Vietnamese Lawyer In San Jose

Vietnamese Lawyer In San Jose

Vietnamese Lawyer In San Jose – When the agreed place for the interview, Masullo Pizza, unexpectedly closed, personal injury lawyer Anh Fung happily accepted the decision. Despite the temperature in the 90s, she strolls on the empty restaurant’s back patio, high heels clattering on the gravel, seemingly unfazed by the possibility of a pink dress. The heat gripped him on the bench he was sitting on. Sweat ruined her make-up and her Chanel necklace and earrings glistened in the sun. This combination of function and beauty is Phoong to a T.

You probably know Fung from his billboards, car ads, advertisements and especially his catchphrase: “Is something wrong? Call Fung!” Fung stood out as an Asian American woman in a sea of ​​white male personal injury lawyers; Phung’s family is ethnic Chinese and her parents immigrated from Vietnam. Her profile increased dramatically with the opening of an office in San Francisco in August 2020, with its home office in Sacramento and additional offices in Oakland and Stockton.

Vietnamese Lawyer In San Jose

Fung is interested in the comments he collects on Twitter and other social media platforms. “People tag me on social media. In the Suez Canal interview, they told me: “If something is wrong, call An Fung.” I said, “Sorry, I won’t do that. !” I try to answer them all.”

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An Fung and his publicity everywhere is a topic that is often discussed on social media. (Photo by Becky Gruenewald)

In wide view, it shows a screenshot of the moment when San Francisco Chronicle food critic Soleil Ho changed her Twitter account to “bad things, call Anh Fung.” It’s all about a woman who doesn’t have a legal education.

He grew up in Antelope after his parents moved to the Sacramento area from San Jose when Fung was 9. His parents encouraged him to study business at Sacramento State, but after two years, his accounting and economics career ended. his strength. Fung had a lifelong passion for crime shows, switched to a major in criminal justice, and after graduation, became a law clerk for the Solano County Office of the Attorney General.

When he was preparing to apply to law school, he took the LSAT and got a low, “low” score. His graduation took him to UC Davis and McGeorge Law School of the University of the Pacific, the top choice in the region, and even from Lincoln Law School, a night school approved by the Bar Committee of the State Bar of California, but not by the American Bar Association. . because there is no regular program. (Lincoln graduates can still take the California bar exam, which is limited to graduates of ABA-approved schools, but they are not eligible to take the bar exam in other states after graduation.)

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“I scored so low that even Lincoln didn’t want me, so I interviewed the director (Anthony Dicce, who died in 2018). … He said, ‘If you’re honest, you can improve your score by 25 percent.’ Should I bring something else? After a day or two, I said, “No, this is what I want, and I’m going to work harder and do 25 percent better.” That’s what I’ve done all my life and career ever since.” He graduated as valedictorian in 2011 and took the bar exam.

During this time, he went to Fairfield and Vallejo to work in the public defender’s office, but his goal of becoming a criminal defense lawyer changed. Fung strives to balance his passion for his colleagues’ commitment to the establishment of the rule of law with the sometimes grim reality of defending the perpetrators of brutal crimes. He said: “My weakness is always my family and my children.

The car accident that puts him in his last year of law school (and which is solved without satisfaction), and the persistence of his friend who works in personal injury law in that time, made him change his mind. This friend, Anthony “T.J” Salcedo is now her husband and works in her business.

Fung is familiar with the personal injury attorney cliché “drive the ambulance,” but says, “Personally, it doesn’t bother me because I know who I am and what my company does. represent him.” he runs a small business and serves his family and friends, about whom he says with a smile: “We know a lot of people who have had accidents, just like that’s bad! “His customer base grew to 80 in the first year and to 200 in the third year he rented his first office in the Arden Arcade area.

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The trip to Miami was the beginning of his marketing campaign. In the taxi from the airport, he heard earwigs beating in honor of the injury lawyer who sees them broadcast everywhere. By the time he got back to Sacramento, he knew he had to market himself harder and found his current phone number: 866-GOT-PAIN.

He has been working with Mia Lam of the marketing agency Mia Lam for the past four years in advertising, presentations and speaking engagements, but he says that he is “busy and in control” his image. “(Lam) does half the work, I do the other. I know a lot about it, and I enjoy it a lot.”

Lam says that when Phoong’s multi-platform marketing plan was launched, they knew they wanted to differentiate themselves. “We wanted to make sure it had a strong female voice,” says Lam. “She is a strong, compassionate woman in a male-dominated world. … She is a compassionate mother, wife, daughter and supporter. He has the biggest heart.”

“She is a strong, compassionate woman in a male-dominated world. … She is a compassionate mother, wife, daughter and supporter. She has a big heart.” Mia Lam, owner of Mia Lam Marketing Agency

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Another person who speaks to Fung’s heart is Nilda Valmores, executive director of My Sister’s House, a nonprofit organization in Sacramento that helps Asian and Pacific Islander women and children who are victims of domestic violence, assault sex and human trafficking. Fung is a board member. “She brings her spirit, support and passion to my sister’s house to help survivors transform their lives, their resources, their intelligence and their generosity,” says Valmores.

Fung has organized a fundraising drive for kids through his office and has partnered with the Sacramento Kings for the upcoming 2021-2022 season to donate $100 to a nonprofit of his choice every time a player misses a home game.

You can argue that Fung’s heat, power and advertising spending have made his company grow faster, but he believes that this is also due to other services, including automated searches for anti-virus. other insurances, which it offers to its customers.

“There are things we do that most law firms don’t do that can increase the value of our clients’ claims. We feel like we’ve perfected our process, and that’s why I want to share it with the community. again,” he says. “Before we solve their case, we want to make sure that they have fully recovered. … We support them throughout the process. Along the way we let them know what to expect.”

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As the interview ended, he pointed to a house on Riverside Boulevard that he had recently purchased as a call center. The Art Deco flagship office, where his team moved in February 2020, is nearby, across Castro Way. He said he was talking on the phone occasionally until last month. There are currently five attorneys and more than forty administrative staff in offices located in Sacramento, Stockton, Oakland and San Francisco.

Some may be slow to move or enter competitive Bay Area markets during this pandemic. But not Fung. I said, let’s be brave. Let us have courage. Let us do what no one else is doing,” he said.

Melissa Brown has been a professor at McGeorge Law School since 2008 and director of the law clinic since 2013.

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Like many recent law graduates, Seth Benkle sought freelance work after graduating from the University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento in 2010, increasingly concerned about his $160,000 in student interest.

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