Uber & Lyft Accident Lawyer

Uber & Lyft Accident Lawyer

Uber & Lyft Accident Lawyer – Have you ever been in a Lyft accident? Have you been a Lyft passenger in an accident? Or, did you take a Lyft ride with your car? You may be eligible for compensation if you were the driver, passenger or pedestrian. Belal Hamideh, a Lyft accident attorney, has helped many accident victims who deserved Lyft compensation.

Lyft is one of the most popular services for many reasons, which is used by thousands (if not more) every day. But even the most careful Lyft driver can get into an accident. Injuries in a Lyft accident can make it difficult (if not impossible) to keep working, leaving you with large medical bills, a long rehabilitation period, and worse. With years of experience in these cases, Belal Hamideh and his team can help you recover for all of these and more.

Uber & Lyft Accident Lawyer

Ideally, your driver will be able to move the vehicle to a safe location so it doesn’t crash. Tell them to do it if needed. If you can (and it doesn’t take you back on the wrong path), examine your wounds. If you can, do the same for others.

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Do it anyway. He may be stunned and unconscious, so seeking medical attention is necessary. Call an ambulance if the injuries seem serious. To help your case, file a police report when the police arrive. This is very helpful in proving your case.

Accidents involving Lyft and other types of car accidents: You will need information about other drivers. This means their name, insurance and license. Don’t admit mistakes, don’t say you’re sorry, or anything. This is short, short, and for discussion.

If you can, find out about the other people in the accident, whether they were the driver, passengers or witnesses.

Get pictures. Take pictures of the vehicle, damage, injuries, any other injuries, and pictures of the surroundings (if you can).

Lyft Accident Lawyer

These cases can be difficult, yes, but you deserve compensation for what you went through. An attorney familiar with Lyft litigation can represent you to a successful outcome.

Unfortunately, as the California Legislature’s Bill 5 and other actions show, Lyft does not put drivers first (to say the least). They will do everything they can to ensure that you receive as little compensation as possible to avoid financial liability as much as possible. That’s why it’s important to talk to an attorney who has experience with Lyft.

Consulting an expert lawyer, in fact, should be done first after following all the steps above.

Safety first is always a priority. Follow the steps above to access security, find Lyft driver information, contact agents, and more. If you’ve been hit by Lyft, you have all the rights as a Lyft passenger whose car was involved in an accident.

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We cannot stress enough the importance of seeking medical attention, even if your injuries seem minor. In many cases, the injury worsens when it is not treated properly. When he had received the treaty, he approached an expert lawyer.

Unfortunately in this writing, it is not clear and easy. Even in the past, victims of Lyft accidents have called Lyft directly. After all, Lyft hires drivers who operate their vehicles recklessly and/or negligently. With the passage of California’s House Bill V, Lyft can claim that these drivers are not employees, but independent contractors.

This is one reason why it is only important to approach a lawyer who has experience in this type of practice. Determining liability in a Lyft accident is, in many ways, similar to other types of car accidents. We see many cases where this is the best course of action for the victim who was injured in the accident due to the driver’s negligence and/or negligence when the driver had the Lyft app at the time of the accident.

The legal criteria for negligence in California is that the defendant owes you, the plaintiff, a duty of care, the defendant breached that duty because of their negligence and/or negligence, and the proximate cause of your injury is the defendant’s negligence. / or negligence. Such carelessness and/or negligence can include speeding, texting while driving, distracted driving, not paying attention to the road, violating traffic laws and more.

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It can be scary, with a Lyft accident. We can be by your side every step of the way, so you can find someone who has helped many people in the same place you are now.

The policy for drivers using Lyft depends on whether the driver is in Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, or “Online,” meaning they are not logged into the app. Whatever happens in your accident, remember that Lyft will try to compensate everyone involved in the accident, up to and including denying liability. Belal and his team can work to make sure that doesn’t happen.

If the driver is not in Lyft when the accident occurs, the accident is covered by the driver’s personal insurance.

At this point, log a Lyft driver into the Lyft app. And most of all, they don’t let go. The current insurance policy is $100,000,000 in bodily injury coverage per accident, $50,000,000 in bodily injury coverage per accident, and $30,000 in property coverage per accident.

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Time 2 on Lyft is when the driver agrees to ride and time 3 is when the driver picks up the passenger. In these circumstances, Lyft’s limits are $1 million for uninsured motorist insurance and $1 million for auto insurance. A big difference to note: Lyft, in phase 2, offers $50,000,000 for bodily injury.

Basically, as much as possible. Contacting an attorney before and after gives you the best chance of getting the compensation you deserve quickly. The state of California gives you two years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit. You still have six months if a government/state/municipal vehicle is involved in any way.

Several factors determine this. No two accidents are alike. There are economic losses and financial losses. You will be liable for both damages under California law.

The big factors that determine financial damages are the amount of medical attention you need, both after the accident and in the future, the severity of your injuries, the pain and suffering you experienced, the length of time you will recover, as much as you can; How suitable your salary is greatly affected, and more.

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Non-economic damages, on the other hand, include your pain, suffering, any disability you suffered, mental illness, illness, inability to participate in activities you enjoy, negative life changes caused by an accident, physical injury or even permanent disability.

If you were injured by the actions of others in a Lyft accident, you deserve to be compensated. We strongly represent our clients to make this possible.

Lyft is a great way to get around, but injuries can be serious. You don’t have to deal with insurance companies on your own. We can be by your side every step of the way.

Belal Hamideh Law and his Lyft accident defense team have helped many injured people. When we work in unique situations, you must not depend on us to win.

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Sign up for our list to learn how to choose the best attorney for your case. We provide great information on how to choose the best lawyer. Pasadena Rideshare Accidents Uber and Lyft are popular services in California. Both are available for use in all cities in the state, including Pasadena. With the best marketing services, these two companies have acquired more than a million users who use their applications every day. Many users look to Uber or Lyft to get to work, college, or to avoid drunk driving. Although Uber and Lyft offer many advantages to users, they can also come with disadvantages, such as sexual harassment, sexual assault, and reckless driving that can lead to accidents. If you have been a victim in either scenario, it is strongly recommended that you contact an experienced ride-hailing attorney to help you get compensation for your damages. At West Coast Law Firm, our attorneys will advocate for you to make this possible

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