counseling method you choose, a conflict review will be required before scheduling a consultation. You will need to provide the company with the name of the other party at the time of planning to ensure there are no conflicts.

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