Thrift Shops Des Moines Ia

Thrift Shops Des Moines Ia

Thrift Shops Des Moines Ia – There’s something special about spending the day in a little shop. After spending hours searching through endless shelves for the perfect item, it’s so rewarding to find what you’re looking for.

It’s also a great way to combat fast fashion, especially since eco-friendly brands aren’t always cheap—thank goodness for these thrift stores in Des Moines.

Thrift Shops Des Moines Ia

The DAV Thrift Store at 2627 East University Avenue offers great prices, excellent customer service and a wide selection of items. All proceeds go to support disabled veterans with housing, medical appointments and more. One customer described her shopping experience as “a treasure hunt that never disappoints.”

Style Encore Des Moines, Ia

When you purchase a new outfit from Animal Lifeline Thrift Shop, you have the opportunity to support a no-kill animal shelter. Just head over to 3304 Southwest 9th Street and check out the list of great stores. If you’re not looking for clothes, don’t worry – the store also has a great selection of housewares and books.

Many Google reviews expressed shock at the size of the store. One user said: “Not an inch of wasted space.”

Many Hands Thrift Market is located in Haymarket Square. This well-organized thrift store is perfect for those who like to buy second-hand items, but often don’t take advantage of the usual “light” that comes with it. Despite the seemingly endless selection of clothes, shoes, bags and household items, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.

If you want to save unique furniture for your home, Changing Places is a great place to start. The cost of furnishing an apartment or house can be very high, especially if you need all the large items like beds, tables, chairs and desks. Fortunately, this store sells high-quality items at reasonable prices. Be sure to stop by 3250 100th Street to see what they have to offer!

Let’s Go Thrift Shopping

It’s not a new store at 705 East University Avenue, it’s not a big store, but it certainly still delivers. Some Google reviewers were very pleased with the quality of the listings, and one customer pointed out the possibility of stricter sales standards. It’s important to note that prices here may be slightly higher than normal; However, visitors still enjoy shopping.

The Bargain Basket thrift store is located at 3811 Ingersoll Avenue. This thrift store sells mostly used clothing, as well as some shoes and accessories – you might even be able to pick up some designer items if you stop by at the right time. The money raised also benefits the community! There are lots of great items on display in the store, so there’s no shortage of outfit inspiration.

Thriftmart is the best place to find used clothes at great prices. Many customers find what they are looking for here and much more – one even said that this store is “the best place to find treasures”. Visit 2324 Euclid Avenue and see for yourself: My daughter Johanna came home from college for the weekend and was thinking about “frugality.” Wanting to spend as much time with him as possible, my wife Annie and I accompanied him to the Goodwill on S.E. 14th Street in Des Moines, and I’m glad we did. I was exposed to a part of our world that I didn’t know existed.

Johanna has been living with her friends for years and I’ve taken her to little shops before, but those trips didn’t prepare me for the incredible cultural experience at The Bins. This used to happen.

The Universe Of Thrift Shops

When we arrived, Johanna and Annie were already on their way and knew what to do. I just wandered around trying to figure out what was going on.

Just a few of the many items in “The Bins” at Goodwill. (Photo by Robert Leonard)

The store is spacious and there are blue bathtubs on the walls. There are two types of items in the trash can; “hard line” and “soft line”. The hard line is toys, records, shoes and other items. Smooth lines are clothes. The hard line signal is dark blue, the soft line signal is light blue. People are aggressive with hard and soft lines, and the container “rolls” with the merchandise as the hand moves.

In hard lines there is a lot of “chaotic” noise because all objects are thrown quickly and carelessly after scanning, and like “hard” lines they are chaotic. The smooth line glides smoothly, almost whispering. On the walls there is a larger display of lights and electronics like in a normal store. There is also a display of non-slip glasses, cleaning products and framed crafts.

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The image does not show the harvest speed. Please watch the video below. People work quickly, trying to identify and claim what is important to them before others do.

. What they do is different from what many farmers do, which is harvesting by hand, whether strawberries or carrots; Fortunately, the height of the container means the job isn’t a chore. They work as fast as they can to determine and learn the value of something through mental calculations, and if it is found to be valuable, they harvest it before anyone else.

As I often feel like I know very little about the world around me, I’m always looking for people who know their stuff and are willing to teach me. Christina (left) and Rosanna (right) agreed to answer my questions. I didn’t think to ask them about their titles, but that’s what it seems like to me.

. But in fact they were the ones who controlled this organized chaos. If I may exaggerate a little, people like Christina and Rosanna are on the brink of civilization and the apocalypse!

Top 10 Best Thrift Stores In Des Moines, Ia

I was told most things sell for $1.59 a pound. Some of the electronics, accessories, lights, etc. They are purchased individually if they are a good brand and look good, but most cost $1.59 each.

Strict rules apply – NO pushing, shoving, touching or removing items from shopping carts.

The video above shows what happens when new containers are added. A voice came over the loudspeaker saying, “Clear the aisle, including the carts,” and announced where the new carts were going. The harvesters are on the move, waiting for the bins to arrive. Then the shovel is pushed and the harvest workers wait until the signal comes that they can start harvesting. Go!

Christina and Rosanna told me that about 20 people come to visit me every day. Regular employees always wait at the door before the store opens at 10am. While waiting, the Grim Reaper looks out the window to see what trash cans are left from yesterday and looks at the wheels of the new items inside to see if any are left. as important items in a separate container. When the door opens, they rush to the new container.

New Nonprofit Thrift Store To Help Unhoused People In Des Moines

Rosanna says that most regular customers have their own stores or sell their products online. Some come just to buy things for themselves and “lots of new things every day”.

A woman has her own YouTube channel where she interviews herself in the trash can. Apparently he makes a living from his videos.

Rosanna and Christina tell me that although people are generally well-behaved, there are still fights and insults, and sometimes you have to ask them to leave or call the police. When there are disagreements, people often talk to each other on the phone.

“A lot of homeless people come in… a lot of people… just crazy, acting crazy and causing drama and problems, and we ask them to leave, and sometimes we have to call the police, but usually it’s cool, it’s cool.” thing to save something. “

Cindy’s Boutique In Valley Junction

According to Goodwill, there are 18 stores in Des Moines that participate in The Bins, and 10 new bins are changed out every hour.

Savings is particularly popular among Gen Zers, who were born between 1995 and 2010. The second market is expected to reach $77 billion by 2025 – up from $36 billion in 2021 – and is growing 11 times faster than the clothing retail industry in general. sector, according to a report from retail research firm GlobalData.

New Jersey student and trader Paige Lippman has insight into why young people are interested in saving.

“I think the three principles I live by are convenience, durability and affordability,” Lippman said. “I think those are the big things that really attract college students.”

The Ultimate Des Moines Thrifting Guide Des Moines Girl

As one might suspect, there is a special savings jargon. Some people think of economics as a happy addiction. Some see thrift shopping’s status as an art: “Thrift stores are… a cultural relic containing artifacts from the past, often from the 80s and 90s…”

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