Family Attorney Palm Beach County

Family Attorney Palm Beach County

Family Attorney Palm Beach County – Life never goes as planned. My passion is to help you achieve your best new beginning.

Family law issues can be very complex and controversial. From the beginning, we take the time to educate our clients about the legal issues surrounding their situation so they know what to do and can make informed decisions. Let’s make the right choices together to achieve the best results.

Family Attorney Palm Beach County

Those involved in family law often benefit from collaborating with other professionals to achieve the best results. When necessary, we draw on the expertise of forensic accountants, business experts, real estate appraisers, financial experts, tax and corporate experts, and real estate. Planners, surveyors, psychologists, social scientists, child-rearing experts, and more occupy our minds.

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While the goal is almost always a settlement, we will not back down if litigation is the only option. We have vast and extensive judicial experience that allows us to advise clients aggressively and effectively when necessary.

We choose our events very selectively to ensure that each client receives the personalized attention they deserve. We pride ourselves on a fast, complete and personalized service. We actively engage with our customers in a friendly, consistent and communicative manner, providing informed and trustworthy advice.

Mediation is a confidential, collaborative and voluntary process for resolving family legal issues. We can act as mediators to help you and others find a good solution. Mediation can reduce typical litigation costs. Unlike litigation, where a judge is in control, this process allows the parties to control the outcome. Treatment typically takes a few days rather than months or years of litigation. Once an agreement is reached, we can prepare all documents necessary to complete your family law quickly and efficiently, including contracts, parenting plans, child support reports, and equitable distribution schedules.

Dissolution of Marriage Parenting and Cohabitation Premarital and Postmarital Agreements Alimony/Child Support Equitable Distribution Arbitration Relocation Post-Judgment Modifications Enforcement/Ventilation of Contempt Prohibition of Domestic Violence Family Orders/Injunctions Domestic Violence Partnership Agreements Separation Relationships of self-care. Florida law offers a variety of ways to access and obtain the legal rights necessary to make decisions for your loved one. Getting the right treatment is very difficult, and getting it wrong can leave an incompetent person trapped in the system for years. A Palm Beach County custody attorney can advise you on the type of custody you can seek.

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Whether it’s forgetting or refusing to take medicine, giving money, gifts, or other things, or being abusive to doctors, most of us have experienced the loss of a parent. Florida law offers several ways to give you the right and access to make decisions on your parent’s behalf.

Treatment is often considered a last resort. Not because of the debt involved, but because of the court’s ruling that your mother or father does not have some or all of their legal rights.

In Florida, parents may be exempt from guardianship if they have certain documents or estate plans, such as a power of attorney, health guardianship certificate, or trust.

If your parents do not have these other options, a Florida attorney and the Palm Beach County Coroner can advise you whether a guardianship is appropriate.

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Guardians have the same legal rights over their children as parents. A guardian can make housing and health care decisions on behalf of a parent (ward). By being careful, you can take the necessary steps to prevent your mother or father from spending money and not getting the treatment they need.

Parental custody begins when the child (1) files a petition for incapacity; (2) Maintenance application.

A disability petition is a complaint to the court alleging that your parents cannot continue to make decisions for themselves. A disability petition lists the rights you are requesting be taken away from your parents. When a disability petition is filed, the court appoints an attorney for your parents, selects a three-person panel to question your parents, and schedules a hearing to determine your parental capacity.

Typically, this three-person team consists of a doctor, a psychiatrist, and a sleep specialist. The examination committee receives an order from the court to examine the disabled person and, based on the results of the examination, issues a report on the possibility of disability.

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If two or more of the three review panels determine that the AIP is incompetent, the case will be sent for hearing.

If you are the applicant, you must present additional evidence and evidence to prove that your parent or loved one is incapacitated. You can call experts in addition to the jury to testify at the hearing (also called the trial).

Parents can also testify. If a parent believes they will be able to testify against a finding of incapacity, it is important to provide evidence of incapacity. This includes poor decisions made by parents and/or crimes committed in the past. For example, if a parent received a large amount of money incorrectly or if another child or guardian is using it.

This evidence will help you do your job and help the court determine whether your parent is in fact incompetent.

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If the court determines that your parent is incompetent, the next decision the court will face is whether custody is necessary.

If the incapacitated person has documents that the court deems to be less restrictive in determining and supervising support (e.g., power of attorney, election of health care attorney, revocable trust), the court will determine whether they are necessary. supervise . Under Florida law, the court will stop detaining people if it is less restrictive.

If documents are missing or the court determines they are inadequate based on a lower threshold, the process continues to determine who should be identified as the viewer. Depending on the court, county, and various circumstances, the guardian appointment may be made at the same hearing as the incapacity determination, or it may be scheduled for a later hearing.

The guardianship court then appoints a family member, professional guardian, or someone designated from the Prenecessary Guardianship database. This hearing may also present evidence and testimony that will help the court decide who should appoint a guardian.

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The guardian must have an attorney at every step of the process, from filing a disability claim to selecting a guardian and administering the court.

Any adult resident of this state can be appointed guardian. Non-residents are also recommended if they are close relatives. Banks, trust companies, and some nonprofit organizations can serve as trustees.

The guardian must pay the court costs. Personal and estate guardians must report to the court their plans for the commission and the estate guardian’s plan for raising funds for the previous year. Moderators who act illegally, illegally or infringe on your rights will be removed.

Under Florida law, custody is not permanent. If your parent was previously found incompetent, some or all of their rights may be restored. Jurisdiction After opening the case, the court will appoint a coroner to examine your parents. The court may restore parental rights or some rights based on evidence and evaluation.

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For more information about Florida guardianship and the process used to help your parent or loved one, contact the Palm Beach County guardianship attorneys at Comiter, Singer, Baseman & Braun online or call 561-626- 2101 or toll free 800. -226-1484. We work with clients throughout the state of Florida, including the Boca Raton and Palm Beach Gardens areas. Elizabeth Tener is a partner in Greenspoon Marder’s Marriage and Family Law practice group. Elizabeth (Beth) Tener, an experienced state attorney and family law attorney in Orlando, is dedicated to resolving a variety of marital and family matters, including divorce and reunification. LGBT same-sex marriage and family issues; economic support; nursery; alimony; maintenance measures; pre- and post-wedding vows; relocation; correction; management; father; Social assistance and domestic violence. madam. Tener was appointed to and currently serves on the Florida Bar’s Family Law Rules Committee and the Florida Bar’s “D” Grievance Committee. madam. Tener also practices family law and is currently certified by the Florida Supreme Court in this area. first

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