Member 1st Community Credit Union

Member 1st Community Credit Union

Member 1st Community Credit Union – Members of 1st Federal Credit Union added a dimension to the first CU Kind Day on October 9 – an initiative created in partnership with the CrossState Credit Union Association, and other credit unions throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Instead of just one day, the members of the 1st decided to expand the initiative to a whole week, teaching the week before – October. 2 to Oct. 6 – as the week of kindness.

Member 1st Community Credit Union

“Service is a key element of the social mission of all credit unions, and every day we are proud to fulfill our own mission to serve our members, partners and communities through support, empowerment and meaningful relationships,” Mike Wilson, Members 1. President & CEO, stated in the announcement. “It was so exciting to see and hear all the impactful ways our family became ‘CU Kind’ during our inaugural Kindness Week.”

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The first week of member celebration has many initiatives. These include a Random Acts of Kindness challenge where 1st Associates members share photos and stories, as well as ‘Kindness Cards’ containing messages of encouragement.

The credit union also donated $1,221 to Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central PA in honor of all 1,221 credit union members who participated in Kindness Week.

The concept of planned kindness started at a credit union in Minnesota and has continued and expanded to credit unions across the country, this year including Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The celebration is for credit union partners, members, volunteers and community partners to come together and do one simple thing – spread kindness.

Members 1st has nearly 60 branches in nine Pennsylvania counties, including Berks. Berks locations are in the cities of Exeter, Cumru and South Heidelberg. Pictured left to right: Major John Griner, Corps Commander, Salvation Army Harrisburg; George Nahodil, President and CEO, Members 1.; Toni Lynn Mark, Director of Resource Development, The Salvation Army Harrisburg; Sara Firestone, Assistant Vice President of Community Relations, Members 1.; Mike Wilson, Chief Experience Officer, Members 1

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Members of 1st Federal Credit Union held their 26th Annual Charity Golf Classic on Monday, June 5 at the Hershey Country Club in Derry Township, PA. More than 140 golfers and 70 sponsors raised more than $155,000 to support and promote the great work of programs and initiatives throughout Central Pennsylvania. This year’s beneficiaries include Aaron’s Acres (serving Berks, Dauphin and Lancaster counties), Lehigh Valley Health Network (serving 10 eastern PA counties), Midwest Food Bank (serving several counties throughout the midstate), and the Salvation Army – Harrisburg (serving Dauphin County). ).

“The First Annual Members Charity Golf Classic allows us to give back to the communities we serve,” said President and CEO George Nahodil. “Our philosophy of ‘people helping people’ continues to be at the heart of everything we do for our members, our partners and our communities. This annual event is just one way to fulfill our commitment to service through meaningful action Thanks to the help of our partners and associates in the community, we were able to host another successful fundraiser in support of many causes in our nine counties.

Pictured left to right: Aleta Serrano, President Board Division, Midwest Food Bank; George Nahodil, President and CEO, Members 1.; Janice Reinke, agency coordinator, Midwest Food Bank; Sara Firestone, Assistant Vice President of Community Relations, Members 1.; Mike Wilson, Chief Experience Officer, Members 1

Representatives of each beneficiary attended a lunch and check presentation after the field trip and thanked the credit union for its continued contribution to the communities it serves, including life-changing organizations.

Members 1st Celebrates Cu Kindness Week

Each recipient of the funds works hard to help individuals throughout central and eastern PA. Aaron’s Acres provides year-round therapeutic recreational activities for children and adults between the ages of five and 21 with special needs. Lehigh Valley Health Network offers advanced, compassionate health care supported by education and clinical research. The Midwest Food Bank aims to alleviate hunger and malnutrition, as well as provide disaster relief. The Salvation Army – Harrisburg provides workforce development, nutrition education programs, emergency disaster services and more.

