Cfi Tire Service Des Moines Ia

Cfi Tire Service Des Moines Ia

Cfi Tire Service Des Moines Ia – CFI Balloon Services helps manufacturers get the most out of IF/VF balloons and helps customers understand key benefits.

When Clint Berardi asks manufacturers if they understand Advanced Flex (IF) and Very High Flex (VF) balloon technology, the answer is usually no.

Cfi Tire Service Des Moines Ia

Berardi is the regional sales manager for CFI Balloon Services, the family dealership, and he’s determined to make the answer a resounding yes.

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“I was surprised because I was paying a lot for a balloon and the equipment was heavier,” he said. “It made me realize that we need to do more to educate them. Shipping is very expensive these days, so what’s with such low raw material prices? We have to make the most of it.”

Berardi has been involved in the family business since he was 14 years old. He is now 30 years old and has experience in the service, sales and equipment sales departments of the dealership where he currently works.

CFI Balloon Services serves farms and farm equipment dealers throughout Iowa. The dealership is owned by Bernardi’s father, Dan.

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Dan works as a sales associate in the wholesale division serving balloon dealers in Iowa and northern Missouri. Steve provides sales and technical support for the company’s equipment dealer division, Jeremy manages the Des Moines and Ottumwa service locations, and Tim is the company’s managing director.

Each store has a service area within 80 miles. The company operates seven service trucks (five in Des Moines and two in Ottumwa) and offers balloon repair and on-site service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The tire brands we carry are Union, Firestone, Goodyear, Michelin and Titan. The company specializes in high-horsepower heavy equipment cylinders, providing cylinders and belts for tractors, sprayers, combines, grain trucks and all agricultural equipment.

Balloon sales and service make up 80% of CFI Balloon Services. The remainder consists primarily of construction, commercial, forklift and OTR tires, with a small number of ATV, lawn and garden tires as well. The company also specializes in retreading and retreading of commercial vehicles and small OTR cylinders.

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Berardi puts a lot of effort into educating growers about the benefits of IF and VF techniques, especially for reducing compaction and increasing yields. Our goal is to help you get the most out of your balloon.

“Devices are getting bigger and bigger,” he said. “We’re getting close to the point where IF/VF technology will become standard equipment. An IF/VF balloon is required for weight bearing.

“IF or VF balloons are not always the cheapest option,” says Clint Berardi, CFI balloon service provider; “They’re just better solutions.” Photos from the January 2019 Iowa Agricultural Society presentation and meeting.

We offer new equipment direct from the factory. We are already seeing this phenomenon with sprayers and composites. Balloons are big and heavy, so they have to support the weight and speed. “If a balloon is designed to carry the same load at 20% lower inflation pressure or 20% more load than a conventional balloon at the same inflation pressure. A VF cylinder can withstand the same load with 40% lower air pressure or 40% higher load at the same load pressure. As agricultural machinery grows, air pressure must be reduced. Bigger and heavier

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Equipment helps growers increase efficiency and productivity. According to Berardi, the disadvantage of older radiation techniques and one-sided balloons is that they increase the risk of soil compaction, which can significantly affect crop growth and yield.

Allowing growers to understand what they can do in their fields with IF/VF balers will increase their confidence in CFI baler services, he said. In one case, a customer contacted Mr. Berardi because some rows of corn in his field were stuck, but the rows outside his driveway were not. Growers planted about 6,000 acres using a four-wheel-drive tractor, two sets of three balers, a 120-foot-wide seed drill and a 120-foot-wide sprayer.

“The field is six bales and one wheel wide, and the tractor pulls the planter,” says Berardi.

“When the crop was harvested, it followed the same fork as the sprayer. The middle six rows received all kinds of balloon flow and ground compression. Roots were not fully developed, yield was reduced, and corn heads were. Smaller and shorter stem. As you drive down the road, you can see the height of the depression in the corn with the wheel tracks.

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The client recognized IF/VF technology and turned to Berard, who developed a solution. “We replaced the tractor’s cylinders with IF cylinders and installed new cylinders and wheel packs in the plant,” he said. “The planner went from a very simple truck balloon to a Union spin radiation balloon. The union cylinder has half the air pressure of the truck cylinder we used to have.

The producer farms 6,000 acres, but Berardi says smaller operations can also benefit from using IF and VF bales. “This technology is for small devices,” he said. “When it’s time to replace a cylinder or order new equipment, manufacturers can ask their suppliers which cylinder has the best footprint.”

For example, a new tractor may be set up to plant corn in a 30-inch row, but a customer may use it for sugar beets, a crop that requires a baler-and-wheel combination may be planted in 12-inch or 15-inch rows. I’m thinking of planting it. . line. In this case, the customer will replace the new cylinder with a compatible replacement package for the newly purchased device.

Livestock farmers also need unique balloon and wheel solutions. “They use some type of tractor to remove the manure from the chicken house,” Berardi said.

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If a factory’s tractor is too tall for the chicken coop, “farmers ask us to come up with a balloon and wheel package that lowers the tractor a few inches.”

CFI cylinder service sales representatives often offer IF or VF solutions to manufacturers because the cylinder has a higher load capacity, can run at lower pressures, resists stem damage, and is more fuel efficient.

“IF or VF balloons aren’t always the cheapest option,” Berardi says. “They’re just better solutions.” “The radial technology balloon is more flexible than a single-sided balloon, so the balloon lasts longer, has less damage in the area over time, and is better on the road.”

He said they have improved the technology of important equipment such as tractors, combines and plants. CFI Balloon Services also recommends using IF/VF balloons for work equipment. “Almost every major manufacturer offers IF/VF technology for balloons,” says Berardi.

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The origins of CFI Balloon Service date back to 1927, when Leonard Holt purchased the Sinclair Gas Station in Des Moines. In the early 1930s, the company began selling balloons for passenger cars.

Tractor tires then had steel wheels. In the late 1940s, Harvey Firestone, founder of the Firestone Balloon and Rubber Company, came up with the idea of ​​supplying tractors with pneumatic cylinders.

“We worked with farmers and Firestone to convert tractors from old sheet steel tractors to pneumatic cylinders,” Holt said.

During World War II, one of Holt’s sons was stationed in Italy. He married an Italian woman and brought her to Des Moines after the war.

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“My grandfather (Ben) needed a job,” Berardi said. “Parts of Italy were bombed and there were no jobs. The Holtz family helped my grandfather run the family balloon business.

Family businesses have grown rapidly. In addition to automotive service and repair, the company also sells and services passenger, commercial, industrial and alloy wheels.

CFI Balloon Service Center’s warehouse in Des Moines, Iowa is located on 230,000 square feet and 13 acres. The dealership operates five service trucks at its Des Moines location and offers 24/7 roadside assistance within a 130-mile radius of the city.

The four sons worked for the Holt family until 1994. In 1994, the Holt and Berardi families split the business. Ben Berardi and his sons (Dan, Tim, Steve and Jeremy) bought the balloon and wheel part of the business and moved it to a new location.

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The Holt family continued to operate the auto division, eventually changing the name to Hilltop Balloon Service. The company has opened three stores in Des Moines and now sells and services auto and passenger tires.

CFI Balloon Services started its business in 1995.

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