Craigslist Cars For Sale Under $1 000

Craigslist Cars For Sale Under $1 000

Craigslist Cars For Sale Under 000 – Finding cheap used cars is very difficult these days. It’s harder than ever to find affordable premium vehicles, especially if you only have $5,000 to spend. But they’re still out there, and we’ve found five cars to suit different needs. from super budget to project cars, family friendly, fun and convenient options.

Honestly, I’m used to my native Los Angeles being Craigslist bait. This quest was a little more difficult, but those in Texas still have some interesting options. There are a few cars I would buy, but I don’t recommend them, so I prefer more practical options. Instead of a $3,000 Volkswagen Touareg, I settled for a more affordable Japanese SUV. Only for you.

Craigslist Cars For Sale Under $1 000

Please note that this is just an innocent review – there was no VIN or email verification with the seller, so actual condition is taken at face value. If any of these sound appealing and you have a chance to check them out before purchasing, we highly recommend them. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some San Antonio Craigslist gear under $5,000.

Biggest Scams To Avoid When Buying A Car On Craigslist

The budget spot was originally reserved for an interesting 1991 Dodge Colt manual, but it sold within a day of being found. Instead, it’s a 2000 Toyota Corolla. The Corolla may be a boring choice, but it’s what you want on a budget. It should be cheap to own and maintain, which means the heating and air conditioning work.

The listing says it’s automatic, but the photos show a gear, so potential buyers will have to confirm that detail. Big chrome wheels may not be for everyone, but if that’s what you’re looking for, it’s probably a great option with the new wheels.

If you’re on a budget but still want a V8 and don’t care about fuel economy, how about a $2,600 2003 Mercury Grand Prix?

If there’s one truth we all have to face, it’s that a minivan is the vehicle most families need. Most people prefer to buy SUVs and crossovers, but MPVs have more interior space and cargo space, take up less space, have better fuel economy and do everything people want. They have the unfortunate stigma of being just a minivan.

Used Cars For Sale Under $1,000 Near Me

This 2005 Toyota Sienna is the perfect example of a minivan. It will be reliable, wide and cheap. This is a boring option, but there are many people who are looking for a leader in something cheap and good.

The Nissan Xterra is a poorly kept SUV secret. I’m not entirely sure why they are still so cheap, even in more populated areas. They have good truck construction and decent off-road equipment. Enough to make it a solid truck.

This particular Xterra has almost lunar miles, but has the immortal KA24DE engine and manual transmission. Unfortunately, it’s two-wheel drive, so it doesn’t have ultimate off-road capabilities. But with two rear-wheel drives you can go far with the right driving style and attitude.

I’m not entirely sure why the car is facing the wrong way in the photos, but perhaps it was parked on a grassy knoll. It looks quite clean inside and out and has a freshly serviced air conditioner, just in time for winter. All for $4000.

Selling A Car Worth Less Than $2,000

Apparently Texas likes its dark, old Mitsubishis. This 1989 Galant looks like a suitcase even though it has 228,000 miles on the odometer. Heck, it doesn’t look mint, it looks mint. This ad intrigued me. The seller has included a Gran-Turisma style driving video that goes into absurd detail about this budget car. Watch the clip. I like the sliding text box.

According to the seller, it needs an AC compressor. Otherwise it’s like nothing is needed. And yes, even considering the miles, I think this condition makes it collectible. Many of these Galants didn’t survive 2010, let alone 2020. This is a time capsule that you can drive every day for just $4,000.

To be honest, I had to reconsider my idea of ​​a nice car for this list. Living near mountain roads, I like light sports cars. Land rocket is the best choice in Texas. Enter this 2000 Pontiac Firebird with T-Balls.

True, there are some disadvantages. The car needs air conditioning and has a cracked dashboard, persistent check engine light and a broken headlight motor. Also, the title appears to indicate a higher mileage than the odometer and is not recorded. Unfortunately, this is the only interesting car I found in San Antonio that wasn’t crazy expensive.

Classic Fiberglass Kit Cars For Sale On Craigslist

At $5000 it’s a tough deal, but I think negotiating will yield a very cheap project car. If the miles are very low, this can be a very good deal. And as the seller in the advertisement points out as one of the positive points: “Cool-ass car.”

Note: Garage’s “Five of Five” highlights five cars listed under $5,000 in a specific geographic area. The idea is to gauge the pulse of the cheap car market and provide some context about the current state of Craigslist. Please note: We do not know these sellers and have not personally seen any of these vehicles. We only share them based on what appears in the ad, so use your wallet at your own risk! You can buy an iPhone X on Craigslist for the price of 8 cars. instead of one of these bad boys?

Apple’s super-important product conference ended today with the announcement of the iPhone

, by the way), lets Apple read its gospel to you. The detail we’re interested in is the asking price: $999

Shopping For Cheap Used Cars On Craigslist

. That’s a lot of money for a new phone, which makes us wonder what else we can get for that coin?

The iPhone can do a lot. You know what he can’t do? Take you somewhere. So if, like us, you find the thousand-dollar price tag a bit tough, consider one of these fully functional car alternatives. The rules here are simple: find a used car on US Craigslist for $1,000 or less and explain why you have it (or on your iPhone). Here are our picks.

I probably lose my iPhone twice a week on average. So why would I spend $1,000 on a piece of sensitive technology when I could buy something that I thought was unbreakable? It’s a Panther on a body with reinforced suspension so officers can jump curbs and slide past the bad guys, just like the Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor. After a stint in the police fleet, this Crown Vic was withdrawn from service, converted into a taxi (I’m sure it did all sorts of heavy lifting here) and scrapped.

. Unlike the iPhone, this case is basically indestructible. (Although it seems impossible to capture it completely in one frame…)

Red Flags When Buying A Classic Car On Craigslist

You know it’s a keeper when the ad doesn’t even mention the car in the title. For all intents and purposes, this Ford Probe GT is a 1989 Mazda MX-6, only better because it still looks futuristic almost 30 years later and sports body-colored three-spoke wheels. It also has a 2.2-litre turbo five-speed gearbox. No one in their right mind would choose a supercharged iPhone over this example of incredible ’80s sauce.

The iPhone

That’s not the case with the 1992 Toyota Celica GT-S, which will definitely take me back to my freshman year of high school. A friend of mine drove one of those Celicas, which I often stole for a quick cruise (when your daily driver is a Suzuki Samurai, almost everything feels fast). I probably wouldn’t feel so fast today, but the smell of 90’s Toyota carpet got me off the gas and I’m sure it will haunt me for years to come. Take my money.

For example, the bumpers are faded, the seats are dirty and there is no registration of the mileage. So? The first generation Focus was highly praised for its practicality and driving pleasure. It’s a hatchback, so more than 64GB is suitable for friends and the like. And while an iPhone lets you stream a concert from your bedroom, this Focus lets you attend that concert in person. Only $995 – make sure you buy the upholstery cleaner first.

Tesla Model 3 Comes Up For Sale… For $150,000

I already have an iPhone. It meets all my needs. What I don’t have is a convertible. A 1986 Saab 900 was my first car

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