Luxury Dog Boarding San Diego

Luxury Dog Boarding San Diego

Luxury Dog Boarding San Diego – Planning a family trip or finally getting the chance to backpack Europe? If you have pets, you’ll probably start looking for the best long-term boarding prices available in your California area. Below are some pet resorts that offer excellent care at a great price for long-term stays.

): Our three locations throughout San Diego offer great long-term boarding rates with multi-pet discounts as well as military discounts. Prices are based on the number of rooms needed, not the size of the pet. Our Hillcrest location is outdoors and during the summer months dogs are welcome to play in our puppy friendly pools. Our pet resorts offer short and long term boarding, grooming, dog training, and day care at very reasonable prices. You can bring your own food or we can serve Taste of the Wild at no extra charge. Because we only allow dogs that we look after well to ensure they get the most out of their stay while you are away.

Luxury Dog Boarding San Diego

While price is an important factor in your selection, what the pet resort offers at those prices is equally important.

Captain Jack Sup Pups

Room Options: Do they offer different room options? Paw commons offers both comfortable rooms and luxury apartments. Luxurious suites feature furnishings, king-size beds, and a private TV. help provide the natural comfort of your own home.

Nursing: Do you offer nursing services? Paw Commons offers professional groomers in all locations to handle all of your pet’s grooming needs.

Medical/Veterinary Services: Do they have a veterinarian on staff or on call? Do they have veterinary offices nearby or are they willing to take your pet to their veterinarian if necessary? Our pet resorts will take your puppy to the vet if necessary and approved by the owner. Our Encinitas office is located across the street from two veterinary offices.

Extras: Offers additional services such as daycare or daycare, one-on-one time, webcams or dog training. All Paw Commons pet resorts offer all of the above at very reasonable prices.

South San Diego’s Number One Dog Daycare And Boarding

Consider these options carefully and ask lots of questions about your pet’s care and prices to avoid any hidden fees. Our pet resorts list all fees upfront and can provide owners with an estimate of the cost of their services. If you have any additional questions about our long-term boarding options and rates, contact us today! Fon Jon Pet Care has been serving pets in San Diego for over 70 years! We are proud to be San Diego’s premier nursery and only indoor/outdoor nursery.

Private indoor dog house with private outdoor deck. Play all day long. Delicious breakfast and dinner. All camping equipment.

Luxurious indoor suite with private outdoor lawn patio. Group games throughout the day. Daily walks for exercise with your canine friend. Delicious breakfast and dinner. All camping equipment is provided.

Private indoor dog kennel with private outdoor deck. Two potty breaks in a private yard. Delicious breakfast and dinner. All camping equipment is provided.

Paws And Play: The Transformative Power Of Doggy Daycare Socialization

Private dog house with private outdoor patio. Two hours of private games. Delicious breakfast and dinner. All camping equipment.

Indoor Deluxe Suite with private terrace and outdoor lawn. Two hours of private games. A daily walk to train your four-legged friend. Delicious breakfast and dinner. All camping equipment is provided.

We offer comfortable accommodation for dogs and a wide range of entertainment for our holidaymakers. Vacationers have their own separate room with an adjacent outdoor terrace.

Our unique dog kennel allows us to maintain a climate controlled indoor environment with access to an outdoor patio. This means your camper will feel right at home, sleeping in its own private space at night and walking through the patio door to its covered outdoor deck in the morning.

Crafty Canine Club

Social Retirement Dogs will be brought to our outdoor play yard where they will play with other Social Retirees as well as Pet Specialists!

All guests must provide proof of recent vaccinations prior to check-in. All vacationers require the following vaccinations:

Please note that we DO NOT accommodate pets over 9 years of age, or pets with recent injuries, casts, cones, or needing vaccinations. We recommend taking your pet to a veterinarian’s office if your pet requires medical attention while at the dog shelter.

Owner agrees to be solely responsible for any actions of such pet while in the care of Fon Jon Pet Care, including payment of costs for injury to itself or property caused by pets. Injuries may include, but are not limited to, viral/bacterial infections, giardia, hot spots, tendon/ligament tears, cruciate ligaments, fractures, lacerations, nasal abrasions/cuts, and piercings.

Comprehensive Dog Board & Train In San Diego

*During major holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s), we require a deposit of $70 per pet. This deposit will also go towards paying for your pet’s boarding. If you no longer require your reservation, you must cancel at least 10 days before your arrival date to receive a refund of your deposit.

We love the holidays here at Fon Jon Pet Care almost as much as the dogs here! We have some changes going on over the holidays that we want to let all of our customers know about!

Due to increased occupancy during the holiday season, a deposit of $90 per pet is required to secure your stay. This is necessary during major holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s). You must cancel your reservation at least 10 days before your arrival date to receive a full refund of your deposit.

On holidays, the work schedule will change. Please call for our current schedule as we are working to accommodate the holiday garden.

Filthy Pets, Amputated Leg: Dog Owners Allege Neglect At Wag Hotels

Please note that during the peak holiday season, all dog-friendly packages will be subject to a $20 price adjustment and all luxury suites will be subject to a $30 price adjustment.

Due to increased volumes during the holiday season, we are offering all toys, blankets and water bowls. We do not accept personal items other than food and medicine. If you provide your own food or medications, please package them individually for each feeding for each pet.

Research shows that a hearty daily routine is essential for a happier, healthier dog! This is our motivation to make this the best vacation your dog has ever experienced. We highly recommend taking advantage of the daily extra activities. This will make your pet look forward to the next day!

For private campers, a Pet Technician will accompany your camper to one of our private play areas where they will play with our technicians. Private Play Time can only be added to our VIP and Deluxe packages. Each additional hour of private play (one hour of play) will cost $13.00.

Tips For Choosing Doggy Daycare In San Diego County

After a long day of play, we love to cool our pups down with a delicious Frosty Paw ice cream (peanut butter for dogs and/or vanilla flavored ice cream).

The mouth-watering treat is a Kong filled with peanut butter and goodies! This is a great way to keep your furry friend busy all day!

To maintain a similar routine at home, your pet can enjoy a walk with one of our specialists at our outdoor kennel in Santa Fe!

During your pet’s stay, we can offer you a personal photo session! Whether your dog is in the yard playing with other dogs or during his own private playtime, we take (amazing!) close-up photos of your pet and send them to your personal email! Your pet is in your pocket so you can see him having fun!

North San Diego County’s Best Dog Daycare And Boarding

During the holidays, we love to spoil our furry guests with a delicious dinner. Our delicious menu includes real roast turkey, mashed potatoes, peas and carrots, and pumpkin and blueberry cookies. *Available during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

If you take your pet to a dog shelter or daycare and it’s his birthday, let us know!! The birthday party includes a private meeting of your pet’s three closest friends (chosen by you or staff), an ice cream treat for each pet, full party decorations, Instagram and Facebook features, and photos of the entire party sent directly. by phone or email!

The photo shoot includes party decorations and we will ask them to dress in party clothes and take lots of photos! We will post it on our Instagram and give them a special birthday gift. (ice cream with frozen paws or milk pit covered in peanut butter)

We recommend that you bring food and medications for your pet. However, you do not need to take anything with you other than your pet, food and medicine. We provide all campers with bedding, food and water bowls, treats, toys, leashes and collars. We can provide food (chicken and rice croquettes) if you do not want to bring your own food, individually wrapped for each serving.

Paw Commons A Favorite Local Dog Resort

~ Inside the bedroom* Standard and VIP (*note: the bedroom in the photo is intended for small dogs) ~

I bring my fur babies to Von John.

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