Motorcycle Shops In Des Moines

Motorcycle Shops In Des Moines

Motorcycle Shops In Des Moines – Our motto is to share SUCKS! That means making your bike the way you want it is our goal. We work on everything from Japanese to Goldwings, Cafes, Vintage and Harley Hardtails. Either way, we can work with you to create the bike of your dreams.

Troy V ★★★★★ – Great customer service. Bill is a legend. His bike broke down and he was ready to go to his shop to help. Supermarket.

Motorcycle Shops In Des Moines

Check out some of our work, we’re proud of what we do! 2017 has been an amazing year for us and we look forward to the coming years.

Custom Bikes Of The Week: 4 September, 2016

Adam H ★★★★★ – Bill and his guys did a great job on my cruiser. And they beat the prices of the three businesses I called before I heard from them. They only get customers through footer ads. I will spread the word about your store.

We do all the work in house (except paint and powder). Tiger, MiG, Plasma Cutting – From Modifications to Simple Repairs. Call today for a quote or questions

D.J. L ★★★★★ – Good service. Bill was very busy but made time to do everything I needed. I’m new to cycling but this shop has welcomed me and helped me.

Richard P ★★★★★ -I love this place, very friendly staff, good job, they do and say everything. You’ll always know the cost before the job starts, and you’ll never be surprised by unexpected fees! My bike hasn’t looked this good in years!

Midwest Usa Motorcycle Tours

We are your one stop shop in South Seattle for all your bike needs. You can count on factory-trained and certified technicians to tune your bike.

We offer a wide variety of parts, cases and skins for any make or model. To check what we have for sale or to place a custom order, Marne, IA; 120 people, between Omaha, NE and Des Moines, IA, in the middle of a large cornfield. It’s not where you’d expect to find a large, successful motorcycle business, but there it is, with a large stock of Baxter Cycles, this and more.

The Baxter cycle is unique. Most motorcycle related businesses are new parts, sales or used parts and service. Baxter does it all.

“How much money should a veteran bring in an old bike and ask to fix it up,” explained group owner and general manager Jeremy Pendergast. “Maybe we’ll put it all together and tell him $3,000. Maybe he doesn’t like a $3,000 bike. Then he’ll see the new tires on the floor and ask how much we’ll give him in trade. We know the value of used tires. Most new bike buyers don’t know that. , but British used bikes are great value for money. We can do a contract at no cost to the owner. Maybe this guy gets off the bike and now he knows he can ride a Triumph or a Royal Enfield, but he doesn’t have to work on the bike all the time, he can start with a crunch. We we stop him on a motorcycle.

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Service & Repair

“It’s not just our older customers who love vintage. About once a month we get a call from a guy like his dad or brother who wants to buy a bike. While most of our older customers are loyal, some of the younger generation want to buy a vintage bike. I recently bought a new bike for over 20 old guys. sold – he said the dream of winning.

Randy Baxter started a farm equipment and small Honda bike repair business, and he put Triumphs on the side. Baxter finally realized that he was making more money restoring Triumphs than working nights on tractors, and on January 1, 1977, he opened his own business.

“We wanted to be a Triumph dealer and were finally accepted when they went out of business in 1982,” Pendergast said. “We have three wheels and then there is no business.”

Baxter Cycles signed up as a Moto Guzzi dealer and began selling parts to Triumph dealers nationwide. One of the advantages of running a non-agricultural business is that land, labor and fuel are cheaper to build a warehouse than in a city.

Best Motorcycle Roads And Destinations In Iowa, United States

, then other older versions. We have built a core component for the British motorcycle industry. 1995 And when Triumph returned to the US in 1995, we applied. We entered the second group – 73

Pendergast worked at Baxter for nine years, starting in parts and working his way up. Baxter still runs the business, but now spends most of his time on the road, buying collectibles and attending vintage shows.

Baxter distributes its vintage parts worldwide, so attending motorcycle shows and advertising in motorcycle magazines is enough to introduce the company to that customer base.

“Our people still read magazines,” Pendergast said. The dealer organizes regular tours that bring people to the small town of Marne and sell them their modern bikes. Currently, it includes Royal Enfield and Triumph. “We’ve got to keep people going. We’ve got to get people in the door.”

Big Barn Harley Davidson®

Baxter’s writings over the years show what they did. In fact, Baxter expanded. The company is currently putting the finishing touches on an outlet in Omaha, which is expected to be an independent Royal Enfield dealership.

“We believe the market size and sales opportunities for entry-level and premium motorcycles are based on expanding Enfield sales,” Pendergast said. “It gives us good exposure to two different markets in the Midwest, rural and urban.”

Baxter’s Annual Event on the Marne is a two-day no-book event in August that is on the calendars of most Midwestern motorcyclists. The event featured demo trucks from Triumph and Royal Enfield. In January, there’s a Welldigger’s Ride that starts with coffee and donuts at the shop, weather permitting (and maybe not leaving the parking lot). Every three months, Baxter hosts an open house selling sandwiches, coffee, rides and gear.

Another way Baxter welcomes people to those doors is with old-fashioned service. The seller has five star reviews on Yelp and Google.

Struthers Bros Iowa

“I’ve always loved the friendly and welcoming staff there. I think they hire the best people,” wrote one recent reviewer. “This is the best customer service I’ve ever seen,” he said. Many (especially younger) customers start looking for a tire dealer on Yelp or Google, which will lead them to a dealer with a good price, even if another dealer is nearby.

Despite Baxter’s success, dealers are aware of the problems with young motorcycle interest.

“Manufacturers know the challenges,” Pendergast said. “People have to be able to ride a bike, and with student loans and stuff, they usually don’t have a lot of income. A lot of work is done to keep the cost of ownership down. That’s one of the fun things. It’s about Royal Enfield. Anyone can buy a good bike.”

“It’s the best thing,” he said. “Old British bikes are amazing. It’s special – you can get things that other people can’t. It’s pride of ownership – you have to be a mechanic on an old bike, and you have to take good care of an old bike. Give yourself a lot of credit.

Top 10 Best Outlet Mall In Des Moines, Ia

John Tisch, owner of Dulles Motorcycles, is humble. Despite driving more motorcycles than most dealers on the East Coast, the retailer’s success is only about visibility, and the operation has 4.9 stars on Facebook and 4.8 stars on Google. . now retired partner Ken Davis and his wonderful staff. “I can’t thank you enough for this,” Tish said. “We have a great reputation in the industry, and I’m part of that. Everyone who works here makes this place.”

Spyke’s KTM serves as a hub in Lafayette, Indiana and beyond. The retailer offers a variety of vehicles, clothing, and accessories for onward and outward travel.

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