Craigslist Treasure Coast Cars By Owner

Craigslist Treasure Coast Cars By Owner

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Today’s Nice Price or No Dies MGB is an off-custom, but according to its seller, it could be Carroll Shelby’s first special. Let’s see if we buy both the story and the price

Craigslist Treasure Coast Cars By Owner

The 1969 Avanti II we saw yesterday reminded me of a story I read years ago about a “haunted” car permit. His owner thought the car was there because every time he pressed the accelerator it would suddenly jump out of control. It happened every time It turned out that the culprit was not the Spectral, but a broken engine mount that caused the entire engine to wobble under load and pull the throttle rod. There was also nothing supernatural about yesterday’s Avanti and its $17,500 price tag. This combination won 80 percent of Nice Price in the real world

Sold For Sale 97 4runner

Come to think of it, how many of you have been drawn into a great story someone told you and when you finish questioning its veracity? I once met a retired engineer judging a car show During our lunch, he told me a story about how as a teenager he was given a ride in a Buick Y-job by none other than Harley J., while hanging out with his father, who worked at GM Security at the time. . After the count asks Kishore what his future plans are, Ar agrees to be his benefactor, paying for his education and later helping him land a job as an engineer at GM. Over empty dessert plates and sweaty glasses of iced tea, this gentleman told me another story: how Adolf Hitler escaped from his bunker hideout in Berlin and spent the rest of his days in Argentina. Yes

Today is the 1970s The MGB is a Ford 2.3 SVO engine and has its own story which may or may not be a true one. I let the seller spin it:

Interesting story He bought the car from the last owner’s widow. Designed by Manekar Shelley during his brief retirement and built by others It was offered as a joint venture between Shelby, Ford and MGB Ford and Shelby had a fight. Ford continued with the SVO Mustang and SVO Thunderbird Shelby went to Chrysler to build their turbo caps The MG Rover went with the MGB with the V8 The story appears to match a well-known story, but this has not been confirmed If you can authenticate the story, this collectible will have significantly more value

See? This is an amazing formula and crazy to be true The car itself is also a no-brainer, with only the doors, windscreen and convertible top acknowledging the car’s MG origins. The car features flared fenders on either side, a subtle nose that is fitted over the original MGB hood for flex and extra support, and VW Rabbit taillights below a knife-edge spoiler at the rear.

Cash For Junk Cars In Crescent City , California

Underpinning this is a range of Ford parts Let’s start with the engine, which is said to be the 2.3-liter Lima Four It’s pulled from a Thunderbird Turbo Coupe or SVO Mustang and produces 205 horsepower. Out back is a five-speed stick that directs the Ford’s narrow 9-inch rear position differential. The ad touts not only the engine’s larger displacement than the original B-Series MG, but also its lighter weight.

The interior was not neglected during the customization phase of the car and received leather upholstery and a completely updated dashboard with new gauges and eyeball vents for the climate control. And yes, there is air conditioning Everything seems to be in very good shape

The exterior also looks good, though I’ve never seen it An odd part of the design is how the headlights stay on when the hood is open, giving the car a cannibalistic look when the engine is available. It’s also surprising that the fat tires don’t rub against the wheels, as they seem to fit perfectly

The car has a clear title and 17,300 miles The asking price for the car and the movie rights to the background is $26,000

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What do you think of this custom MG, that Shelby connection history, and asking price? Does everything look like twins in your mind? Or is it just a load of pork?

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Not mine I was browsing today and saw this post on Craigslist I have seen this car on ebay before And I think someone else posted this on Craigslist before Just share!

Nice and very clean 2006 Toyota Land Cruiser with air conditioning Color is factory tan, no dings, scratches or chips The original sheets are installed inside….

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Similar photos have been posted on scam Craigslist ads across the country for the past two months, always at a much lower price

Yes I saw this while on eBay a few months ago Super low miles I don’t want anyone to cheat here.

This is 100% scam I tracked him down and got a generic email Letter, send your money – they offered to meet me in person and disappeared

The same listing was on Sacramento craigslist 2 weeks ago…I contacted you via message and wanted you to give me my email. Email address for more info…lol

At $2,850, Will This 2000 Saturn Sw2 Prove To Be A Good Deal?

These days, if you’re stupid enough to get scammed, you deserve it At least you will learn

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