Dog Training West Des Moines

Dog Training West Des Moines

Dog Training West Des Moines – Chuck Osborne offers extensive training at Canine Country Club. Chuck has been training dogs for over 30 years. He is a very competent and competent trainer and pragmatist. Chuck Board and Train will continue with all of our regular training programs including group and private classes.

Our dog training services and obedience training courses are suitable for all dogs, whether you are teaching tricks, giving your new puppy a basic course or leaving your dog with us for a wide range of boarding and training options. From our most popular board and train program, to group classes to private training, we make it easy for dog owners in the greater West Des Moines, IA area to find the right training option. We have something to meet the needs of every dog ​​owner. We also offer competitive dog training services, AKC Canine Good Citizen Training and Therapy Dog International Test Preparation!

Dog Training West Des Moines

Teaching a dog proper behavior and commands is critical to its lifelong development. At the Canine Country Club, we strive to help dog owners provide their four-legged friends with the education they need for good behavior, accountability and control. Contact Chuck at 515-491-925 for more information about our day care and spay services plus dog training services and obedience training schools.

Safe And Fun Dog Daycare In Ankeny Ia And West Des Moines Ia

We offer extensive flight and train schedules in 2, 3 and 4 weeks! These courses can be admitted free along with regular boarding school. You will get:

✓   Free 1-1¼ hour follow-up private lesson at convenience for use within one year

Once your dog is boarded and trained, he is only there to train and be trained. Boarding and training is not like regular boarding. Playing, playing or socializing with other dogs in the nursery, or mixing with other dogs, is the opposite of trying to train a dog in training. It breaks the continuity between dog and trainer. Your dog will interact with other dogs if this is part of his training. This means your dog will be in a kennel for most of his stay. It is not difficult for your dog. Training is a very mentally intensive activity. To get the most out of the training, it is best for your dog to stay in the kennel to fully absorb and reflect on the training received. This will increase the effectiveness of training your dog. Your dog will train with Chuck Osborne and professionally trained staff with 5-8 breaks daily.

Please bring all materials to secure your dog’s place in class. Here’s what we need from you on the first night of class:

Dog Board And Train Des Moines

✓ A 50% deposit to pay for transport and train must be returned at the time of booking, the rest must be paid on check-in. Cash or credit card only.

✓Enter from the rear/east of the training building, through the blue door to the left of the POD storage unit

✓ For Sunday classes, please do not eat dinner or breakfast before class. Please do not provide breakfast or lunch for Wednesday evening classes. A hungry dog ​​learns fast!

For dogs with previous obedience training or who demonstrate the ability to respond to basic commands and behaviors, we offer testing in levels and classes.

Dog Training In Gr?

✓   Lie down facing your back for 5 seconds. Summons, 20 steps/across the room. ✓   Walking around the room with a loose strap. ✓   With all distractions.

**Dog appeal services are billed within 24-hours. If you receive it later than the departure time on the day of collection,

Your dog deserves to feel welcome and needed, no matter how long they stay with us. That’s why we provide a complete list of add-ons and additional options. From grooming and spa packages to snacks and treats, we offer the perfect vacation experience for your dog!

* Additional food may be given up to 4 cups per meal. Grain-free meals are an additional $3.50, and grain meals are $2.50.

Veteran Opens Dog Training Business To Bridge Gap

On behalf of the Iowa State Bar Association, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for generously giving of your time to appear at our June seminar. As hosts, we were delighted with the turnout and many positive comments about the seminar and the topics discussed. Providing the highest level of continuing education and training programs to our prosecutors and investigators is a primary goal of the Public Defenders Association. These seminars would not be possible without speakers like you who volunteer their time to share their experience and knowledge.

I am amazed at how different my dog ​​has been since starting the board and training with Mystic Moon! They are purely dog ​​whisperers. I almost got excited when I was walking my dog ​​and he walked right next to me without pulling! You will not be disappointed with their offer. I am so excited to be able to enjoy my dog ​​being his naughty self without the stress.

Coco has completed a 4 week board and train program! I am so grateful to have met my wonderful and compassionate trainer Tonja Osborne of Canine Training at Mysterious Moon. Since recently adopting, I haven’t made much progress in training and after 4 weeks of being a part of the board and train program, I am amazed at the difference! Sit, lie down, sing, wait, ok, find, go, come here ok – yes yes and finally he is fully domesticated. Tonja also trained me…

Many thanks to Tonja Canine Training at Mystic Moon, Inc! My private lesson with Vader today was an eye opener for me! I have so much to learn from you to be the best coach/leader I can be! I hope to start coming to Sunday class again in the next few weeks! You are such a great friend and mentor! I appreciate your honesty more than you can imagine! Vader and I have a long way to go, but it will all be worth it! My passion for learning how to train my dogs will only get stronger from now on!

Top 10 Best Cat Training In West Des Moines, Ia

Tonja is great! Highly recommended to all dog owners???? My lovely chocolate lab is finally turning into a well behaved and calm dog!

We are pleased to learn about “Canine Training by Mystic Moon Inc.” By our vet at Jordan Creek Animal Hospital. Tonja Osbourne is a “dog whisperer” extraordinaire. . . Tonja and “Canine Training by Mystic Moon Inc.” For all of you who feel like puppies.

I’m Chuck Osborne with wife Tonja Osborne. Once we get to know your dog, you will notice a huge positive change in the dog’s attitude. You will leave our class with a smile on your face; and wagging his dog’s tail. It’s one of the most fun things you can do with your dog, and it’s still considered effective training.

Using positive reinforcement, we’ll show you how to create a happy, well-balanced dog that’s a joy at home and in public.

Off Leash K9 Training Des Moines

And we’ll teach you how fun and easy dog ​​training can be. Whether you have puppies to train or an adult dog who needs a refresher on obedience, this should be a must-win for your team.

Canine Training by Mystic Moon, Inc. We offer a wealth of knowledge on dog behavior. We have combined experience of 48 years. We are trained by the best training experts in the world, so contact us the next time you book a Canine Country Club in West Des Moines, IA. Bark Busters Home Dog Training is a unique dog-friendly methodology based on a holistic approach. Founded in Australia nearly 35 years ago, the Des Moines company is fortunate to have access to this natural way of training! To say dogs are my passion is an understatement!! I believe every dog ​​can be trained and my mission is to give even the most fearful and aggressive dogs a better life. I love what I do!!

I teach dog parents like you how to communicate clearly with your fur baby in a way he understands and how to create an environment for a calm and happy dog. I do this in the comfort of your own home and in the environment where the behavior problem is occurring. We can tailor a personalized program to suit you and your dog, without the distraction of being in a classroom with 10 other dogs competing for attention. You’ll be surprised how simple this approach is, and you’ll be surprised how quickly your dog responds! This feeding is done without bribery, dominance or intermediate tools such as shock collars, horn collars, or any other pain/fear control approach. Because bark buster training involves the dog making decisions, the change is not superficial. The dog’s view of the world improves and because you are so important in creating this change, your relationship with the dog will deepen in trust, love and respect.

The first 2 to 3 hour lesson is quite in-depth and you will learn how to bond with your dog, how to read his body language, how to please him and how to do it.

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