Oklahoma City Truck Accident Lawyer

Oklahoma City Truck Accident Lawyer

Oklahoma City Truck Accident Lawyer – A collision with a heavy truck or semi-truck is a life-threatening event. Vehicle accidents, especially those involving commercial trucks, 18-wheelers and tractor-trailers, are among the most dangerous and cause serious injury and trauma to victims. Truck accidents seem to be on the rise. If truck accident victims are lucky enough to survive, they often suffer life-changing injuries that will affect their ability to work and quality of life. For some people, it’s life before and after the accident.

Hasbrook & Hasbrook has recovered millions of dollars for victims of truck accidents involving large commercial vehicles. Semi truck accident cases are often complex because different parties are involved and potentially liable for loss and damage. The tractor is usually owned separately and apart from the trailer. If this is the case, both shipping companies may be liable for your injuries. Be prepared that the transport and insurance companies will have an army of lawyers providing legal advice.

Oklahoma City Truck Accident Lawyer

Instead, at Hasbrook & Hasbrook, we are armed with many tools and years of experience in a variety of practice areas to ensure that there are many ways to help you get the compensation you deserve. For example, let’s say the truck was loaded incorrectly. In this case, the entity responsible for loading the truck may be liable in addition to the company that employs the truck driver. It is common for trailer accidents to have multiple defendants.

Oklahoma City Truck Accident Lawyers

If you need help figuring out what compensation you may be eligible for, call us at (405) 605-2426 and schedule a free consultation with an experienced truck accident attorney!

If you or a loved one has suffered injury or loss due to the negligence of a truck, semi-trailer, trailer, or other commercial vehicle, it is important to seek legal advice from an experienced truck accident attorney because you may qualify. Comprehensive compensation. Truck accident victims can be very stressed due to lost wages and medical bills that accrue after a car accident. They should take their truck accident case to an experienced personal injury attorney. In many cases, the insurance company and the trucking company involved in the accident will not be on your side and will continue to avoid paying compensation. This is why you need an experienced professional to represent your case. Our truck accident attorneys can help you understand your options and protect your rights after an accident.

We provide support and guidance to victims of lorry accidents. With years of experience in truck accident cases, our law firm will work hard to build a trusting attorney-client relationship, represent you and your commercial truck accident insurance company, and get you the compensation you deserve.

Hasbrook & Hasbrook Law Firm is a personal injury attorney with extensive experience handling truck accident cases in Oklahoma City.

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Our professional truck accident attorneys are here to get you justice. Schedule an appointment with an Oklahoma City truck accident attorney.

The worst big truck accident on the road. The moving volume of large vehicles creates a greater potential for accidents, damage, injury and death. If you need legal help or want to learn more about filing a truck accident lawsuit, call us and get in touch with our team of Oklahoma City truck accident attorneys right away. Our consultations are free and confidential.

Trucking accidents can be purely accidental with no party at fault, but this is rarely true. After a thorough analysis of the data for each city, Hasbrouck and Hasbrouck determined that drivers, transportation companies or third parties were to blame for the majority of accidents.

Our research shows that most truck accidents involve an unsafe lane change. Statistics from the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office (OHSO) report that about 8.7 percent of all trucking accidents are caused by drivers making an unsafe lane change.

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Additionally, according to the accident report form, research shows that lack of yield is the leading cause of truck accidents, accounting for 7.3 percent of all accidents in Oklahoma.

The most common cause of truck accidents is driver actions or improper maneuvers. Statistics from the study show that this factor contributes to 12.7 percent of truck accidents nationwide.

Speed ​​reduces the time a semi truck driver has to react to a hazard and increases the severity of a collision. The Oklahoma Truck Crash Report Form shows that speeding contributes to 7.5 percent of all crashes.

Truck drivers can be injured due to inattention – not concentrating on the road. OHSO statistics indicate that this factor contributes to 7.2 percent of truck accidents.

Oklahoma Truck Accident Lawyers

Other factors may make the driver, manufacturer or transport company of the vehicle responsible for paying damages. These include vehicles that are too close, failure to yield at a junction, failure to stop, unsafe driving, obstructing the road and improper overtaking.

People injured in trucking accidents can receive compensation from a variety of parties under Oklahoma law. Depending on the circumstances, you can make a claim against:

For example, suppose a manufacturing defect caused your injury, but the truck driver was not at fault. In this case, you can file a claim for compensation against the truck manufacturer.

Likewise, a company owning an 18-wheeler may be transporting dangerous goods. Again, a third party company such as the carrier may be at fault – not the driver.

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You must file a civil lawsuit within two years to file a personal injury claim from a truck accident in Oklahoma. Please note that Oklahoma state law places a cap of $350,000 on the non-pecuniary damages you can claim.

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Our truck accident attorneys have compiled a study of Oklahoma City truck accident statistics and how they compare to the statewide data.

OHSO breaks down major truck accidents by county and administrative area. The Greater Oklahoma metro area includes ten counties, including Canada County, Cleveland County, Grady County, Kingfisher County, Lincoln County, Logan County, McLain County, Oklahoma County, Payne County, and Pottawatomie County.

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The data shows that in 2018 (the most recent data available), nine people involved in truck accidents in Oklahoma City died and 25 people suffered disabling injuries. According to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol and police report, 96 suffered disabling injuries and 261 suffered possible injuries.

Oklahoma’s greater metropolitan area saw 38 deaths across all ten metro counties. There were an additional 70 disabling injuries and 263 non-disabling injuries.

About 2195 and some injured. In the state, truck crashes occur most frequently on interstate highways, accounting for 29 percent of all crashes. The second most common location for crashes is urban roads, followed by 12.5 percent on U.S. urban highways and 8.4 percent on U.S. rural highways.

Statistics show that Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are most prone to serious lorry accidents in the country, with 1,007, 1,030 and 1,054 accidents recorded respectively in 2018. There were 560 crashes on Saturday, and 335 on Sunday.

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Truck accidents are more likely between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. from the night.

Accidents in rural areas account for 77 percent of deaths nationwide. The police’s “Official Oklahoma Traffic Collision Report” also collects data on the condition of truck drivers after a collision. Out of a total of 6,260 drivers who crashed in 2018, the police established the driving license with category “02” and “03” above the norm of alcohol in the blood based on the smell of alcoholic beverages. Another eight had illegal drugs in their system, eight were fatigued and 65 were classified as “extremely sleepy” by authorities.

A total of 23 truck drivers died and 49 were seriously injured in Oklahoma in 2018. 107 people died and 228 were disabled in truck crashes.

Truck accidents can be more serious than ordinary car and passenger car accidents. So work with qualified, reputable truck accident attorneys who can help you fight for the justice you deserve. If you are injured in a trucking accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact Hasbrook & Hasbrook today to schedule a consultation and see if you qualify. Our Oklahoma City truck accident attorneys can get you the compensation you deserve today!

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This page is written, edited and reviewed by a team of lawyers who follow our general editorial guidelines. This page was created by founding partner, Clayton T. Backed by Hasbrouck, who has many years of legal experience as a personal injury attorney. Our last modified date indicates when this page was last viewed. The streets of Oklahoma City are full of commercial trucks like 18-wheelers, cargo vans and buses. Getting into an accident with one of these large vehicles can result in serious injury – and sometimes death. Insurance companies want to pay as little as possible for your injuries.

The Oklahoma City truck accident lawyers at Paris Devon Law Firm know the tricks and tactics and will fight to help you.

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