Hughes Federal Credit Union Auto Loan

Hughes Federal Credit Union Auto Loan

Hughes Federal Credit Union Auto Loan – For nearly seven decades, Hughes has been there for his members in good times and bad. We know that by working together we can achieve many things such as dealing with your financial needs in these uncertain times. Your future is important to us and we are committed to helping you in any way we can by making a positive difference in the financial lives of our members.

We understand that as things around us change, so must the special needs of our members. Whether you want to reduce purchases, increase your savings or consolidate debt, Hughes is here to help! Here are some tips to improve your Hughes banking habits.

Hughes Federal Credit Union Auto Loan

With online and mobile banking, we make it easy to bank with us anywhere. There are many ways to improve your financial health, and with Hughes digital tools and services, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your financial goals.

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We will continue to find ways to help our members achieve financial success. We are learning new and innovative ways to maintain communication and operational processes that do not require visiting our partners. Our world has become more digital and convenient overnight. We encourage our members to continue to enjoy Hughes Bank in the safest and most convenient way possible – at home using online and mobile banking. To get started, visit or find our mobile app by searching for Hughes Federal Credit Union in the App Store.

Our mission to positively impact the financial lives of every member drives our journey every step of the way. Although we lead and work to pave the way for financial prosperity, our members are always in the driver’s seat. We go where you go. As you move toward a new chapter in life, however possible, we’ll get you there. Adam has been writing, editing and managing content for news websites and digital publishing for almost 20 years. Since the end of 2016, when he specializes in finance, his essay writing focuses on the client’s financial literacy. Adam has excellent knowledge of credit scores, products and services, finance and banking.

Lillian brings more than 30 years of editing and journalism experience, writing and editing for major news organizations, including The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the New York Times. Lillian, a former business writer and Business Desk editor, ensures that all content provides readers with financial literacy.

Summary: In 1952, a credit union was formed to serve the employees of Hughes Aircraft. Today, Hughes Federal Credit Union serves all of Tucson, and not just through banking and financial products. Hughes continues to prioritize community education and development, and pursues these goals through financial literacy programs for children and adults. Through the Hughes Help program, the Credit Union raises money for local organizations and charitable causes, such as scholarships and fundraisers for Children’s Credit Union / Children’s Miracle Network and Tucson Medical Center. Because of this commitment to financial well-being and to the community, we decided to recognize Hughes with our Editor’s Choice ™ Award.

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On June 6, 2018, the temperature in Tucson reached 105 degrees Fahrenheit. But the heat wasn’t enough to stop Hughes Federal Credit Union’s first Shred-a-Thon, an event dedicated to free file sharing and educating participants about the importance of data security.

“It was a great success. We disassembled more than 20,000 20,000 for members and non-members of the community,” said Danielle Gomez, Hughes Chief Marketing Officer.

In addition to teaching people about privacy and preventing identity theft, Hughes saved the community nearly $20,000 in split fees. The event highlights Hughes’ core goals: to promote financial education and general well-being for everyone in the Tucson community.

Hughes Federal Credit Union Marketing Manager Danielle Gomez and her team work to help the Tucson community by raising money and financial literacy resources.

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Hughes was founded in 1952 to serve the employees of Hughes Aircraft Company (now known as Raytheon Missile Systems Company). The financial institution merged with Arizona Transportation Credit Union in 1992, and in 2001 the National Credit Union Administration approved Hughes to provide banking services to anyone who lives, worships or studies in Tucson.

“We’re part of this community and everyone has an impact,” Gomez said. “We are very happy to be back and have a culture that allows us to participate in community-wide activities and focus on financial literacy.”

Hughes, who was recently ranked as the No. 1 credit union in Arizona on Forbes magazine’s list of state-owned banks and best credit unions, currently serving 120,000 members and valued at more than $1.1 billion. In addition to serving community banking needs, Hughes also places a high priority on financial education and community outreach, which is why we recognize that the Hughes program helps our outreach.

While providing banking products and services is its primary function, Huch is committed to improving the financial health of its members and the Tucson community as a whole.

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Through community partnerships and employee-led initiatives, Hughes helps children develop financial literacy skills and attitudes while providing workshops to adults who do not benefit from adequate financial education from a early age

“We’re bringing financial literacy to schools which is very important,” Gomez said. “When I went to school, there was no such course. I made all the mistakes that young people make. “

Through a partnership with Banzai, a company specializing in financial literacy, Hughes provides financial education to help young people better understand money and develop positive financial habits. One of Hughes’ educational efforts is to provide schools with workbooks related to financial literacy that can be used in any classroom, whether mathematics, economics or social studies.

“We pay for everything so the teachers can order as much as they need,” said Gomez.

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The program’s curriculum is designed to meet Arizona-wide academic standards and is flexible enough to be implemented in the classroom at any time. The centerpiece of the workbook is a virtual simulation in which students are tasked with saving $2,000 for college while overcoming various financial obstacles. If they succeed, they win the game and pass the test.

“Students are faced with real life scenarios such as your car breaking down. Do you buy a very expensive car or get your car repaired or buy a new car that is a little cheaper? Even what they choose will put them in the next scenario,” said Gomez.

Another example is the issue of tenant insurance, which the game encourages users to buy. If the student refuses, their non-virtual apartment may flood, proving the benefits of their property insurance.

At the end of the module, Hughes representatives will come to class as speakers and students will have the opportunity to join them in a Q&A session.

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“Now we have 15 schools. Since 2017, we have reached over 1,200 students through Banzai and another 690 through community partnerships,” said Gomez that students can really give us feedback. or “I know that insurance can help you a lot in an accident” or “I know the importance of paying yourself in advance and how you prioritize and the need.

Hughes recognizes the benefits of the first path to financial security for children. And he admits that many adults also struggle with financial literacy. To address this, Hughes also offers adult education workshops.

“We are partnering with many community partners and non-profit organizations to provide financial education to adults,” Gomez said. This one-hour workshop covers topics such as basic budgets, real estate trends, identity protection and retirement plans, and Hughes has reached 442 adults since 2017.

Gomez tells us that the budget workshops are the most popular. “Believe it or not, a lot of people struggle with designing a basic budget. “I think it’s a little scary for people sometimes.” “So all we have to do is break it down to put it on paper . It’s a little old school, but it really helps people see their financial situation. We have a lot of paperwork and we have budget worksheets. It separates everything from your rental to entertainment fund service.

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The right reader – entertainment is a type of budget. Far from being a financial watchdog, Hughes believes in helping people achieve financial health without sacrificing personal satisfaction and free time. “We work to survive,” Gomez said. “We don’t live to work.”

April is Hughes Youth Literacy and Finance Month, and in 2018 1,330 members under the age of 18 contributed a total of $479,658. Expanding Hughes’ financial literacy These stories help teach young people the importance of saving money and give them a way to embrace and maintain this important behavior.

Hughes also supports the youth by giving back

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