Best Dentist Port St Lucie

Best Dentist Port St Lucie

Best Dentist Port St Lucie – Center for Aesthetic Dentistry St. Lucie offers a full range of dental services including fillings, crowns, dental implants, clear dentures, braces, denture implants, veneers, teeth whitening, preventive cleanings and more!

We are an affordable family dental practice with a passion for making people smile! We provide each patient with quality and personal care in a friendly and caring environment.

Best Dentist Port St Lucie

From the first contact with our office, you will know that this is no ordinary dental office. We are a private family dental practice that is very passionate about dentistry! Our dentists tried to create an exceptional team of dedicated, caring dentists dedicated to your health and beautiful smile.

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There are many medical facilities where you will be just a number, but we pride ourselves on caring for each individual patient who walks through our doors by listening and tailoring treatment to your specific needs and preferences.

Not all dental practices are the same. If you’re interested in experience and quality care, it’s important to do your research and choose a doctor who has experience and extensive training in the treatment you need.

●Digital X-rays: Digital X-rays allow the dentist to take a picture of a tooth or teeth and put them into an imaging program.

●Intraoral camera: A camera that takes real pictures of the teeth and allows the patient to see what the dentist sees during the dental examination.

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● CT scanner (Planmeca): A special type of X-ray equipment used when regular imaging of the teeth or face is not enough. It creates 3D images of your teeth, nerves, sinuses and soft tissues. This allows your dentist to diagnose and treat: wisdom tooth extractions, impacted teeth, infections, fractures, cysts, bone abnormalities and teenagers. If you are getting dental implants, you should always have a CT scan.

3D printer (SprintRay): The latest digital dental technology! It allows your dentist to scan and print dental supplies such as braces, whitening trays, night guards and more, in our office!

The content, including images, displayed on this website is protected by copyright laws. Downloading, republishing, retransmitting or reproducing the content on this site is strictly prohibited. Terms of Use | Privacy Policy Lucie Dental is a comprehensive, state-of-the-art dental practice serving Port St. Lucie, FL and beyond. We are powered by a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about providing high quality dental care to everyone. We offer everything from examinations and cleanings to implants and the latest technology

, supported by the latest research technologies and techniques. We can’t wait to show you your brightest smile.

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In this dental implant review, Michael talks about life before and after dental implants. He says many simple pleasures were difficult or painful before treatment. Now he lives better with a completely restored smile.

Lucie Dental is a practice that offers the latest dental innovations in a friendly, homely atmosphere. We can cover all your needs under one roof. Find out why so many of your neighbors choose our state-of-the-art surgery.

Lucie Dental opened to the public in December 2020. In a short time, we have built a strong reputation for our state-of-the-art office and our skilled, compassionate dentistry. Our team includes dentists and general medicine specialists, allowing our patients complete care in one place.

In this smile makeover testimonial, our patient Lynn says she used to feel self-conscious about her smile. With the help of Lucie Dental, she achieved the beautiful smile she deserves. And we can do the same for you!

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We know there’s nothing more frustrating than having to visit the dentist multiple times for the same problem. That’s why Lucie Dental offers same-day crowns for qualified patients. Using state-of-the-art technology, we can map your smile and design your crown to match the look and fit of your remaining teeth, then fabricate the crown here in our office. Once the crown is complete, it can be placed in the same visit to reduce unnecessary travel and make you smile faster.

Personalized service Dr. Azari and his technology-assisted treatments have earned him recognition as one of America’s Best Dentists by the National Consumer Advisory Board.

Ph.D. Azari grew up in South Florida and graduated from the prestigious Tufts School of Dental Medicine in Boston in 2000. Since then, he has served patients throughout Port St. Lucie and the Treasure Coast with state-of-the-art dental care.

Ph.D. Azari is distinguished in the field by numerous prestigious affiliations and awards, including membership in the American Dental Association, Best Dentists of America, and the Florida Dental Association.

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We believe in the life-changing power of restoring a strong and healthy smile, and we want to make that goal a reality for everyone who benefits from our superior services.

That’s why we never settle for less than excellent service and our mission is to continue learning and incorporating the latest and safest techniques into our practice. Our team includes dentists and general medicine specialists, allowing our patients complete care in one place.

Together, our team represents over 75 years of experience in providing superior dental and periodontal care to patients. Committed to providing a high level of care to all members of the community, we work with most dental insurance companies and offer financing options.

From dental cleanings and examinations involving the most efficient and comfortable techniques to advanced implant procedures performed by leading dentists, we are here to listen to your concerns and support your full range of needs.

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, periodontists, hygienists and other specialists are compassionate professionals who strive to make you feel safe, calm and supported during every procedure.

The gold standard in tooth replacement, dental implants are a long-term solution to missing teeth that offer many benefits to your overall dental health.

By attaching your new teeth directly to the jaw, we can restore your smile, stabilize the alignment of your teeth, and prevent bone atrophy or gum recession. Implants are easy to maintain and give you the look and feel of your natural teeth. We perform all aspects of the implant procedure in our state-of-the-art Port St. Lucy.

A dental crown fits snugly over a tooth damaged by decay or trauma to protect the remaining healthy tissue while restoring the tooth’s appearance and function. We carefully assess the affected tooth, remove all unhealthy tissue, and place a custom-made crown where it will blend seamlessly with the other teeth. Cracked existing crown? No need to stress. We offer same-day crowns to give you quick relief without wasting minutes.

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Whether you are looking for a new bridge or need to replace the results of a previous procedure, our compassionate and experienced providers can work with you to plan and perform a treatment that gives you consistent and beautiful results. We’ll help you determine the best treatment plan for your individual needs—whether traditional or implant-based—and create results that strengthen, straighten, and completely restore your beautiful smile.

If you have been told that low jaw density disqualifies you for dental implants, All-on-X implants offer a stable and highly effective arch restoration solution.

Because it uses fewer implants, the All-on-X treatment requires less preparation while providing a beautiful, full smile without the maintenance of removable dentures. This more affordable alternative to full implants is an excellent choice for patients with low jaw density as it restores your smile and maxillofacial structure.

Depending on your individual needs, braces can be a great way to fill the gap and restore a healthy, confident smile.

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These removable braces support implants or your natural teeth and are best for people who have lost some teeth but still have some natural teeth. Braces allow you to eat comfortably and smile with confidence. Just as importantly, they support your overall jaw and facial structure, keeping your jaw full and youthful looking, while supporting bone health.

Our providers have expertise and experience combined with a highly compassionate bedside manner, ensuring Port St. root canal patients. Lucie receives a comfortable treatment that ensures lasting oral health.

We will carefully evaluate your case and plan steps to restore root health and save the affected tooth or teeth. We also offer sedation options to help you relax and have a safe and positive treatment experience. Experience a gentler approach to dentistry with the caring professionals at Lucie Dental.

At Lucie Dental you have access to the best possible care, not only through Dr. Azaria, as well as from our visiting colleagues, specialist dentists.

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Your health is our priority, so we make sure you get the specialized treatment you need. Our periodontologist dr. Jason Hersh, is ready to support the gum health of our patients and reverse the effects of gingivitis. Ph.D. Hersh and our other experts complement every aspect of your care to ensure optimal oral health. We take the guesswork out of providing expert care for every dental care condition.

With the utmost care and precision, we perform everything, from standard cleaning to demanding tooth reconstructions. Our clinic is a perfect service in one place

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