Divorce Lawyers Des Moines Iowa

Divorce Lawyers Des Moines Iowa

Divorce Lawyers Des Moines Iowa – I care about all my clients and will do my best to make sure you are listened to, informed and comfortable.

After graduating from Valley High School, I grew up in West Des Moines, Iowa. I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology and Spanish from the University of Iowa and a law degree from Drake University Law School. I was admitted to Iowa State in 2009 and began a career helping families in transition/crisis.

Divorce Lawyers Des Moines Iowa

Tollakson Law is committed to reclaiming the practice of law as a healing practice. We use innovative legal techniques such as common law, mediation and negotiation to help you achieve a dignified and dignified divorce as a last resort. I enjoy helping families make a smooth transition and get off to a successful start after divorce. I am a family law mediator, parenting coordinator, and professor at Drake University.

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I live in Des Moines with my husband T., son Theo, daughters Drew and Frankie, and dog Murphy. Outside of family and work, my true love is walking. As much as I want to say I’m having fun, the truth is I’m very competitive and like to push myself to new personal bests. I have run more than seven marathons and my best is 2:44:06 at 26.2 kilometers. My proudest achievement to date is competing and competing in the 2012 Olympic Team Marathon. Crossing the line with some of the best female marathoners in the US was an experience I will always cherish.

A favorite client question is, “What are your overall goals?” I think it’s important to set goals first, not just because of what you want to achieve in the end, but because you want to maintain integrity throughout the process.

I’m from Iowa. Until life took me to law school in 2013, I thought I would live in Northeast Iowa forever. I also thought I would be an only child forever, until my mother remarried and I became the youngest of two older sisters and one older sister. brother (we thought from the beginning that there were no “steps” in our family). On Christmas Day, I received my proudest title to date: sister. My sister became the focal point of our blended family and focused my attention on family-oriented activities and leisure activities. Although I no longer live in Cedar Rapids, you can usually find me at our family cabin or with my dad 27 years later, I still ask him to teach me his talent – playing the guitar.

I graduated from Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids with a Bachelor of Arts and a Paralegal Certificate, followed by a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Iowa City University and then Drake University Law School in Des Moines with my jurisdiction. Candidate I was accepted to Iowa State in 2017. My legal dedication spans nearly a decade and helping others has continued throughout my life.

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During my undergraduate and graduate studies, I worked in the law department. During this time, I have helped those in pain, counseled with genuine compassion, and celebrated the success of clients who became the best versions of themselves as they struggled to overcome their challenges. I want you to know that I will sit with you and listen to you. I will give you solid support and advice and be there to celebrate your success.

I try to help others navigate our legal system by reassuring people that changing family dynamics is uncertain and often difficult.

Des Moines is my home and always has been. Growing up in the metro area, I strayed from my roots and cheered for the Hawkeyes while attending the University of Iowa, where I earned a B.B.A. As I grew up in marketing, I became passionate about justice and advocated for those who couldn’t take care of themselves. After graduating from Iowa, that passion brought me home to Drake University Law School, where I earned my J.D. I got my degree. and M.B.A. with respect received. In law school, I served on the editorial board of the Drake Law Review and was selected by my peers as one of the top ten students in the National Honor Society.

Growing up, my parents emphasized the importance of family and community. They taught me that I can learn from others, find common ground, and grow as a person. Who knew that part of that education would be a bathroom with three sisters! I believe everyone deserves a strong support system that makes them feel valued. These core values ​​guide me professionally as an advocate for my clients.

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I live in Beaverdale with my partner Corey and our golden retriever Bird. When I’m not at the office, I’m sipping oat milk lattes at Friedrich’s, doing Thursday trivia in the lounge, enjoying vintage finds, or hanging out with family at Gray Lake.

Growing up in the midwest, I decided to call Iowa my “home.” I have worked with Ashley Tollakson as an Administrative Assistant since January 2017. I love welcoming clients to our office and take pride in providing clients with a safe, calm and trustworthy environment. It’s an incredible reward to sit on the front lines of our clients’ growth and change. I also assist clients with administrative tasks such as scheduling and invoicing.

Family is the most important thing to me. I am a firm believer in taking time to enjoy the little things because life is short. Outside of work I try to relax and spend time with my husband Alex, our son and our dogs. We love exploring new parks and trails, but our favorites are Jester Park, Raccoon River Park, and Greenwood Park.

As hard as it is to break up, I can’t imagine it any other way. The last thing I did was go to court. Today, my ex-husband and I have a very respectful relationship, and we both give Ashley 100% credit for the partnership and co-op process. Tiffany

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Ashley gave me a tragic loss in my life. Losing a marriage. He helped me understand my options and gave me time to settle my heart. He did an excellent job of helping me understand the law while also thinking about the consequences and the emotional and financial impact of my actions. Ashley is one of the strongest people I know. He knows how to hold you and keep you in your pain. He never shared more than was necessary to lighten my load, but always kept the situation under control. I will forever be grateful for his steady and loving hand. Jennifer B.

I really enjoyed working with Ashley. He listens to his customers and truly cares; and you’re ready to install whatever you need. He successfully helped me with peace of mind, flexibility and most importantly agreement; protection for my family. He was very organized and took the time to explain the process and answer questions along the way. Gwen P.

The service I received from Ashley Tollakson and Tollakson Law was excellent. The experience of dealing with difficult situations is reflected in the results achieved. I highly recommend this group of professionals to anyone in need of family law representation. John M.

I present Ashley, Guardian Ad Litem! It’s hard to find a good Savings Ad Lite that will help you run a successful family business. I am single, African-American, and have had an extraordinarily difficult babysitting job. As a result, family court can be very intimidating and unpredictable. I met Ashley in her office. Ashley spent about an hour explaining my situation, answering my questions and giving me advice on how to proceed. I brought my daughter to Ashley’s office. Ashley was talking to my daughter (without me). When it was over, they both left the office with big smiles on their faces. Ashley in the audience did a great job portraying my daughter! He communicated with my daughter, wrote an excellent letter of recommendation and spoke to the judge about my daughter. He responded to our concerns clearly and compassionately. She explained my daughter’s background, current family life, future goals and potential. Childbirth can be very stressful, frustrating and scary. It was in our best interest as people and clients. Ashley always did her best

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