Dog Boarding In Orlando Fl Near Disney

Dog Boarding In Orlando Fl Near Disney

Dog Boarding In Orlando Fl Near Disney – When my family vacations at Walt Disney World, we like to stay on property in quality accommodations. So when it came time to find a place to stay for our cat on vacation, we decided to try Best Friends Pet Care at Walt Disney World.

Located across the street from Port Orleans Riverside, Best Friends is more than just a kennel. Even when you’re driving outdoors, the Lady and the Tramp-themed decor lets you know there’s something special for your furry (or not-so-furry) friends.

Dog Boarding In Orlando Fl Near Disney

Most of the animals that live at Best Friends are dogs, but there are also cats, birds, and even “pocket pets” (like lizards, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and more). Different animals are kept in different places to reduce stress.

Inside Disney World’s Pet Hotel With Luxury Suites For Animals

For dogs, there are several boarding options: indoor boarding, indoor/outdoor boarding, holiday villas (includes playgroup time, flat-screen TV and turn-down biscuits) and luxury VIP suites (includes double playgroup, flat-screen TV, webcam. , bedtime stories. and baths). Additionally, a la carte services are available, including ice cream breaks, holiday meals, snuggles, time to walk and explore, and more. Boarding prices range from $39 to $89 per day.

Additionally, Best Friend also offers dog day camps for $27 for a full day, with packages available for multiple day trips. Grooming services (shampoo and cut, flea treatment, skin care and even pedicures) are also available.

If you want to enjoy some time with your dog during your vacation, registered dogs and their owners can enjoy the on-site dog park. The 25,000 square meter outdoor area includes a fountain, walkways and plenty of space to play. If you want to pamper your pet even more, there is also a large shop with a variety of unique pet toys available.

For cats, two- and four-story condos are available at Kitty City, with prices ranging from $26 to $40. Cat nursery is also available at a reduced price. Just as dogs have special à la carte options, cats also have à la carte options. This includes playtime, cookies and milk, tuna at the Ritz and more.

Tips & Considerations For Taking Your Pet On Vacation In Orlando

On our last visit, when we arrived (9am), the lobby was filled with dogs of all sizes, from Yorkiepoos to Great Danes. To ease the stress on our cats, we quickly took them back to Kitty City to pick up our cat, Figment, at her cat apartment. We chose a two-story apartment, which also had a separate compartment for the litter box, and there was plenty of room for an 18 kilo cat.

We can leave our career there, so that’s one thing to worry about. Once Figment was settled, we returned to the lobby and completed the check-in process. Food is provided, although you can bring your own food from home. You can also bring or buy à la carte treatments. Bedding is also provided, and they ask that you not bring your own bedding or pillows, although you can leave some toys with your pets. Dogs must be on a leash or harness when coming and going.

For animals with medical needs, Best Friends will provide oral medication, but you must stop if your animal requires medication by injection.

A day before Figment was due to check out, we received an email with a photo of him enjoying his stay. When we picked him up, we were given a report card describing his behavior during the stay.

Plan A Perfect Pet Friendly Vacation In Orlando

Finally, the report card informs you of how your pet is doing.

Discounts are available if you are staying on property at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel, or if you are an annual customer or DVC member.

Best Friends is open seven days a week from one hour before the oldest park opens to one hour after the last park closes (including Extra Magic Hours). You must bring proof of vaccination (rabies, DHPP for dogs/rabies and Bordetella and FVRCP for cats), and will be checked for fleas at check-in. In addition, accommodation must be paid on arrival.

For more information, to view live webcam images from the VIP suite and play areas, or to book online, visit

Dog Friendly Disney World

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Inside Disney World’s pet hotel, where people can let their dogs, cats and other animals stay in luxury suites while on vacation.

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There are luxurious places like the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa, affordable hotels like All-Star Resorts, and dozens more in between.

But did you know that there is also a hotel on the property where you can leave your pets while you are on vacation?

Disney World already offers basic pet care. Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground had one kennel when it opened in 1971, and Disney later added additional kennels to each of its four theme parks.

But in the early 2000s, Disney was willing to outsource the work. Best Friends Pet Care took over Disney Kennels in 2008 and later opened its own facility on Disney property in Lake Buena Vista, Florida in 2010.

Pet Friendly Hotels In Orlando

Today, Best Friends Pet Hotel is a one-stop shop for boarding, grooming and other services on Disney property.

Insider spoke with Ray Clennel and Leo Reynoso – co-managers of Best Friends Pet Hotel – about the hotel, the care of the animals they care for and the services they offer.

Clennel has worked for Best Friends Pet Care for 10 years, while Reynoso has been with the company for 16 years.

“In the past, you dropped your dog off and we took care of them with walks, food and water, but no extra activities — no decorations or improvements to their home,” Reynoso said of the former Disney kennel.

Pet Owners And Theme Parks: How To Enjoy Your Vacation Without Worrying Over Your Best Friend

But in today’s hotels, he says, there are plenty of amenities and activities. You can send your dog to doggy day camp, schedule your cat, board your pet, and more.

More than 100 animals stay at Disney Best Friends Pet Hotel locations each day – mostly dogs and cats.

It was a “slow day” at the hotel when Insider spoke to Clennel and Reynoso. Nevertheless, the facility houses more than 100 animals.

“We’ll have 110 pets by the end of the day today, and that’s considered very, very, very slow for us,” Clennell said.

Plan A Getaway With Your Pup At These Dog Friendly Hotels

About 20 of those reservations were made by people who evacuated Tampa, Fla., before Hurricane Idalia, Reynoso noted.

“We’re also a hurricane shelter, so this time of year when we have this hurricane scare, we can accommodate that and double our housing,” he said.

Reynoso said pocket pets often include rabbits, sugar gliders, ferrets, “lots of birds” and turtles. On many occasions they have also been asked to take care of the Betta fish.

“We have a turtle that comes to us seven times a year Mr. Bubble,” Reynoso said. “He’s amazing.”

Best Orlando Family Hotels & Resorts In 2023

Pot magicians live in the facility “all the time,” according to Reynoso, and ducks are more frequent guests.

“We have a lady who every year gives us five ducks,” Klenal said. “They actually took over one of our club rooms and there were eggs everywhere.”

The hotel staff can treat any animal that is “non-venomous except for primates,” Reynoso said. People ask to bring exotic animals “all the time,” he said.

“We have tarantulas, hissing cockroaches — crazy, crazy things,” he said. “And we just got a call from someone about evacuating during the storm and taking the zebra with them.”

Pet Friendly Adventures In Orlando

“Sometimes people try to sneak these pets into the park with them,” Reynoso said. “Then finally we got a call from Disney saying, ‘Hey, this lady just tried to bring a baby kangaroo to Animal Kingdom. Can you take her for the day?’ And that’s how we sometimes end up with them.”

When it comes to housing, dogs can stay in one of five spaces, the smallest and cheapest of which is the fully indoor room.

View of the indoor rooms where dogs can stay at Best Friends Pet Hotel. Best Friend’s Pet Care

This option is configured similarly to an indoor room but with more space, measuring 4 x 4 feet inside and 4 x 8 feet outside. It costs $56 per day or $65 per night.

Tips For Traveling With Pets At Universal Orlando

Inside Villa Suites where dogs can stay at Best Friends Pet Hotel.

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