Divorce Attorneys In San Diego

Divorce Attorneys In San Diego

Divorce Attorneys In San Diego – Shorb & Connor APC is a boutique California divorce firm located in beautiful San Diego, California. Our solicitors practice exclusively in the area of ​​divorce and family law to ensure that our clients receive focused and dedicated legal representation.

We serve clients in the Greater San Diego area including Rancho Santa Fe, Del Mar, Solana Beach, Torrey Pines, La Jolla, Pacific Beach, Mission Bay, Point Loma, Coronado, Chula Vista, National City, Hillcrest, La. Mesa, El Cajon, Carlsbad, Escondido and more.

Divorce Attorneys In San Diego

Divorce is often the worst time for a person. Divorce can indeed end a marriage, but it does not necessarily end family relationships. While some divorces are stressful, take a long time to process, and require expensive litigation, others can be resolved amicably and efficiently.

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We work closely with our customers to understand what is important to them and work to achieve your goals. Having helped thousands of people, we are responsive, compassionate and do our best to protect the rights and interests of you and your children.

You may feel overwhelmed by what is happening. Rest assured that you have come to the right place and let our team of compassionate attorneys solve today’s problems for a better tomorrow.

Learn about the legal divorce process in California with this free downloadable infographic. San Diego divorce attorneys Andrew Shorb and Kristin Connor share details about the different paths a divorce can take and what to expect at each step.

I was helped in a difficult family law case without a divorce. Mr. Shorb was enthusiastic and very helpful. Highly recommend him.

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Shorb and Connor were recommended to me by a friend while I was going through a painful and difficult two-year divorce with another law firm. Grandfather. Shorb immediately made a plan of what to do after our first meeting and he immediately put that plan into action. Motions, subpoenas, communications with opposing attorneys all happen at lightning speed.

Kristin was wonderful and very professional. He never said a negative comment about my ex-wife and was very informative. I have and will continue to recommend Shorb & Connor to all of my friends and family. This process can be scary and scary, but Kristin gets through it all. I left feeling happy and with my wise integrity.

Kristin Connor was amazing and did a great job representing me. Her advice was straightforward and honest, which helped me make difficult decisions at a very difficult time. He fought hard to get what I needed and never backed down until he succeeded. Kristin and her staff kept me informed and were available to answer my questions throughout my case. I highly recommend Kristin to anyone going through a divorce or custody battle. He was by my side every step of the way.

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To restrain yourself. Next up are San Diego’s top family law attorneys. It is not surprising that outside support is needed so that the divorce process can proceed quickly and respectfully. Below are three main reasons why you may want to consider hiring a family law attorney before going through with your divorce.

Divorce Attorneys Suffer Caregiver Fatigue Burnout

If you and your partner had children during your marriage, you probably considered their fate many times before divorcing. Where will they live forever? How often do we change visits? How do we distribute their costs? To answer these questions and concerns, family law attorneys can use their years of expertise in the field to make decisions easier.

Depending on the level of respect and communication between divorced couples, child custody can be exercised in two ways. Both parents will reach an agreement through informal settlement negotiations (usually with an attorney present) or dispute resolution options such as mediation. If neither of these options work, the court will make a decision. Usually, it is best for the child if the parents can make a decision together before taking the case to court with the guidance of an experienced attorney.

When a couple first gets married, they often invest in property together. When it comes to dividing assets, many different factors play a role in how assets are divided. Most states use a “common law” property system, which attorneys will have more experience dealing with.

You will need your previous documents such as deeds, registrations or other ownership documents. If both people’s names are on the paper, the assets can be divided and split in half. Otherwise, everything will become more complicated, especially if the lumps are lumpy. This is where a top San Diego family law attorney can step in when concerned about how assets will be divided between spouses.

Why You Can’t You Share The Same Divorce Lawyer With Your Spouse

It’s not surprising that most couples share financial or bank accounts. Some couples have individual bank accounts during their marriage, but this amount may also be considered in a divorce depending on the employment status of both people in the relationship.

Many couples have difficulty figuring out who has what rights, especially if one person stays home and doesn’t work to support the children during the marriage, or if one person has a lot of credit card debt that the other doesn’t. know about this activity. This is where the best family law attorneys in San Diego step in and take charge of ensuring your interests are protected.

Before you take another step in the divorce process, consider what an attorney can do to protect your lifestyle. Whether it is time spent with your children, your home or your financial livelihood, all of these factors need to be covered with the help of an experienced professional.

The good thing about lawyers is that giving you advice is part of their job. If you’re not sure whether you need a lawyer, the best thing to do is pick up the phone and ask. Lawyers are often very busy and have very strict rules about how they operate, so don’t worry if you’re told you need a lawyer when in fact you don’t. Contact the best family law attorneys in San Diego.

San Diego Family Attorney

As everyone knows, divorce is not a pleasant experience for any party involved, including the children. A family law attorney can help resolve this situation by bringing information, experience and fairness to the situation. This should help

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