Charter Middle Schools In Philadelphia

Charter Middle Schools In Philadelphia

Charter Middle Schools In Philadelphia – Thomas Campus Charter School, formerly George S. Thomas High School is a charter high school located in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is operated by Mastery Charter Schools. It is located at the intersection of Ninth and Johnston Streets, just north of the South Philadelphia Sports Complex. Nearby are residential areas such as Marconi Plaza, Lower Moyamsing and Packer Park; Roosevelt Park Amusement Park; and the historic and new commercial development center of Philadelphia Yard. The school is housed in a dedicated athletic service center and is located right downtown, in a corridor of small shops and restaurants along Oregon Avenue, with larger shopping centers to the east and west, and adjacent to the revitalized Passink business district. Boulevard. This is with the school D. Newlin Fell is distributing.

The school serves students in grades 7-12 in the South Philadelphia area. It was formerly part of the School District of Philadelphia. In 2009, George S. Thomas established the school’s charter college program and renovated the interior buildings as well as the main building on the south facing Johnston Street.

Charter Middle Schools In Philadelphia

This building was designed by Irwin T. Katharina was designed and built in 1920-1921. It is a three-story, eight-story, three-story brick building with a raised basement in the Colonial Revival style. The extension was built in 1952. It has two designed contours with a stone and brick parapet.

Universal Vare Stem & Arts Charter School (5 8), Philadelphia, Pa

The school is named after George Clifford Thomas, a prominent figure in American history in the mid-19th century. He was a prominent banker, Protestant church and civic leader, philanthropist, and collector of art, rare books, and manuscripts.

In 1861 he was a banking partner of Jay Cooke & Company and was instrumental in the firm’s achievements which strengthened the financial strength of the government and enabled it to continue the Civil War. He later became a partner in corporate finance at Drexel. For thirty years he was treasurer of the Protestant and Foreign Episcopal Missionary Society and for twenty-one years representative of the Herald Assembly. He was elected secretary of the Apostolic Church and served as superintendent of the Sunday school for forty-one years.

In 1870 Mr. Thomas organized and organized the Putsylvania Sunday School Association, of which he was vice-president from 1875 until his death in 1909. Among his art collection were works by Whistler, Delacroix, Millet and Troyan.

SEPTA serves schools on Routes 7, 23, 47, and G. Students who live at least 1.5 miles (2.4 km) from a school receive a free SEPTA Transit Pass, issued each week, to travel to school. At our flagship high school campus, the Freire School’s youngest Dragons are preparing for college and redefining what high school means.

Universal Vare Students Won’t Return To Their School This Year Because Of Asbestos Remediation

Our students come to Freire High School at varying levels of achievement. Here they not only achieve success, but also grow exponentially personally and academically, preparing them for even greater success in high school. According to a longitudinal study of student achievement commissioned by the Philadelphia School Partnership, Freire High School was identified in 2022 as one of 36 Philadelphia public and public schools (K-8) with educational gains. Freire High School also received a 2020 High Growth ranking from Schools of Excellence in Philadelphia for its “impressive academic growth” in math and reading over three years. In 2018-19, the latest year with COVID-19 testing results, Freire High School was ranked 4th among all Philadelphia public schools in the School District of Philadelphia’s annual performance report. This year, Freire High School improved 100 percent for the third year in a row.

Students who graduate from Frier High School are guaranteed a place at Frier High School, where they continue their college education in the close-knit community of Frier School. Other students attend special admissions programs at high schools throughout the city with the help of academic advisors. Wherever our dragons roam, Freyr High School is their home!

“Freire is one of those places where you don’t let you fail, and we don’t let our kids fail. We will work together to make this happen.” Bridget, 6th grade social studies and language arts teacher. We are located in Philadelphia. Hunt Charter School for grades K-12 in the park. We believe that through quality education we can bring hope to our communities. We pride ourselves on nurturing students’ passions and preparing them for success through a personalized curriculum in careers, academics, clubs and sports.

Esperanza, a community development organization, was founded in North Philadelphia in 1987 to strengthen the Latino community. At the heart of its mission then and today is education—the key to empowering communities to improve their lot. Esperanza believes that education allows individuals and families to achieve economic stability and live healthy, productive lives.

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In 2000, Esperanza College Charter School was founded as a comprehensive four-year college-preparatory high school. More than 750 students in grades 9-12 participate in personalized, engaging, and culturally oriented lessons. In addition, Esperanza College offers students 11 “majors,” including fine arts, business, dance, music, criminal justice, film, theater, health sciences, engineering, journalism and technology.

Esperanza Academy qualified in 2011 with a class of 25 sixth formers and was awarded full secondary school status in the summer of 2012. Esperanza Academy currently has over 1,400 students in grades 6-12.

In 2018, we rented space in the local Salvation Army building and turned it into a beautiful classroom for our first elementary class. That’s 145 fourth-year students!

During the 2025-2026 school year, we plan to open a charter school for grades K through 12, moving into a new building on the Esperanza campus that will create a full-fledged elementary school for grades K through 5. Esperanza Academy kindergarten students can now see a clear path to graduation after admission.

Freire Middle School

Esperanza Academy Charter School provides a quality education that develops young people’s critical thinking, social skills, spiritual sensitivity and cultural awareness in English and Spanish, while offering a rigorous and flexible online curriculum for all. A personalized learning experience for each child. .

We proudly offer high school opportunities to students at ECEU, Esperanza College of Eastern University, an affiliate of Eastern University and Pennsylvania’s only Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI). Esperanza College of Eastern University is a two-year, federally accredited Hispanic institution offering associate degrees in Accounting, Social Sciences and Humanities, Early Childhood Education, Business Administration, Criminal Justice, and Secondary Education: Mathematics and Science. Esperanza College has been named Education Champion of the Year for Excellence in Spanish Higher Education (Spanish Choice Awards, 2010) and is considered a model of Excelencia (Excelencia in Education, 2013).

Click here to access the Board of Directors agenda and documents. Use the drop-down menu to view the Board of Directors meeting schedule.

The Council recognizes the importance of public participation in educational matters and the importance of public participation in its meetings. To this end, any person may speak at a formal meeting of the Board of Directors on a matter raised in an inspection decision or on other matters related to the administration, management or operation of the school, subject to the procedures and limitations of this policy. .

Understanding Public Charter Schools

To ensure a fair and orderly vote, those wishing to speak before the Board of Directors must contact the Assistant Secretary and register one week prior to the meeting and no later than 4:00 p.m. on the last business day. before the meeting. The speaker must call in person to publish it in the newspaper. They are arranged in order of receipt. Each speaker must include his name, address and daytime telephone number, and indicate the topic on which he will speak. If the speaker is speaking on behalf of an organization or group, he or she must name the organization or group. At each meeting, an organization or group may present only one speaker, but other representatives of the organization or group may submit written statements for inclusion in the minutes of the meeting. If possible, all speakers will provide ten (10) copies of their testimony when called to speak. The speaker has no right to waste time allocated to another person.

Persons wishing to hear the Council’s opinion must first obtain the approval of the Chairman. The duration of each speaker’s presentation is limited to a maximum of three (3) minutes, and a single topic may not exceed thirty (30) minutes. The Board may, in its discretion, call a special meeting or hearing of the Board or allow a meeting on a single matter to last more than thirty (30) minutes. The President may suspend or terminate

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