Key West Tarpon Fishing Guides

Key West Tarpon Fishing Guides

Key West Tarpon Fishing Guides – Success is not an accident. It is hard work, patience, learning, dedication and above all, love for what you do or what you are learning to do.

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Key West Tarpon Fishing Guides

The last few weeks on the water have been great with tarpon showing up around Islamorada and the Everglades. I went fishing for the first time last week and I was lucky with very good weather and there was a lot of tarp. Randy from Atlanta had dreamed of fly fishing for a big tarpon for years and finally caught one of the four fish he gave away that day and we took it to the boat for a photo. hurry up and release it. Every time I can make a hunter’s dream come true it’s truly rewarding and that’s why I work so hard to make it happen.

Key West Fly Fishing Guide: Tarpon, Permit, Bonefish

I got to spend a few days in Key West with my good friends and clients Rich and Jorge, I always enjoy fishing with these two guys as they are great to hang out with and they Surrender as they find. We had a rough first few days down there and he was trying to get his beekeeping license. We actually had 2 hours of sunlight to work with and 2 days of fishing but when the sun came out we took advantage and cast crabs and put in some resources the best in the boat is a 30lb monster. We had a few chances with the fly rod but not enough to get these smart fish to eat the fly. We also managed to get a big tarpon and hooked some nice fish that were really open during the fight.

Spring is here, and fishing is in full swing as summer sets in. If you haven’t booked a trip yet, you must do so soon! I have been a Key West Flats Fishing Guide since 1994. While I offer fishing charters all over Key West, my favorite thing to do is take people fishing the flats. Everything I love about Key West fishing is in this package. Fishing, hunting and finally getting away from it all for a few hours in peace. Meeting good people and having good conversations. Of course the amazing boats I use to get us there and back safely.

Whether I’m using a push rod in shallow water on my technical fishing boat or a motor on my modern Yellowfin Carbon Elite 24ft Bay, the goal and the results are the same. To find fish tired in the sea for my fishermen. Chasing the Key West blockbuster of tarpon, permit and bonefish with some surprises along the way.

Greater discipline is the name of the game when we are green. We want fish, we find them, I guide you to the position and you make the cast. When the needle is threaded and everything comes together, the fishermen have a good fish and a boat. This is when it all comes together.

Florida Keys Fishing Guide — Islamorada Fishing Report — Moon Cast Anglers

Flat fishing appeals to anglers, nature lovers and those who enjoy fishing in calm and clear waters.

My flats fishing charters are usually early morning. We start fishing for tarpon at sunrise and then move on to the shallows in search of other species that I always prepare.

All of my Key West fishing rentals have many options. The sky is the limit when fishing with myself or my team of professional flatfish guides. From the type of boats we use to the advanced fishing equipment and equipment specially designed for fishing flats.

I have the best fishing gear available from DAIWA rods and reels. Saltiga and Exist Reels. 10 – 20 lb fishing line, loaded with Daiwa Samurai braided lines. The longest casting distance with the highest accuracy in the right hands gives my anglers the best chance to catch the fish of their dreams.

Fishing Key West In June

I don’t discount my fishing rentals so I don’t have to buy discounted fishing gear for my anglers to fish with. The ORVIS line of Helios 3 D rods with ORVIS Mirage reels are the latest additions to the ORVIS fly line. I offer all leaders, flies and instructions for all skill levels and interest. I believe in nothing but the best for my hunters.

I will fish double flats for 4, 6 or 8 hours. Trips vary depending on the day, moon and tides and what fish we are targeting. I provide everything you need to fish including a cooler full of ice with bottled water.

We will decide whether to use my technical inspection boat or Yellowfin Bay boat depending on the time of year, your needs in the boat and the type you want. If… you want to bring 3 or 4 hunters I can help you with that too. Please see my state hunting permits.

My wife “Island Jane” runs my schedule. Calling him directly is always the best option for my fishing rentals. He also has a great blog about Key West called “The Key Wester”. Welcome to addiction. If I had to pick one fish to represent the Florida Keys, it would have to be the mighty tarpon. These delicious game fish will keep you up at night and fill your daydreams. Acrobatics and roars keep people coming back every year to experience this addictive hunt. Key West is one of the best tarpon fishing spots in the world. We have fish all year round and the crystal clear water offers fantastic fishing opportunities. Plan dates quickly during tarpon season (March-June) so please register early if you want to come down this time of year.

Key West Reef Fishing

Here in Key West, Florida, our large migratory fish begin to appear in the spring. At the beginning of March it usually stops and lasts until August. During the peak season (April – June) we see thousands and thousands of migratory birds set up camp in the beautiful waters surrounding the Lower Keys. If I had to take two months a year to write a tarpon fishing license, May and June would be the winners. Days of the year fill up very quickly, especially when anglers have a chance to catch this big game.

Late summer/fall is also a great time of year to target our small tarpon (10-30lbs) in the backcountry. They are ubiquitous and easily handled with light equipment or flying equipment. The cooler months (December-February) make it difficult to get good numbers of our big tarpon, but if you know where to look and the right conditions. During these cooler months, overnight fees are still exciting and have more chances to hook a minnow on light (10-30 pound average).

When someone says they’re going to “fly the Keys,” the first thing most people think of is targeting our most popular ocean game fish. Tarpon! Tarpon fly fishing is common in the Florida Keys and Key West, and for good reason. Our clear waters and abundance of migratory fish make the Keys one of the best places in the world to view these game fish. It doesn’t get any cooler than watching a hundred pound dinosaur inhale your fly in crystal clear water.

Best time of year to fly fish for tarpon in the Key’s Big Tarpon – April-July. If you consider yourself a fly fisherman, this is a bucket list event. These monsters tower over the greens and offer exceptional fly fishing opportunities. Juvenile tarpon – July-October will give us many opportunities to fly fish. These funny fish rise above shallow water and fly with the right fly. The first cold spot usually moves around October or November, depending on the year, sending them to deeper water where we have to target them with live bait – but it’s still a blast!

Groupers, Snappers, And Sharks

There are many ways to catch these big game fish. Some prefer to put them in shallow flies and cast flies, while others use a variety of live bees and artificials on spinners to do the job. Some tarpon guides will stop and throw a dead bait

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