Entertainment Lawyer Los Angeles Free Consultation

Entertainment Lawyer Los Angeles Free Consultation

Entertainment Lawyer Los Angeles Free Consultation – Morris Entertainment Act works at the intersection of entertainment, literature, art, imagination and creativity to promote diverse voices and help people tell their stories for a better world.

I’m Tisha, an up-and-coming Nashville, Los Angeles attorney dedicated to representing women and diverse voices in film, television, literature, music, and all things creative.

Entertainment Lawyer Los Angeles Free Consultation

I want to get to know you, your business and your work so I can help you better. Prices, hourly rates and plans are available to fit all budgets. Schedule a free 15-minute consultation.

When You Need A Lawyer

The role of an entertainment attorney is a unique area of ​​law and involves more than most people think. Entertainment professionals like myself have the knowledge to know how the entertainment industry works and the specific industry and regulations that are required.

A lease agreement is an important tool that businesses can use to create intellectual property, define the scope of work, and protect their business interests while encouraging people to create content, products, or services.

While Hollywood has undergone many changes since the war to consolidate power, there are still questions about the impact of human intelligence on the industry. AI technology is in a class of its own in terms of what it can do or, more specifically, what it can do. Hello, my name is Asa (Ace-uh). I am an entertainment attorney from Los Angeles and a member of the California State Bar. With a little guidance, I believe any customer can get a good deal.

As a human rights lawyer, I know all too well the responsibilities involved in negotiating a deal. While it’s always frustrating for any artist looking for that next gig, my life is based on helping my clients win and fight for their rights. Artists make art and lawyers make contracts.

Intellectual Property + Entertainment

I encourage many customers to accept trades. I want my clients to be paid what they deserve and given the value they deserve. I’m very happy to keep the deal honest, fair and move on to the next one.

“I have worked with Asa on many video editing projects for male/female actors. Asa is easy and pleasant to work with, professional, quick/quick. He will get things done on time and make sure the customer is satisfied. Usage: Asa will explain everything well so that we can understand each other. I look forward to more collaborations.

Pitt Entertainment Law is a law firm that represents private individuals (production companies, producers, writers, directors, production staff, actors and social media influencers) in movies , television and social media industries.

I will be happy to discuss your legal needs with you. Contact me today to schedule an appointment.

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