Used Cars In Portland Oregon By Owner

Used Cars In Portland Oregon By Owner

Used Cars In Portland Oregon By Owner – Buying an affordable and reliable car under $2,000? We have taken ideas. Whether you’re looking for an affordable sedan, SUV crossover, or sedan, we’ve got you covered. Only 30% of the cars earn our revenue, so the more you see, the better. You will find all important information like accident history, price and delivery dates. do you need money Advance financing can help.

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Used Cars In Portland Oregon By Owner

Preparing to close… Make: Mitsubishi Model: Eclipse Body Type: Coupe Doors: 2 Doors Drive: Front Wheel Engine: 162 hp 2.4L I4 Exterior Color: Red Fuel Type: Fuel Transmission: 4-Speed ​​Overdrive Mileage: 205 , 948 NHTSA Overall Safety Rating: Not Rated Stock Number: 18049 VIN: 4A3AK24F38E002216

Used Cars In Portland, Or For Sale

2000 Dodge Durango SLT 4WD 1, 234 mi 235 hp 4.7L V8 $1, 234 Alloy Wheels + Additional Inquiry Information Clackamas, OR (11 miles away) Year: 2000 Make: Dodge Model: Durango Body Type: SUV 4 Doors: 4 Door Sedan Wheel Drive Engine: 235 hp 4.7L V8 Exterior Color: Red Combined Gas Mileage: 14 MPG Fuel Type: Petrol Color Interior: Gray Transmission: 4-Speed ​​Automatic Mileage: 1,234 NHTSA Safety Rating Overall: Not Given VIN: 2374HS18 N37F2HS1

2005 Mazda MAZDA3 S Hatchback 129, 808 mi 160 hp 2.3L I4 $1, 234 Alloy Wheels + Additional Inquiry Information Clackamas, OR (11 miles away) Year: 2005 Make: Mazda Model: MAZDA3 Body Type: 4 Doors Doors: Front Doors: 4 Doors Wheel Drive Engine: 160 hp 2.3L I4 Exterior Color: Gray Combined Gas Mileage: 25 MPG Fuel Type: Internal Fuel: Blue Transmission: 5-Speed ​​Manual Mileage: 129, 808 NHTSA Overall Safety Rating: VIN Not Given JM1BK143752

1998 Nissan Sentra 202, 793 mi 115 hp 1.6L I4 $1,295 Alloy Wheels + more (360) 488-0861 Inquiry Information Vancouver, WA (12 miles away) Year: 1998 Make: Nissan Model: Sentra Doors Type: Sedan Dri Doors Wheel Type Drive Engine: 115 hp 1.6L I4 Exterior Color: Silver Fuel Type: Fuel Transmission: 5-Speed ​​Manual Mileage: 202, 793 NHTSA Overall Safety Rating: Not Rated Stock Number: 744957 VIN: 1N45ABC44

1996 Honda Accord EX 218, 299 mi 145 hp 2.2L I4 $1,995 Leather Seats Sunroof/Moonroof + Extras (503) 744-6989 Inquiry Information Portland OR (5 miles away) Year: 1996 Manufacturer’s Door Honda Type: A 4 Second Doors Drive: Front Wheel Drive Engine: 145 hp 2.2L I4 Exterior Color: Green Fuel Color: Petrol Interior Color: Brown (Beige) Transmission: 4 Speed ​​Automatic Mileage: 218, 299 NHTSA Overall Safety Rating: Unassigned Stock Number: N3241A VIN : 1HGCD566XTA060488

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2011 Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen S FWD 259, 271 mi 170 hp 2.5L I5$1, 995 high PRICE Alloy Wheels Steel Wheels + more (503) 743-0491 Inquiry Information Portland, OR (5 miles away) Model: Volkswagen Year Body: Wagon Doors : 4 Door Drive: Front Wheel Drive Engine: 170 hp 2.5L I5 Exterior Type: Clean Fuel Type: Fuel Transmission: 6-Speed ​​Automatic Overdrive Mileage: 259, 271 NHTSA Overall Safety Rating: Not Clean Number: 17973 VIN : 3VWPZ7AJ3BM621380 In another case of the “I know what I’ve got” craze, a Craigslist seller from Portland, Oregon in A 1993 Toyota pickup is trying to get $25,000 dollars.

It looks great (and the pictures are great too) but having done over 130,000km in its life changes things a bit. It’s true that Toyota cars are impossible to kill, but some may find the price a bit high – including us.

The owner describes the vehicle as having an all-original non-smoking interior, noting that even the lettering on the steering wheel buttons look new. This car comes in Xtra Cab configuration with 4WD, automatic transmission, air conditioning, AM/FM cassette, even a factory moonroof. In true old school, the top of the camp is installed “the right way”, sometimes with straps instead of windows.

