Cheap Cat Boarding Near Me

Cheap Cat Boarding Near Me

Cheap Cat Boarding Near Me – At Sam & Danni’s, your special cat will enjoy our glass-enclosed octagonal space with live music and beautiful ambient lighting. Your feline friend will find the perfect place to hang out when you’re out and about at Sam & Danni.

Fresh grass, food and water, and clean bedding are provided daily, and each room includes a window overlooking a flower garden where your cat can see butterflies and hummingbirds flying by! Each cabin in our cat farm can accommodate three cats from one family.

Cheap Cat Boarding Near Me

Be sure to pick up your pet before 11am on the day of departure to avoid extra day charges!

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For safety reasons, please keep all pets under control, on a leash or in a bag while in the house.

Sam and Danni give you another way to save. With our travel purchase program, pre-purchase 30 days of travel at discounted rates and no discounts for weekends, holidays and peak season prices, set your price for the full 30 days of travel and use as you wish. they want, they don’t die. Call us today to purchase your prepaid car passport.

Note: All amenities are required upon arrival. Cleaning samples, game time and packages will incur additional costs.

Monday through Friday, all deliveries must be here 1 hour before closing. Collection during normal hours, but without charge until 11 am. Ask about a part-time delivery service for preschool!!!

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“We entered our lab with the huskies, and we were surprised when we went to pick them up that they didn’t want to leave…where Sam and Danni were amazing!!!!” pets; they are valuable members of your family. That’s why our hotel is built to be welcoming to people, designed to meet all needs and with professional cat grooming staff. That way, you will always travel with peace of mind, feeling loved, safe and at home. when you can’t be there.

Our attention to detail and commitment to quality has been a hallmark of cat boarding in Singapore. We’ve earned the trust of intelligent cat owners across the country with unmatched quality and reliability.

Our holistic approach to cat care ensures that every cat benefits from a combination of rest and mental stimulation. Our cat-loving staff provides playtime, socializing and snuggling to keep your girlfriend happy.

Our boutique hotel is clean, spacious and clean and has a variety of beautiful rooms and suites. All of our facilities are designed and landscaped according to ISFM and AAFP feline environmental needs to provide your pet with a calm and stress-free stay.

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You should always ask questions and arrange to see your favorite places before booking. We welcome special Cat Hotel visits from guests who are interested in our company. Our managers will be happy to meet you!

I think this is my third time coming here and my cat loves it here!! I have never had a bad experience here and the sitters (elizabeth & bea, sarah & nabila) took good care of my cats; so he must have loved them!! If I go abroad, I will send my cat here. 10/10 I recommend this place 💖

We entered our cats JJ and KAP. It’s the first time we’ve been apart in 4 years because of an epidemic and we’re worried if he’ll ever change. The care team provided timely updates which helped us to reassure him that he was in good hands. We look forward to news and updates every afternoon. We were relieved that JJ seemed curious and relaxed. Congratulations again to Beatrys, Chloe, Eliz and Beth! Thank you for loving and caring JJ.

I sent my cats @Kampong Bahru for a week and I am very happy with their work. I opted for social media updates to make sure my cat is healthy and am happy to receive 3+ photos a day including videos! I appreciate and love the work style of Arifah and Farihah! They were easy to contact and responded to me in a timely manner! If I had to send a cat on a plane, I would recommend again 😸!!! Here are some photos from the stay ~~~

The Feline Hotel

Yes, you can! It is important to us that you are satisfied with our facilities and that we can discuss your cat’s care needs in detail. To arrange a visit to the hotel, leave a message to our customer team via WhatsApp at 62883636 from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. daily.

Prices vary by location, location and date. Our private rooms usually start at $49 per night. A long-term discount of up to 10% is available for stays of 14 nights or more.

The nightly rate includes accommodation with air conditioning 24/7, free use of cat litter boxes and access to the hotel. Our keepers also provide twice-daily cleanings, social time and daily updates on your cat’s activities.

Unlike our competitors, we offer a change policy, no questions asked about booking changes and cancellations up to 48 hours before your booking starts. Your reservation will be converted into hotel credit so you can easily and hassle-free rebook your future stay with us. * Cancellation dates cannot be changed or refunded. * Terms and conditions apply, please see full FAQ. Cat boarding / cat lover’s hotel for your fur babies! Newly renovated in a clean and comfortable environment, 5 minutes from Kalang MRT. Your fur babies will have playtime in the large area with climbing shelves. The room must be cleaned before and after each flight. Photos and videos will be sent to the pawn shop via WhatsApp. We’re on Facebook @pawsitive_love and IG @pawsitive_lovesg Booking dates from January 1st *Promotion* 30 days and under $30 for first cat $28 for second cat $25 for three cat + per day during the peak period $2 1. The owners will give their own cat. food and cat litter. 2. Cat owners must have their own vaccinations up to date when boarding a flight. 3. Contact us for an appointment for extended shipping. Here are some pictures of our friends enjoying their stay 🥰

Cat Boarding Hotel

Great to enter the cat! My Bella is well looked after and the nanny updates me with pictures and videos every day. If your cat doesn’t want to go out, show him that he likes it. All the attention I can get🤣 Thanks for taking such good care of my Bella. I will keep you busy again while we are on vacation ❤️

Dog Grooming Dog Grooming Cat Grooming Grooming Dog Grooming Pet Grooming Dog Day Care Grooming Grooming Grooming Dog Adoption for Cats Pet Biz AVS License Cat Cabin Cabin Suite 90cm x 90cm including: -Cat scratcher -Cat litter box with cat tray -Food bowl -Water bowl -Cat litter box -1 photo/video per day – Time to play and interact with your cat. (Times must be alternated when walking with other cats. Cats from different houses will not play if they are in the same house. You must bring your own cat food. Prices Cabin Fees $28 per night for 1 cat for 30 nights – 15 % discount on private rooms available $60 for 1 cat $75 for 2 cats $90 for 3 cats $120 for 4 cats (15% discount for 30 nights) – More than the room – Unlimited roaming requirements : – All cats must be vaccinated – All cats must be spayed or neutered – No medical conditions – Deposit required to confirm booking (subject to availability) – No wax, ticks and fleas from morning to 6pm No one will be there overnight. You will need to bring your cat food now. CCTV system is not allowed and we provide 1xphoto/ video via WS every day.

Payment by the seller is not accepted. For your safety, avoid paying before the meeting

Punggol dog boarding cat boarding cat adoption dog for small dog small cat cat for best adoption litter doja cat dog adoption acrylic chinchilla cage Are you planning a trip abroad but worried about leaving your friend feline behind? Thanks to cat shelters, you don’t have to worry about your pet’s health while you’re away. These shelters provide a safe and comfortable environment where your pet can be entertained and cared for.

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In this article, we will explore some of the licensed cat boarding services in Singapore and share answers to some frequently asked questions!

Note: To obtain a pet license

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