Divorce Lawyers In Fort Smith Ar

Divorce Lawyers In Fort Smith Ar

Divorce Lawyers In Fort Smith Ar – An experienced student attorney is here to help you with your case. The Law Offices of Chronister, Fields & Fleck PLLC, serves the River Valley area. Our entire staff is dedicated to helping clients with their legal problems.

Rex was not my lawyer but Andrew Flake was. I am accused of 4. Mr. Flake completely cleared me of all charges. He is an amazing lawyer. He knows what he’s doing. I recommend it 10 out of 10.

Divorce Lawyers In Fort Smith Ar

Andrew is a lawyer like no other. He always called me back and addressed my concerns quickly and respectfully. He cares about his customers and it is clear from how hard he works and how much time he spends to get his customers the best design. He knows his law very well!!! I recommend him and will hire him in the future if needed.

R. Scott Zuerker

Andrew might not come back as often as I wanted, but he was always there for our family. He is calm and easy to talk to. Unlike the other lawyers who talked to me as if I were a real person. He always had time for me and only wanted what was best for us.

Rex is amazing and always goes above and beyond to help our family in any way he can. I would highly recommend Rex Chronister to anyone who needs a professional attorney with over 20 years of experience to back them up.

I have had good results with Mr. Chronister and his team. I never worried about my presentation or skills. I am completely satisfied with his ability to give 100% of his time and attention to my case, and in the event that he could not meet with me due to other requirements, one of his secretaries was quick and ready to reschedule my appointment. Overall, I was very pleased with this Chronicle, Fields and Fleck and would recommend anyone to check it out.

CFF Law Firm works on many types of cases. These charges include, but are not limited to:

Fort Smith Law Firm

Personal injury lawsuits occur when someone negligently or intentionally causes you harm that could have been avoided.

We can help you get a good divorce, support for your children, or child care so that your children are in the best possible care.

Criminal charges can affect your future, whether it’s your name, job, record, or ability to get a job.

You can make a disability claim if you have a physical, medical or mental disability that makes you or your loved one unable to work. Settle & Jernigan Law is a team of over 20 family and divorce attorneys near Fort Smith. Years of combined experience. Attorneys provide assistance in cases such as divorce and related areas such as child custody and visitation, alimony, and the division of marital assets and debts. They have additional experience with family law cases including parentage, adoption and custody. The firm also practices personal injury, criminal, commercial and probate.

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Richard Strunks, PA, is a Fort Smith law firm that provides legal services and representation to clients facing issues in criminal, personal injury and legal separation cases in the metro area. The company is led by Richard Strunks, who has been a lawyer for more than two decades. Some of the issues he deals with include divorce, property division, child custody, visitation rights and spousal support. The firm also helps with Social Security disability and accident cases. Strunks is also licensed to practice law in Oklahoma.

Wahlmeier Law Firm PA is a leading law firm serving the Fort Smith area. The firm’s core areas include family law, and its team provides mediation and litigation services to divorcing couples. The team’s goal is to resolve issues arising from a couple’s divorce, including child custody, alimony and property division. He has additional experience in the areas of estate planning, litigation and real estate law.

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Jones, Jackson, Moll, McGuinness & Stokes PLC is a team of litigation and divorce attorneys near Fort Smith. The firm has been in business for over 50 years and deals with family law matters including divorce and related matters. His team is also available to adjust child support and food after a significant change in the woman’s circumstances. Managing Partner Randolph Jackson served as president of the Arkansas Bar Foundation.

Bugeja Law Firm is a general office serving the Fort Smith area since 2010. The firm’s team has experience in uncontested and uncontested divorces, and handles a variety of related matters, such as alimony , property division and child custody, visitation and support. The team also offers transition services if a man’s circumstances change. Founder Joshua Bugeja was honored by the American Society of Legal Advocates.

Kevin Hickey Law Partners is a litigation law firm serving Fort Smith residents. The firm’s team helps clients file for divorce, negotiate with the other spouse’s attorney, and draft a postnuptial agreement for parenting time, spousal support, and spousal division. assets and liabilities. The team also handles divorce cases where a husband and wife own a family business. Other practice areas include personal injury law, tort defense and breach of contract.

Jean, Jean & Jean, Attorneys at Law, is a family law firm that has been in business since 1919. The team of family law attorneys in Fort Smith works with couples to finalize their divorce and make decisions about the children’s time, the child. custody and spousal support, and the distribution of marital assets and debts. It also offers post-divorce recovery services. Other practice areas include criminal defense, estate planning and administration, and bankruptcy law.

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The Antesky Law Firm is a law firm located near Fort Smith founded by attorneys with over 10 years of experience. With three offices in the area, the firm offers assistance in cases involving divorce and subsequent matters, such as child custody and visitation, alimony, and the division of marital property and debt . He also handles cases involving personal injury and Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Brent Hall, Attorney at Law is a law firm providing legal services to clients in Fort Smith. Brent Hall is a divorce attorney who specializes in handling divorce cases and dealing with various aspects of divorce. He also deals with areas related to family law, including child custody, alimony, guardianship, adoption and wills. In addition, he practices criminal defense law and trial law. Before becoming an attorney, Hall was a law enforcement instructor and member of the Fort Smith Police Department.

Cape Legal is a litigation law firm serving the people of Fort Smith and the surrounding areas. Founding Attorney Kelly Ann Proctor-Pierce is a licensed attorney who has practiced law since 1989, and handles divorce services such as document drafting, spousal mediation, alimony and alimony calculations. child support, and the division of marital property. . He also handles criminal defense, commercial litigation and personal injury law.

The Law Offices of Hanna & Powell PLLC is a team of criminal defense and family law attorneys in Fort Smith. This firm reconciles two divorced spouses to resolve issues brought about by the divorce, such as which parent has custody of the child, how much child support and dowry is owed, and how the couple’s property will be divided. In addition, the firm provides legal services in family law matters including adoption, custody and contract disputes.

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Disclaimer: Users are free to negotiate and contract with any attorney they choose. Confidentiality does not include an attorney-client relationship. Featured attorneys pay reasonable advertising fees to market their legal services and must meet the same selection criteria as other attorneys. Each case is different. The past does not guarantee a single answer. Most people don’t get married thinking that their marriage will end. However, divorce is common, and the end of a marriage can cause emotional distress for all involved. A dissolution process can involve many complex issues, so it is useful to seek the help of a divorce lawyer who has experience in the management and division of hard assets, child custody and support issues. If you are seeking a divorce or have received papers from your ex-partner, Craig L. Divorce Attorneys at the Law Offices of Cook can help. Our attorneys have over 40 years of combined legal experience and can help people quickly resolve their bankruptcy cases.

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