Divorce Attorney Fort Worth Free Consultation

Divorce Attorney Fort Worth Free Consultation

Divorce Attorney Fort Worth Free Consultation – Schneider Law Firm is client-focused, and our clients have told us that people in the Alliance/Keller/Southlake communities need better access to qualified family law attorneys. We asked.

In 2019, we opened an office in the association’s area. We are now proud to offer our full range of family law services to Keller, Southlake, North Fort Worth, North Richland Hills and surrounding communities. Jessica A. is a dynamic Texas family attorney named to Fort Worth Magazine’s Best Lawyers list ten times and a Rising Star Super Lawyer for the past seven years. Phillips heads the company.

Divorce Attorney Fort Worth Free Consultation

We are ready to meet with you, assess your situation, and provide the knowledgeable, practical legal advice that the people of the Commonwealth deserve.

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Whether you have been married for 6 months or 40 years, ending your relationship is not easy. At our Alliance/Keller office, we help people end the divorce process and start moving forward. We handle everything from childless divorces to more complex divorces involving significant property division, child support, spousal support and related issues.

Parents may end their relationship with each other, but their relationship with the children continues. Our attorneys have extensive experience in all aspects of Texas child custody law and work to provide fair parenting arrangements for both child and parent. We often deal with related issues such as grandparent rights, guardianship rights and custody modification.

Financial support for children is also important. Regardless of whether you are the child support claimant or the paying parent, we strive to ensure a fair decision that ensures your child’s future is as stable as possible. We also help you adjust child support if your financial situation has changed.

Texas family courts can issue protective orders in situations where you or your children fear for your safety because of someone else’s words or actions. Schneider Law Firm is committed to the safety of residents of the Alliance / Keller area. We can help you get a protective order or talk to us about your rights if a protective order is filed against you.

Fort Worth Family Law Attorney

We help people navigate the complex Texas adoption system and achieve their dream of parenthood. We help with all types of adoptions, including agency adoptions, relative adoptions, adult adoptions, and other types of adoptions.

The Schneider Law Firm is here to guide you and your family through the Texas legal process and ensure a bright future. Schedule a free initial consultation at our Alliance / Keller office at 817-576-8084 or contact us online.

Good lawyers are a rare commodity, especially these days when people seem so obsessed with milking others. Mike and Melissa are very honest. Honesty is a prerequisite; Another quality that a client should look for when hiring a lawyer is whether they are competent or not. I would give Mike and his team an A+ for efficiency. He and his team represented me in two cases and did their job with due diligence at a reasonable fee. He won both cases for me and it was not that easy. Another reason I admire Schneider and company is that they advised me not to file another lawsuit. If a lawyer tells you not to do something and save money, believe him. Most lawyers will take your case and give bad advice. Not Mike. I am a big fan of Mike and his team and respect them after being burned by many attorneys (on the same cases). I heartily recommend them.

He was convicted of two counts and sentenced to up to 20 years in prison. Mr. Schneider negotiated a plea deal with me that resulted in one charge being accepted and the second charge being reduced to a misdemeanor. My sentence was 2 years probation. I cannot say enough good things about the professionalism and timely handling of my cases. If you want to be represented by a very smart and knowledgeable attorney, you should have this lawyer on your side fighting for you!

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A great company, honest people who go out of their way to help customers, a company that values ​​relationships.

If you are looking for a firm dedicated to your success, I highly recommend Schneider Law Firm, a team of outstanding attorneys with excellent leadership who care about your results while working with them. I always felt they really cared about them. I know their path to success and they will follow the path and show the path to great results Mike and Emily you are truly the best thank you so much for your great help. I am truly grateful. Mohammed

He dismissed my case before it even went to trial, saving me hundreds of dollars. Not known among lawyers

I had a difficult interstate jail case with my ex. Mike was great and made sure my baby was in place with me. Highly recommended.

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I am eternally grateful for choosing this great firm to defend me in my assault case. Emily Lachance and Bria Larson are the Tarrant County crime dream team. Brilliant and brilliant, they covered all the bases and thanks to them I now have my freedom back. If you need legal help, I highly recommend the Schneider Law Firm. They are great!

Mike has a highly organized responsive team in his office. Mike knows his job inside and out and has a great advantage on the court. Highly recommended.

Mike Schneider was my attorney for five years. Having Mike in my corner is a huge relief. He sets the bar high and exceeds it every time. Call Mike if you need an advocate!!

In the summer of 2013, I visited several law firms in the FTW area. I was looking for the right person and company to represent me. I asked to keep my youngest daughter. When I met Melissa Swan, I knew my search was over. He immediately had a game plan and I felt very safe. Whenever I had a question, Priscilla and Jason made sure it was answered in a timely manner. We have been together for less than a year and after all is said and done, I have primary custody of my daughter. I would say that hiring Ms. Swann and the Schneider Law Firm was one of the smartest decisions I ever made.

Johnson Mcnulty, Pllc Announces A New Office Location To Better Serve Family Law Clients In Fort Worth And Surrounding Communities

In 2012, I searched for a lawyer. I found Schneider Law Firm. I went for my consultation and then met with Melissa Swann. Melissa was very understanding and handled my case with care.

My attorney, Alison Porterfield, was the best thing that happened to my family during our guardianship. He was very knowledgeable and caring.

This law firm is amazing. The staff at the law firm are friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful. In my particular case, they went above and beyond to help me find the right solution. He gave me advice and feedback before they actually dealt with my case. It wasn’t just about the money, they were willing to work with me and if I had any questions, they answered immediately. Mrs. Portifield was very thorough in his preparations for my case and told me in advance what to expect. Larry and Priscilla are very helpful. I have full confidence in this law firm and would recommend their services to anyone.

The absolute best law firm when it comes to family law. I first connected with Melissa Swann in 2013 and I wish our paths had crossed sooner. Melissa is the best, an absolute life saver for my daughter and me. He, along with Priscilla and Larry, went above and beyond. I highly recommend Melissa Swann.

Best Family Law Attorney In Fort Worth, Tx

Bria Wallace represented me in a family matter. I have recommended and am recommending to many friends who have been or have been in a similar situation. Very professional and honest. It helped me get back a very valuable item. Thank you Priya.

A case of aggravated sexual harassment of a minor was dismissed. It is my pleasure to provide this letter of recommendation for Emily LaSance to be your next criminal defense attorney.

Melissa Swan handled the family law appeal decision for me brilliantly. Appealing to family court is very difficult, but you dig deep and care enough to build a bulletproof appeal case and win! I highly recommend it.

Melissa made Swan big! Our child won the prison case. Finding a good lawyer to begin with is tough, but he finished strong. We also won our child support case in the same case.

Melissa Swan is amazing! Love him, he’s so kind, understanding and doesn’t rip anyone off! I will use it again!

Emily Lachance is my attorney in my stepson’s sexual assault case. Payments

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