Pediatric Dentist Fort Myers Fl

Pediatric Dentist Fort Myers Fl

Pediatric Dentist Fort Myers Fl – Courtesy of the open bay area at the new Naples Dentistry location in Florida features suspended sea creatures to keep the skin puppet distracted and entertained.

NAPLES – When it comes to easing children’s anxiety about visiting the dentist, Florida Dentist offers an underwater environment of whales, sharks and other marine life to help ease their anxiety. Practicing in Fort Myers since 1992, Dr. Tim Verwest reinvented his approach in 2013 when he rebranded and opened a new landmark office at 8016 Summerlin Lakes Drive.

Pediatric Dentist Fort Myers Fl

When the next location opens in mid-July, Verwest will expand its footprint into Collier County with a new 4,000-square-foot office at 1035 Piper Blvd., Suite 103 in Naples. Like in the Fort Myers area, when parents bring their children to the dentist, they will be immersed in a wonderful aquatic world.

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“We want to create an office to take the brand we’ve built in Fort Myers and create something that’s fun not only for kids, but also for parents,” Verwest told Coffee Talk. “Sometimes when you put something together like a clapboard office, it doesn’t give you the results you want. We want to create a unique and fun experience for everyone.”

From the reception desk to the waiting room to the open plan area of ​​six beds to three private treatment rooms, the practice introduces young patients to the world of underwater shipwrecks and marine life including coral reefs, various tropical fish, stingrays, mermaids and. A 16-foot whale shark and a blue whale hang from the ceiling.

Verwest is also a landlord. The entire building is 10,000 square feet with 6,000 square feet leased for urine practice. Verwest has invested $ 2.5 million in the building, with construction by Lee Berchtold of Fort Myers and ideas provided by Imagination Dental Solutions of Alberta, Canada, and the Florida office in Pompano Beach.

Declining to disclose construction costs compared to traditional dental procedures, Verwest said the investment will pay off in ways other than patient comfort.

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