Sacramento Craigslist Motorcycles For Sale By Owner

Sacramento Craigslist Motorcycles For Sale By Owner

Sacramento Craigslist Motorcycles For Sale By Owner – One of my closest friends passed away last year and I am asking for help and information on his 2002 MH900e, great concern and lots of useful information. After his wife dealt with all the issues surrounding his death, we put all the bikes we sold in the back. We are ready to go now and I need a little help with his 1986 S2 Mille, it has been stored and run without fuel and after putting in a new battery and fuel and checking the bike, it is on and running, literally just turned. Discount immediately! A small fuel leak from the RH petcock and we are talking about looking for seals in Bevelhaven.

Any thoughts on marketing, pricing, etc. Would really appreciate it as I think it’s out of my league. Currently has 11,318kms and appears to be original, owner’s manual and original toolkit were in the back and looks like it’s been there since new, immaculate. The bike has a small spot of paint on the RF lower swingarm and some gold paint on the rear wheel, the mechanic who helped run it thinks the rear brake master leaked at some point and the fluid did it.

Sacramento Craigslist Motorcycles For Sale By Owner

S2’s aren’t in demand, neither is Mille, but that bike is almost new and beautiful, so finding a buyer shouldn’t be a problem. But God knows what it costs.

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Duccout is absolutely correct. However, there are buyers for such nice bikes. In Australia, it will likely sell for $15,000 AUD, which translates to about $11,000.

Thanks guys for your thoughts and input! I have received price suggestions from several angles and they range from a low of 11,000 to a high of 20,000. I think it’s one of only 171 ever built, and the sleeker last doesn’t command immediate demand and a correspondingly high price. Any investment in the best market other than eBay to sell mills, we really don’t want to do business in that area right now. This bike is located in Northern California.

Why not try the Australian site? Used Motorcycles For Sale – Buy & Sell Motorcycles Australia – Here are a number of companies that import from the States.

Wow, that looks totally messed up. I think start with the mid to high price and see what response you get if you are in a rush to sell, increase the price over a few weeks and see how it goes.

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If it’s possible, I’d buy it, put the chassis aside for about 50 years until someone wants it, and drop the car on an SS replica. These cars are nuts and I want to build a special around one. If it’s still for sale next February I might be interested in importing it.

They are great cars but you have to get close to the gear ratios and there are only a limited number of Gowies left. With this gearbox you will have the best bevel drive.

Whenever I see one of these, I remember Falun complaining that they didn’t fit and there was a hinge in the middle of the frame. Whatever that means. My brother, who has over 20 Bevels, owned a 900 in the 80’s and never mentioned anything negative about it, so I first did a Google search (not exhaustive mind you) and saw as many journalists as I could find. Enjoy driving them. Their biggest complaint was the engine and how restrictive it was, no doubt due to the exhaust. Some complained about the suspension, which is not surprising when most Japanese manufacturers have switched to using Teflon bushings in their forks. The Marzocchi forks on these final models were very similar to the first sets used by the GT a decade earlier, so they were far from the latest technology, and it’s no surprise that Showa used them on all their models a few years later.

I was looking for a GTS but seeing this piqued my interest in one of those. I wonder what the parts availability is for some of the specific parts it ever needs like the big end caps etc.?

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Thanks for your thoughts, I believe this is the right bike in Ian Fallon’s book. I don’t know if this bike is a collectible or a good Sunday ride for an enthusiast, I need more information on the current market, prices and the best way to sell it. Surviving Wife isn’t very hot on eBay, but we may have to use it to get it out to as wide a market as possible.

Decide on a margin and then list it on eBay. Every seller is always aiming for the maximum price, but you really need to tell the market what it’s worth.

Mark, you could always try the local big city craigslist (Sacramento?) as it’s a little easier than eBay and a good way to test the market. Another option is to sell on consignment through a local vintage bike shop, which will cost a little more, but you’ll avoid the tire kickers. strength

Rarity is not an indicator of value. The question is what makes collectibles more money. These later square bevels have historically been in low demand (especially S2 due to their very rough pressing), but values ​​have risen as collector awareness has faded. (Over time, younger buyers enter the market with less direct knowledge. As buyers understand less about what they are buying, items that are closely related to the original high-value items begin to sell more)

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I love this bike and would like to have it in my collection and I suspect other collectors do as well but the bike is not one of the true collectibles as the price will probably never go up as ‘not a fun game “. The prices for these types of bikes are unbelievable – to get the big pay you need to find a new collector who doesn’t care what the old guard says. I think the bike is worth somewhere between $11,000 and $12,000. In this case, an early (pre-82) Supersport Quad would sell in the 20-23K range. This bike won’t drop that price unless there are a lot of new, very green buyers locking the bikes up.

After 30 years in the automotive industry, the old saying “every seat has a donkey” holds true. We were able to realize $22,500 for Mille, the buyer came with a cash balance in the cash register. I am advertising the bike on Craigslist in Sacramento. And there were two scammers, two tire kickers and one serious buyer. I’ve also received some spam from cross-shipping Bevel Heaven or?

Just checked the VIN again, the last part is S2100098 if that helps anyone identify the bike.

A few things: I have a friend who is an exotic car dealer and more recently a bike dealer. He owns a handful of rare Guzzis (one model — a racing bike — of which only 100 were made); and the Laverdas, one of whom was a true freshman iota. and a little s. There is a market,,, he struggled to sell his Jota and luxury Guzzi. I mean, the fight.

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Second, I recently (two weeks ago) sold my custom K1200R BMW on ebay. The once hated bicycle has now become valuable. Very low mileage. I have it listed as a “buy it now” price is $7,000. Some asked for more but did not sell; There were very few of them. Everyone who emailed was told there was no “concern”, the price was fixed. No business. Sold in four days. 30 people are “watching”.

Just my experience. But I will firmly choose a firm but realistic price and will not hesitate. Compared to “car guys”, “bike guys” usually have no money. But it only takes one.

Any chance to snap a photo or two of a Guzzi? I wonder if this is one of the legendary Teleiso Rosso racing bikes or a V7 sport. I had never owned a forty year old Italian bike and from what I read they were trickier and more exotic than the “green frames”.

Let me ask my friend. He’s a computer, and when clients need to send photos, use me or Sir Speedy. So until he took the picture..? In the news.

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Ghezzi and Brian’s one-off Guzzi. These are the guys who won the Italian twin races two years in a row, then got hired by Gucci and were responsible for the MGSO1.

Thanks Scranel. Looking at all those Guzzis reminded me of the V11 Guzzi Ballabio. I sold it to buy a Laverda Yota and then sold it to buy another one

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