Pictured left to right: Kate Mullen, Director of Development and Community Relations, Aaron’s Acres; Risa Pascoff, Executive Director, Aaron’s Acres; George Nahodil, President and CEO, Members 1.; Sara Firestone, Assistant Vice President of Community Relations, Members 1.; Mike Wilson, Chief Experience Officer, Members 1

Photo left to right: Adam Selmasska, Director of Development, Lehigh Valley Health Network; George Nahodil, President and CEO, Members 1.; Sara Firestone, Assistant Vice President of Community Relations, Members 1.; Mike Wilson, Chief Experience Officer, Members 1

For your protection, please note that public e-mail on the Internet is not secure. Several links on our website allow you to send information via public e-mail on the Internet. Please DO NOT provide personal or account information via public email or send any personal information that could compromise your identity, including your account number, social security number, credit card number, Services PIN email, password, or maiden name. Members 1. do not respond via public Internet e-mail to requests for account information or account activity. Please contact Customer Service with these types of requests at (800) 237-7288 or (717) 795-6049. Members of 1st Federal Credit Union released their redesigned site vision for their future Cumberland County headquarters on Tuesday.

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Credit union representatives, including president and CEO George Nahodil and chief marketing officer/public relations director Mike Wilson, were on hand for the announcement.

On Tuesday, August 18, members of the 1st Federal Credit Union held a press conference at the site of the future headquarters in Cumberland County. Credit union representatives, including President and CEO George Nahodil and Chief Marketing Officer/Public Relations Director Mike Wilson, shared many exciting changes about the bright future ahead.

From the humble beginnings of a credit union in the 1950s that began with nine people putting money in a pot, NSD Mechanicsburg Federal Credit Union has grown from a desk and a small counter in a Naval Supply Depot to nearly 60 with branches in seven Central PAs. counties, members 1. is always where the members come first. From that small beginning, the credit union has grown into a full-service financial institution with nearly half a million members and more than $5.3 billion in assets.

This new building marks the start of an exciting new chapter for Members 1. In 1997, Members 1st established its current headquarters located in Rossmoyne Business Centre. Thanks to the trust and commitment of member-owners, the credit union is in the process of building a new headquarters to improve efficiency while always taking care of members’ money. The credit union believes it is important to stay true to its roots in Cumberland County, where it all began 70 years ago in the Naval Warehouse.

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“Now we’re spread across multiple buildings that aren’t efficient or collaborative,” said President and CEO George Nahodil. “We believe that selling our existing buildings and consolidating into one facility is the most financially responsible option, with a cost-neutral bottom line.”

Members of 1st have sold two of the four buildings in the Rossmoyne Business Center and plan to sell the remaining two before moving to the new campus. The credit union is pleased to continue to support and collaborate with local businesses on this headquarters project. Greenfield Architects of East Lampeter Township was hired to design the building, and Mowery Construction of Silver Spring Township was contracted to manage construction.

In today’s press conference, the presentation of the complete evolution of the brand for the 1st Members is also announced. This evolution provides a better look and feel to the credit union’s brand, but it’s not the first time Members 1st has changed its look. Over the years, Members 1st has grown with its members. In 1972, the name DAFCU (Defense Activities Federal Credit Union) was officially adopted and the first US branch opened. Carlisle Military War College. The name evolved again to the 1st Members in 1994 to reflect the growing membership field.

This time, the redesigned look and feel represents the feedback the early members received from five generations of members and more than 5,000 hours of research over the past three years. The new look includes bolder, more vibrant colors and images to emphasize the warmth, mood and emotion of the credit union.

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“Since 1950, our member-owners have been an integral part of Members 1st’s success story and that remains true today,” said Nahodil. “We owe them everything, so this year we’re celebrating by making changes that will improve our offerings to better meet their needs.”

The credit union shared that it’s not just about changing the look, launching a new app or updating its website.

“We’re taking it to the next level on the digital front and adding a layer of personalization and sophistication to everything we do,” said Mike Wilson, Chief Marketing Officer/Public Relations Officer. “Whether you’re in one of our branches, on our app or website, or speaking with one of our Customer Service representatives on the phone, members will receive the same personal member service they’ve had with us for a long time.

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