All fun aside, the sales price isn’t in a different universe than the car numbers it sees. In the ad, the owner cited a Barrett-Jackson auction for a $55,000 1983 Toyota Kelly Blue Book. The testing company’s website is worth more than they are.

Car Sellers In Oregon Getting Tickets Issued To New Owners

What makes cars so important? From an engineering point of view, it was easily built and simple. The required parts are overbuilt, so there are only cars

Stop in the English Channel and blow in a blast at home. With a few looks, the car came back to life after all the troubles and then became a permanent fixture at the event. 70 Results Worldwide Select Order Best Sellers Best Sellers First Sellers Worst Price Lowest Price Lowest Price First Lowest Mileage First Highest First New First (by Car Year) First Old First (by Car Year) Newest Listings First First Listed.

1995 Ford Mustang GT Convertible RWD 64,545 Miles 215 hp 5L V8 $9,500 Leather Seats Alloy Wheels + More Message Dealer Salem, OR (47 miles away) Year: 1995: Ford Model: Mustang Body Type: 2 Door Transmissions: hp Engine: 215 Drive Engine: 215.5L V8 Exterior Color: Red Fuel Type: Red Interior Fuel: White Transmission: 4 Speed ​​Automatic Mileage: 64,545 NHTSA Overall Safety Rating: Not Rated VIN: 1FALP45T3SF189574

In the year 4 Drive Door: Four Wheel Drive Exterior Color: Black Transmission: 4-Speed ​​Automatic Mileage: 124,000 NHTSA Comprehensive Safety Test: Not Rated VIN: 1FTWW33FX1ED72363

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2019 Volkswagen Golf SportWagen 1.8T S 4Motion AWD 23,000 mi 170 hp 1.8L I4 $20,000 GREAT DEAL Alloy Wheels Bluetooth + More Mail Dealer Portland, OR (9 miles away) Year: 2019 Drive: Golf 4 Wagon All-Door Engine: 170 hp 1.8 L I4 Exterior Color: Black Combined Gas Mileage: 26 MPG Fuel Type: Gasoline Interior Color: Black (Carbon) Transmission: 6-Speed ​​Manual Mileage: 23,000 NHTSA Overall Safety Rating: 5 VIN : 3VW217AU0KM513133

2013 Lexus IS 250 Sedan AWD 84, 843 mi 204 hp 2.5L V6 $14, 362 Good Deal Leather Seats Sunroof/Moonroof + More Message Dealer Portland, OR (15 miles away) Year: 2013 Make: Lexus Model: IS Sedan Doors : 4 Doors Drive : All Wheel Drive Engine : 204 hp 2.5L V6 Exterior Type : Hybrid Fuel : 24 MPG Fuel Type : Automatic Transmission : 6-Speed ​​Not Rated VIN : JTHCF5C25D5061907

2008 BMW 5 Series 528i Sedan RWD 169, 480 mi 230 hp 3L I6 $5, 100 GOOD DEAL Leather Seats Sunroof/Moonroof + More Mail Dealer Gladstone or (10 miles away) Year: 2008 Make: 5 BMW Body Models Sedan: 4 Door Drive: Rear Wheel Drive Engine: 230 hp 3L I6 Exterior Color: White Combined Gas Mileage: 22 MPG Fuel Type: Gas Transmission: 6-Speed ​​Overall Safety Rating: Not Rated VIN: WBANU53528C117102

2017 Mazda MX-5 Miata RF Grand Touring RWD 76, 662 mi 155 hp 2L I4 $17, 839 GOOD DEAL Leather Seats Navigation System + More Message Dealer Woodland, WA (29 miles away) Year: 2017 Make: Mazda Model: MX-5 Miata Body Type: Convertible Doors: 2 Door Drive: Rear Wheel Engine: 155 hp 2L I4 Exterior Color: Blue Combined Gas Mileage: 30 MPG Fuel Type: Automatic Transmission: 6-Speed ​​Automatic Safety Mileage: 76,662 NHTSA Total Test: Not Rated VIN: JM1NDAM78H0104819

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Preparing To Close … Pictures Coming Soon ) Year: 2008 Make: Dodge Model: Ram 3500 Body Type: Truck Doors: 4 Door Doors: Four Wheel Drive Engine: 350 hp 6.7L I6 Diesel Exterior Color: Pearl Black Fuel Type: Diesel Interior: Gray Transmission: 6-Speed: Automatic Mileage: 135, 847 NHTSA Overall Safety Rating: Not Rated VIN: 3D7MX38A08G236477

Getting ready to drive… Subaru Model: Forest Body Type: SUV/Crossover Doors: 4-Door Drive: All-Wheel Engine: 170 hp 2.5L H4 Exterior Color: Black Fuel Type: Fuel Transmission: Various Transmission Mileage: 140,000 NHTSA Total safety rating: 5 VIN: JF2SJAGC7JH472566

Getting ready to close… Pictures coming.

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