Craigslist Ventura Furniture By Owner

Craigslist Ventura Furniture By Owner

Craigslist Ventura Furniture By Owner – What? Looking to buy an RV on Craigslist? My husband Daniel and I bought our beloved Volkswagen Rialta through Craigslist and it was unexpectedly difficult. We have never owned an RV before and have no idea what we are doing. Fortunately for us, it all worked out in the end but it was a bit of a hassle.

The story tells the whole dirty story: a shady dealer, a tank full of black water, and an octogenarian knight of shining honor. Fortunately, we learned a lot from that experience. At the end of this article I have included a list of RV buying tips and resources to help you avoid these pitfalls. To read more, check out our favorite Rialta experience and start our successful US tour.

Craigslist Ventura Furniture By Owner

Volkswagen Rialtas are 21 meter compact motorhomes built on the Volkswagen Eurovan chassis. Winnebago produced these RVs from 1995 to 2005, so they are becoming rare these days. Recently, Rialtas has developed a cult following for its designs, especially in the case of the telescopic bathtub that folds up when not in use.

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As much as we love our Rialta, it’s not for everyone. They have a very low weight capacity and are easy to fill. It can be difficult to find a technician who will work on Rialtas when things go wrong (and trust me, they *will*). Some are getting out of stock because they haven’t been manufactured in over 15 years.

I looked out the kitchen window as rain fell on the sheets from the dark sky. My husband Daniel and I recently purchased a 2000 Volkswagen Winnebago Rialta 22HD, and I’m starting to worry that we’ve been scammed. We bought an RV from someone on Craigslist who seemed a little shady. When I met with the licensing department, I knew we had a problem. Papers were not enough to move the title. It may take a lot of effort to register a car, even if we can. very bad!

Rewind the clock to Friday, May 15, 2020… Daniel and I found ourselves on our journey. We wanted a better car home. Specifically, we wanted a small RV that we could live in comfortably with enough gas mileage.

After looking at Craigslist ads, we decided to go to the Portland/Vancouver area. There were several cheap RVs for sale in the area and we wanted to check them out. They are popular cars and we were worried that they would be seized if we didn’t act quickly. At the time, the RV dealership had reopened after being closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We were very motivated to beat the crowd that was coming. Daniel and I brought toys and prepared to watch the cars from a distance.

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It was a five hour drive to Vancouver, so we went down that day and slept. If we do that, we will be in a good position to see the cars the next day. I have booked several times before, starting with a 2000 VW Rialta at state line. I recently learned Rialtas by heart and I was a little fascinated by these small motorhomes. It’s so rare that I can’t wait to see it in person.

The next morning, Daniel and I went to Portland’s Clackamas neighborhood to see the Rialta. When we arrived, we found ourselves in an RV park. A chain link fence filled with RVs and other vehicles surrounded the property in various counties. When the vendor arrived late, another employee joined us.

The Rialta was, indeed, everything we had hoped for. Daniel and I eagerly explored the interior, looking at the cabinets and playing with the modern appliances and furniture. We found a folder with a good maintenance history and all the original documents for the car. It seemed right. We were very happy.

But then things started to go wrong. When we started the engine it would not start. After several attempts, it became clear that the tower was deader than the door line. Our host apologized and confirmed that the employee had a habit of leaving the keys in the ignition. It seems that sometimes he drove the cars there and sometimes he left the keys behind. This was a little strange but it seemed to make sense. So we pulled out a nearby truck and tried to start the Rialta.

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After unsuccessfully trying, we encountered our next red flag: the car had run out of gas. We also noticed that the oil cap was missing. Daniel and I looked at each other with great concern. What is this place?

The seller arrived 50 minutes after the agreed time. It didn’t look like I thought it would. He was a young man, maybe twenty years old, with a luxury car and an expensive watch. He didn’t look like a recreational vehicle guy, but then what do I know? This guy knew about Rialta though and walked us through all the camp procedures and activities.

The dealer brought gas and filled the tank. This time the car jumped and left immediately. He took a can of oil from another car in the area and soon we were ready to try it.

At 21.6 meters long, the Rialta is easy to drive. Daniel and I took turns on the freeway and highway for about 20 minutes. The car was running fine and everything seemed fine. We were in love.

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Despite the red flags, Daniel and I decided to continue selling. We wanted to pay cash but there were fish. We arrived in Vancouver so early that we didn’t think to bring money. It was Saturday evening and all the banks had just closed. Getting sick. We have to wait until Monday for the banks to reopen.

To make matters worse, there are no branches of our bank in the Portland/Vancouver area. The nearest branch office was in Olympia, so we went there the next day. When we arrived in Olimpia, we found a hotel near our bank. Early Monday morning, we went to the bank and got the money to bring Rialta home.

After visiting the bank, Daniel and I drove the two hours to Clackamas. The salesman was waiting for us and showed us the office which was in a nice booth. We gave money, he started counting carefully, then he gave his head.

I noticed something a little strange here. The original owner (Walt) is still listed as the owner of the Rialta. Walt and his wife had a car and then released their interest. The guy we bought it from didn’t register the car in his name, even though his name was listed as the buyer behind the title.

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I didn’t know enough about how roles work to understand if it would be a problem. So we decided to go ahead and hope for the best. The seller offered to pay for the sale and promised to help if there was a problem with the title shipment. And so it was.

As we left Rialta, I began to worry that we had made a big mistake. Something about the whole situation made sense. First, the paper looked fishy. How were we supposed to buy a car without our names? I also asked about the garage door opener that was inside. Why was he in there? Also, we noticed later that the black water tank (age) was half full. It wasn’t the end of the world, but it wasn’t fun either.

The next day, I called the Washington State Department of Licensing. I explained the situation to him and realized that we are really missing an important part. We had to give Walt’s bill of sale (the original owner) to the person we bought it from (known as the ‘long time owner’). This shows the ownership list and confirms that nothing major was going on. I had a strong feeling that this job would be difficult, if not impossible, to find.

The licensee explained that there were other options, but we needed more work, including talking to the previous owner.

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No wonder the seller couldn’t produce the first bill of sale. He ordered to send

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