Apple Federal Credit Union Online Banking

Apple Federal Credit Union Online Banking

Apple Federal Credit Union Online Banking – SAN FRANCISCO – January 18, 2023 – ®, Inc., a leading global cloud contact center for customer-facing businesses, is helping Virginia-based Apple Federal Credit Union Financial Cooperative provide a more personalized, responsive and friendly financial services experience. Use CloudTM for Banking, a unique customer experience platform designed specifically for the specific needs of the industry.

With a legacy of nearly 70 years of improving lives and making dreams come true, Apple FCU now serves more than 240,000 members in Northern Virginia with 21 branches, as well as mobile and online banking. Recently, the financial institution has been working to implement more strategic automation in the Member Center (MSC) and adopt an omnichannel approach to member communications. Since the pandemic, many organizations have accelerated their efforts to modernize technology and establish their contact firmly in the cloud.

Apple Federal Credit Union Online Banking

Moving to a cloud-based contact center allows Apple FCU to evolve beyond a basic, legacy phone and traditional on-premise mindset. The organization’s primary goal was to create a hybrid work environment that would allow service workers to work remotely or on-site at the Fairfax headquarters. Lake FCU’s commitment to member excellence is also necessary to provide advanced automated payment capabilities to enable members to engage anytime, anywhere through multiple channels. The final make or break in the search for a new solution was integration with Microsoft Teams.

Capital One Departs, Apple Federal Credit Union Moves In

By leveraging the Cloud™ using financial services, Apple FCU can meet the demands of today’s digital world and perfectly adapt to the new challenges of the coming year. Enriched with omnichannel and artificial intelligence (AI), the platform is integrated with Apple’s Jack Henry Symitar core to deliver the best service and support experiences. The solution for Apple FCU also includes AI-enabled Workforce™, machine learning and automation to optimize decision-making and reduce administrative burden. Lake FCU also selected Agent Assist™ to support agents connecting with members in real-time, regardless of channel. Automated and searchable call transcription tools also support agent training and education. The Microsoft Teams Connector, another part of the solution, enables closer collaboration between member agents and other Apple FCU teams.

Going forward, Apple FCU MSC managers expect a large volume of 33,000 member calls they make each month to be resolved faster by automating their service, to expect an increase in conversation volume with the introduction of virtual agent technology. These automations free up a dedicated agent to focus on complex member requests and free the Apple FCU store to focus on the individual member care and service on which its reputation has been built.

“Wolf has always been known for its commitment to personalized service. We want our members’ experience to be as consistent and seamless as possible across all channels, especially as the world of financial services moves towards increasingly digital banking experiences,” said John Wyatt. , chief information officer at Apple Federal Credit Union. “The Financial Services Cloud provides an omnichannel platform that supports our agents to work more efficiently and gives our members the freedom to connect anywhere, anytime.”

“Legacy of infrastructure, fragmented data and mixed technology make it impossible for many credit unions to offer modern experiences to their members.” said Andy Flynn, Senior Vice President of Energy Planning. “Through the strategic use of AI and automation, Apple Federal Credit Union is bringing new innovations to the digital experiences members demand, while maintaining the value of the human touch for members. We are proud to partner with Apple to help FCU accelerate time. value of investment and change your membership experience.”

Credit Union Opens In Bailey’s Crossroads

® global cloud is the leading contact center for customer-obsessed businesses. Our customer-specific automation solutions optimize our customers’ most critical customer service processes. Our speed of innovation, vertical expertise and global footprint make it our mission to ensure companies can deliver better experiences in any industry and through any channel, resulting in greater customer satisfaction and faster business results.

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Brief: Apple Union Credit Union was founded by teachers in 1956 and offers them partnerships with three Northern Virginia counties. The credit union manages more than $2.5 billion in assets for 200,000 members, but remains committed to employee volunteerism and philanthropy in its communities. Lake FCU supports learning and professional development, and its employees contribute more than 1,000 hours a year to passionate causes. For advancing education and promoting dignity for individuals and families in Virginia, Apple FCU has earned our Editor’s Choice™ Award for Community Engagement.

Apple Federal Credit Union

During National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, a group of Apple Federal Credit Union employees participated in the American Breast Cancer Society Walk. This is just one of the many ways Apple FCU donates time and resources to serve the communities of Northern Virginia.

“The American Cancer Society and other major breast cancer charities have organized National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, not only to raise awareness of the impact of the disease, but also to raise treatment dollars,” Aurora said. Davis, fcu Lakes. . Director of Community Revenge. “Our participation in the walk This effort puts our employees at the forefront – which we are having a great time with.”

Apple Federal Credit Union American Cancer Society employees participate in the annual breast cancer walk.

Lake FCU believes in improving lives through employee volunteerism and corporate philanthropy, led by the Apple Foundation, the union’s philanthropic arm. He enjoys spending his time investing in uplifting communities and serving the financial needs of its members.

Appalachian Community Fcu

Loyalty to the union also makes volunteer work part of the work routine. Employees who want to volunteer their time at the credit union can check Apple FCU’s internal e-bulletin, Tuesday Newsday, for opportunities to donate their time.

“Every month during the holidays is full of volunteer opportunities for our employees, and every month we have employees who go out of their way for those hours,” Davis said.

By serving communities through volunteering, fundraising and education, Apple has served our FCU

Companies often grow to touch the lives of not only the individuals and families of the beneficiaries, but also those of Apple’s FCU employees. And the inspiration that comes from helping those in need spreads throughout the order.

Internationalites Federal Credit Union

The first example is Apple FCU’s partnership with the nonprofit Northern Virginia Family Services (NVFS), which aims to provide more than 35,000 people with educational opportunities to enhance their financial, emotional and physical well-being.

“Our partnership with NVFS began in 2015 with our staff working in their three warehouses. They go out for a few hours every month, almost exclusively to help with the storage and production of ‘items,'” Davis said.

Over time, these volunteers found additional ways to contribute, including donating items to thrift stores and then to the ministry’s NVFS, a temporary housing facility that also houses a food pantry called the Hunger Resource Center, which serves more than 600 families. six. .

Apple FCU volunteers bring board games for kids to play while their parents learn about healthy financial living.

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“When our staff unloaded and collected food at the hunger center, they interacted directly with the Ministry of Population in need. They began to understand the depth of the challenges of protecting families,” said Davis.

The staff also got together and started a night game. A large group of them carry board games that children can play while their parents attend financial and other life skills classes.

Lake FCU also partners with a local coffee shop to offer acoustic music nights at the lodge. He acknowledges the cooperation of the employees in the creation of food, tables and menu during the service of the cafe.

And these programs were not hidden. In recognition of Apple FCU’s work to make Northern Virginia a better place to work, live and play for all people, NVFS presented the 2018 Cure Award.

Apple Federal Credit Union Makes An Impact In The Virginia Communities It Serves Through Volunteerism And Philanthropy

The Apple Education Foundation nurtures students,

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