Most Affordable Personal Trainer Certification

Most Affordable Personal Trainer Certification

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Most Affordable Personal Trainer Certification

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If you are health and fitness savvy and ready to take the test, you can register here.

The Best Personal Training Certifications Of 2024

ACE has given me the opportunity to develop my career. It led to my dream lifestyle. It has allowed me to create life-changing results not only for my clients, but for myself, my family and my community.

ACE changed my life. I have learned so much from my work and have been able to help people in ways I never imagined. I am very proud of what I do, successful and happy.

ACE has been and will be the best investment of my life. As a full-time working, single mom, US Army veteran, I was able to support my family while earning my certification, and now I live my life with a passion for helping others.

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ACE’s personal trainer training program provides you with the necessary skills to design and implement unique exercise programs based on your clients’ goals, abilities and needs.

The program combines evidence-based exercise science with ACE’s philosophy of behavior change.

Understand personal trainer responsibilities, ethics, role in health care and collaborative medical care, and various career development paths.

Discover the principles of behavior change, effective communication, goal setting, and coaching techniques to build the trusting, committed client and personal trainer relationships essential to your client’s success.

Vitality Active Gear

Create client programs to improve and maintain health, fitness, weight, body composition and metabolism. Heart rate, blood pressure, and girth measurements can be used as a baseline for future progress, and learn how to use exercise to help different clients reach their goals.

Modeling is a systematic approach to designing and developing an exercise program based on a client’s unique abilities, needs, and goals.

Understand considerations for clients with illnesses, conditions, injuries, and life stages, including youth, pregnant women, and the elderly.

Learn how to be successful in your personal training business using legal forms, legal guidelines, and business issues to protect your clients, stakeholders, and yourself, including insurance, accounting, and risk management.

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Get a FREE review! Get a FREE chapter from the textbook for a hands-on experience.

It depends on you! Most people study for 3-6 months, but many study longer. Please note that your test period is 6 months. You can choose a test date outside of the 6-month payment period, but you must register for the test before the voucher expires. Most online tests and exam sites can publish the available date up to 60 days in advance

There is no need to purchase the training program, but remember that you will need the following before taking the ACE Personal Trainer exam.

Depending on which study program you choose and how you want to study, you will be able to study in the following ways.

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With all training programs, you have access to ACE University (our main learning platform), practice tests, video demonstrations, lectures, and exam preparation articles.

With Plus Study, you can attend Live Q&A webinars where your questions can be answered by an ACE Study Coach.

With Advantage Study, you’ll have access to our Live Q&A Webinars and Facilitated Study Groups, where you’ll deepen your understanding of important exam concepts and your career with peer group discussions led by an ACE Study Coach.

Most people are taking the test for the first time, but it’s okay if you don’t! If you need to retake your certification exam, follow these steps.

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ID! You’ve now joined the prestigious ranks of 90,000+ ACE Certified Pros with an industry-recognized certification. Plus, we’ll support and guide you throughout your career so you’ll have access to exclusive tools and resources to help you grow as a health and fitness professional. Learn more about why being ACE certified is great here.

No, if you are using your Continuing Education Credit (CED) and renewing it on time. This means 20 hours per two-year certificate renewal, or approximately 10 hours per year (1.0 CEC) of ACE-approved CEC (2.0 CEC). However, if you fail the 2.0 CEC and your certification has expired, you must retake the exam. To avoid this scenario, check out our course directory and sign up for CEC Power Pass.

The American Council on Exercise reserves the right to stop selling or supporting any product at any time, or to remove, edit, or update content based on current standards, guidelines, or technological advances. Buyers of such products are notified six months prior to expiration. Expired products cannot be returned.

Based on your training program, you will be guided step-by-step from start to finish to go from preparation to practice. Learning is at your fingertips with an intuitive learning platform compatible with any device. ACE U helps you plan, manage and monitor your lessons, provides interesting videos,

Affordable Gym Trainers

Our digital exam vouchers are valid for 6 months from the date of your course purchase and allow you to easily register for exams at no additional cost. To make a payment, follow the My ACE account instructions. After passing the exam, you will receive a prestigious personal trainer certification that will set you on a valuable career path.

Note: You will not receive vouchers by post or email. Exam Vouchers are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Make sure you are prepared for the ACE Personal Trainer Certification Exam. The number of tests varies from one (1) to four (4) depending on your training program. Each test is unique and you can take it any number of times.

Textbooks are the main source of your curriculum. This all-new book provides much-needed knowledge, case studies, and ACE methodology in an easy-to-use format

Health And Fitness Science

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