Great Clips Des Moines Ia

Great Clips Des Moines Ia

Great Clips Des Moines Ia – Jerry Akers loved his business and his employees. Jerry’s family business is Sharpness Corporation. – There are currently 15 Great Clips hair salon franchises in Northeast Iowa, with more opening soon. After the Des Moines Area Reform Roundtable, staff met with Jerry in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

As Jerry explains, many of his 130 employees don’t even have a college or high school education, but they can still pursue a highly rewarding career as hairstylists, with the average annual salary for each hairstylist being about $47,000. . However, training is a little more difficult than you think. Although there are significant differences between states, hairstylists in Iowa must complete a 2,000-hour training program that takes up to 18 months and costs up to $20,000. This can be a real problem, especially when 60 percent of Jerry’s employees are single mothers. This also means health insurance is their top priority, which is why the company has a comprehensive benefits plan to attract and retain stylists.

Great Clips Des Moines Ia

When asked about the business climate and compliance, Jerry mentioned the many legal burdens his company faces. The first is a recent NLRB decision among employers that sparked a bitter battle between franchisors and franchisees. In the past, franchisors were not liable for the actions of a franchisee if they had direct control over the franchisee. Now, with the new order, franchisors can only be held liable if they have indirect control. This makes franchisors reluctant to provide the advice, training materials and other support that have been so important in the industry in the past, and which are clearly spelled out in the agreement documents between the parties. Fortunately, this decision is under review and Jerry hopes to revert to the previous rules.

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Jerry also noted other barriers to doing business, including the financial and paperwork burdens of the Affordable Care Act, uncertainty about new tax laws, and the stringency of SBA loan programs. The biggest problem on Jerry’s mind, however, is the labor shortage throughout the region. It’s understaffed, and finding someone with the training needed to become a stylist is difficult when there are so many other job opportunities. That’s another reason Jerry offers its employees a supportive business culture and generous benefits, including tuition reimbursement, retirement plans, health insurance and lifestyle training.

Great Clips is a top 50 franchise group and Jerry is an active member of the National Federation of Independent Business and the International Franchise Association.

Can’t access a roundtable near you? Fill out this form and tell us about your federal legal liability. We will pass this information on to the relevant authorities and use it to plan the next roundtable discussion on territorial law reform.

Bruce Lundegren is Assistant General Counsel, with responsibilities including defense, transportation and security. Lundgren can be contacted at:

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The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) was established by Congress in 1976 to serve as the federal government’s independent voice for small and medium-sized businesses.

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