Family Law Attorney San Jose

Family Law Attorney San Jose

Family Law Attorney San Jose – Your first and most important goal in your divorce is to go through it in a time and cost-effective way while preserving your assets, money, and relationship with your children. A family law case is difficult because everything you care about and work for is at stake. At the same time, overcoming these difficulties is the first step towards a new beginning. Given the importance of the changes you are considering to yourself and your financial future, an experienced San Jose family law attorney who understands your goals and needs can guide you to a place of greater personal and financial stability.

At the Ekaterina Berman Law Firm, you can work with me as a Family Law Specialist certified by the California Board of Legal Professionals. This certification is achieved by exceeding standard licensing requirements. It consists of an advanced level of professional qualification and experience in a particular area of ​​the law, which is achieved through additional study, review and experience. In addition to this highest level of expertise, you will have access to me as your attorney throughout the course of your case. I am here to help you put stress and emotions aside and focus on the issues and things that are important to you.

Family Law Attorney San Jose

The FAQ page provides practical advice based on real experience. I invite you to check out my website where you can find out who I am and what I do. I encourage you to take action to explore your options. Having the right information and tools is the key to a successful outcome. Whether you are involved in a divorce or post-divorce case involving property division, child or spousal support, child custody, modification of a court order, or a domestic violence case, I am here to provide you with the solutions that’ t you need. your goals.

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Contact the Law Office of Ekaterina Berman at (408) 351-1204 or online for a consultation. My office serves the Bay Area and Silicon Valley.

Exclusive and focused focus on all family law matters. We serve customers throughout San Jose, Santa Clara County and Northern California. Summary of Positive Reviews: Clients enjoy the compassionate and effective representation provided by the law office of Stephen A. Dinnin P.C. During difficult divorce cases, family law attorneys listen carefully and develop individual strategies to achieve the result you desire. They specialize in resolving matters through mediation and negotiation, and at the same time they are ready to further…

Summary of positive reviews: Aeschleman Law stands out for its experience and compassionate approach to family law matters, especially in areas such as divorce, child custody, property division and support. Customers appreciate the individual attention and support from the team, which makes the process smooth and stress-free. The company’s commitment to putting the needs of children first is even greater…

Summary of positive reviews: Clients emphasize the knowledge and professionalism of the Louie & Kitsuse law firm in the field of family law. Clients praise the team for reliability, timeliness of services and ability to simplify complex legal matters. They value lawyers’ balanced approach and honest and strategic advice. Business participation and more…

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Summary of Positive Feedback: Clients consistently praise the law firm of Ekaterina Berman for her exceptional work ethic, communication skills, efficiency and knowledge of family law. They appreciate the firm’s commitment to providing quality legal assistance in areas such as divorce, domestic violence, spousal support and child support. Customers appreciate a personal approach more…

Foster Hsu, LLP has received excellent reviews for exceptional service in the family law attorney category. Clients have praised the firm for its competence, compassion, professionalism and experience in handling a wide range of family law matters. They are recognized for their clear communication, unbiased opinions and ability to provide guidance throughout the legal process. More…

Seabrook Law Firm has received great reviews from satisfied clients who have worked with them for family law services. Clients have expressed appreciation for the professionalism, dedication and compassion provided by Seabrook Law Firm. Lawyers are praised for their knowledge of the legal process and their ability to clearly explain complex issues. Another lie…

** Summary of Positive Reviews: ** Clients appreciate Mello & Pickering, LLP’s expertise in family law, especially in divorce and child custody. Lawyers are praised for their professionalism, compassion and ability to provide reliable legal advice. Clients feel supported and informed throughout the process, and refer to the team’s responsiveness and commitment to their cases. More…

** Summary of positive reviews: ** Clients appreciate the professionalism, knowledge and responsiveness of the lawyers of “Argyris Mah” LLC. They appreciate fast and accurate communication, as well as the care and support of the entire team. The law firm’s cost-effective services, transparency and efficiency in handling family law cases made a positive impression. More…

Summary of positive opinions: Clients of Silicon Valley family law firm Dapril-Bell praise the professionalism and knowledge of family law lawyers. They appreciate the individual attention, strategic commitment and successful results of the legal team. Clients emphasize excellent communication, knowledge of family law and commitment to dispute resolution. More…

2. Clients appreciate the personal attention and transparency provided by the family law attorneys at MTSA. Clients note that lawyers do not give false hope and are open about possible outcomes from the start. MTSA attorneys are known for their communication skills and keeping clients engaged throughout the process, ultimately leading to favorable outcomes. More…

The list of top 10 family law lawyers collected and recognized by San Jose is based on online reputation, supported by review sources such as Google reviews, testimonials, and more.

Top 10 Best Affordable Family Law Attorney In San Jose, Ca

We select the best companies in a given location and evaluate them based on rating, number of reviews and verification (profile reported or not).

The process of registering a family business involves manual search, verification and listing. Please note that some companies are listed here by registering for our services, as each company not only gets access to Saas services, but also has a profile specified. We rate firms based on their online reputation, reach, online resources such as their website, and how they rank among the top 10 family law attorneys.

Our verified list of family law attorneys in San Jose is based on solid internet activity and Google reviews that guarantee credibility. Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM 111 W. St. John Street, Suite 404, San Jose, CA 95113

We think of ourselves as a law-abiding technology company. So it makes sense that we expanded our services to Silicon Valley. If you​​​​are looking for an experienced and compassionate representative who is results-oriented, our family law attorneys are for you! Learn about our practice areas in San Jose:

Salary: Family Lawyer In Santa Clara, Ca (mar, 2024)

Visit us for a free consultation so we can help you. Depending on your preference, you can meet the lawyer in person, see him via video, or talk over the phone.

In many cases, your consultation can be completed the same day you call us. Just ask our team when you call.

Our technological approach to each case saves our clients time and money. By reducing friction and simplifying the process, you can trust our San Jose team to help you get the results you want at an affordable price.

So far, so good! My lawyer and attorney are doing a great job. They processed my comprehensive case before the application deadline. They made a great statement about baby care and I expect better results in the coming months.

Best Silicon Valley Divorce Lawyers

I was very happy to connect with Joy Antonette Diaz. I was impressed with his patience and knowledge as a family lawyer. He was able to answer all my questions and also give me advice on what to do. Her friendly personality put me at ease knowing that she truly cares and combined with her professionalism, you can’t beat that. Happiness is absolutely amazing! Modern Family Law is lucky to have her…

Great experience with this law firm. I talked to Tracy and she gave me advice on what to do. He even said I didn’t even need a lawyer and didn’t charge me anything for the phone consultation. I highly recommend.

Monika Nemec and her team showed great professionalism and showed real care and concern. From day one there was enthusiasm, constant communication, and if I had a question or concern, she and her team were available. It was five star service throughout. I highly recommend their company.

Attorney Monika Nemec is an extraordinary litigator in family law and the courtroom. Trust me, you need someone as committed to perfection and success as he is to run your business. Reputation is everything and she has it in spades!

Family Law Attorney

At Modern Family Law, our San Jose attorneys handle cases using a compassionate approach to keep conflict levels low and costs low. It is important to have an experienced and compassionate family law attorney guide you as you face these difficult and life-changing times.

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